The Twilight Saga

            I awoke to a black room, not remembering what had happened to me. Everything was dark and cold. I didn’t know where I was, or how to get out. There was a worn-out wooden bed with ripped up mahogany sheets at the corner of the cold room. I walked nervously toward the bed, getting there in less than half the time. At the time, I thought my mind was going crazy.

            I touched my fingers, realizing there was no cold room. I was the one cold. Cold meant no blood, right? No blood, I thought. Then I must be dead. But I wasn’t. I felt my heart. No beat.

            How can I be dead, but still alive? I must be a monster.

            I was right, and after time I became aware of other things. I wasn’t able to sleep or eat, but drinking on the other hand was an exception. I had craved blood the day I awoke in this nasty room. My throat had always burned for just a sip of it, but when I got my lips onto it I turned into a monster.

            I faintly remember being normal. I remember one day learning about an evil creature like me. A vampire.

            That was what I must be. Cold, no blood, craving blood. I was a bloodthirsty monster. A monster doomed for hell.


            *                                                          *                                                          *


            After 200 years of darkness, a door was opened on the ceiling of the black room. I was surprised that someone would try to find me. After this long I thought they would have forgot.

            A pale man like me, with long black hair, and piercing red eyes stared down at me. “How interesting you are.” He said, “Come up.” 

            Was he crazy? He must be, just thinking I can just jump up and be with him in a second. But I jumped anyway to humor him, and to my surprise, I was facing him in a second.

            “You catch on fast.” He chuckled lightly.

            I looked around the room. The walls were painted with gold, and seemed so ancient. A dark wood bench lay across from us, much more comfortable than my rotting bed. I followed the trail of light from the bench, my eyes landing on an elegant chandelier.

            I turned to look at the man again, seeing something warm in eyes. It wasn’t the red, it was something else. He seemed so happy, so fascinated with me. I felt my dead heart grow warm; I didn’t have to be in a sea of sorrow anymore. I didn’t have to be alone anymore.

            The man cut off my thought by introducing himself. “My name is Aro, and I am part of the most dominant coven of our vampire world. We are called the Volturi. You on the other hand, aren’t part of any coven. After all, we did find you lying on the ground as a newborn.” He laughed to himself softly for a second then silenced himself. “But there is something that intrigues me. You seem…well fed…. yet we didn’t give you anything to eat.”

            I didn’t want to ruin the moment, have to tell him I ate squirming cockroaches down on the floor. How nasty he would think I was.

            “May I?” He asked, holding his hand out to mine.

            I was hesitant at first, but I held out my hand before the silence extended too long. His hand was cold like mine. Ice against ice.

            I waited for some shock of pain, some burn on my arm, but nothing happened.

            “How interesting…” He mumbled, but my ears could catch every word.

            He paused for a moment then spoke as if his mouth was made of silk, “I want you to join me, Eve. Join us. Live with us. It will be much better than-“ he cut himself off, almost remembering not to say something.

            I nodded quickly. I would do anything to get out of that cell, to be with this man I barely knew.

            He grinned sweetly and then turned to lead me down a long hall, covered with what seemed to be Roman paintings. A long red rug guided us to a circular room with more people. People? I thought to myself. More like monsters. I suddenly realized that I had given myself a nickname. Monster.

            Aro put his arm back, twining his hand with mine, “This is where you will stay now.”

            The room was so perfect. A perfect octagon room, filled with paintings and luxury’s I can’t even put into words. Aro stopped walking in the center of the fascinating room, gesturing to two men.

            “This is Caius.” Aro said gently and the white haired man walked quickly up to me. Caius grinned at me, stroking my hair with his cold fingers.

            “I suppose we can keep her. Although…” He trailed off heading back to his throne so elegantly. Another man took his place before me, taking my hand into his.

            “My name is Marcus, it is so nice to finally meet you.” Marcus said quietly. He seemed gentler, nicer to hang around then Caius. He did seem sorrowful though, nervous even. Almost scared for me.

