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Hearts are broken every day, lives are lost, feelings hurt, dreams are broken and often lost. In a sea where they remain. Where they are nolonger a current dream but a faded shadow of ones imagination instead. But why suffer these tragides in life, tragides that often can be pervented. They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger that time heals all wounds. But who wants to feel pain, loss, and who wants to suffer? And does it really make you stonger or weaker instead? Does time really heal all wounds or does it just heal and leave scares in its place. Scares that will forever and always be a part of you, will always grow with you, and will always be a reminder of the pain and the loss that you have suffered.

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Comment by Aria Rose on February