            I couldn’t concentrate on what I was thinking. My eyes were too focused on the mans eyes. So red like all the others…

            Marcus turned away before I could look any longer. His black hair stayed down at his neck not moving, as he almost ran back to his luxurious throne.

            “Jane.” Aro called behind me. I almost forgot he was standing next to me. A small girl went to his side immediately. “Eve will work with you now. Be nice.” He smiled silently, and then went to the other side of the room with the other two men. The girl groaned under her breath, and my eyes quickly went toward her.

            She wore a pure black dress covered by a silk black cape. Her delicate blond hair was secretly tied into a bun behind her head. One thing bothered me though. Her eyes red just like the others.

            Her groan turned into a menacing smile, as she gracefully stood in front of me, “Welcome.” She said with a high pitch voice. Before I knew it her fingers curled and I was screaming with agony.

            It felt like torture, like someone was stabbing my dead heart with a dagger. Twisting the sharp knife. How was this a welcome?

            I arched my spine letting out another blood curling scream. Blood. Where is the blood? No one is even touching me! My eyes found the girl, and I let out the only word I could make out. “Stop.”

            Her smile was flattened and her eyebrows went up in confusion. The pain wasn’t as strong anymore, but it was strong enough to make a scream. Once the agonizing scream was let out my back lowered quickly and the pain was gone. I gasped for air as she ran up to me frustrated.

            “I’m not finished with you!” Everyone stared at her. I could tell this wasn’t her natural behavior. “WHAT DID YOU DO? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME? YOU BETTER NOT DO IT AGAIN YOU LITTLE PEST!”

            Aro came to my side before she could scream again. “Jane.” She calmed down and went to a boy that looked similar to her. Aro turned to face me. “What can you remember?”

            I understood what he meant and spoke silently, “I woke up in a forest. A dark forest. I felt more strong than usual. Then this GIANT DOG came above me seconds after I awoke!” The girl behind me muttered “Werewolf.” When I finished the sentence, “He was growling so loud, and I think he bit me.”

            Aro seemed confused. “How are you still alive, child? Werewolf’s will stop at nothing to kill a newborn.”

            The room was quiet for a while then I spoke again, ”He was ready to kill me, after all the scratches and bites he gave me when... when… when he stopped suddenly. He whimpered, looking up and down my tormented body. Then he just left.”           

            “Then we found you.” The girl said, barely interrupting my sentence. I was kind of getting tired of not knowing her name so I just let out the words, wanting them back immediately. I really didn’t want her to hurt me again.

            “What’s your name?”

            She gave me a smile and spoke in a high pitch voice again, “My name is Jane, and you must be some freak ruining my self control.” She had her smile on the whole sentence.

            The room was silent. I spoke the only words I could make out. “Oh. I like that name.”

            Aro stood silently, “You know, your something special. She never acts like this with someone. Only one other person was able to do something similar to you.”

            I didn’t bother asking who it was. I was too focused on Jane, keeping my eyes on her. Watching her every move. A shiver went down my spine as she moved.

            Jane walked over to me gracefully, handing me a black silk cloak. “Put this on. You’ll need it to be part of the Volturi.” I slipped the silk over my back, tying a knot on the strings around my neck. It felt comfortable. “Good. Now come.” She sped out of the room in a second.

            I turned to face Aro, knowing I can’t just leave him. I must get his permission first, and some time away from Jane.

            He smiled at me, pleased by my emotions toward him. His hand went behind my back pulling up the hood, and placing it above my head. “Keep the hood on.” His cool lips pressed softly against my cheek, as he quietly whispered to me, “Don’t worry about Jane. She will gradually begin to like you.” He paused for a moment. “But you should worry about something.” His voice suddenly became stern, “Listen to whatever Jane tells you to do.” 

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Comment by Aria Rose on February 13, 2013 at 1:51am
Lol you're welcome hun and I love it and <3 it. I'm going to read your other 2
Comment by Trixie Pixie on February 12, 2013 at 9:59pm

Well who wouldn't love it? Ha, just kidding. I really wasn't expecting that comment! Thank you so much! =D

Comment by Aria Rose on February 12, 2013 at 12:14pm

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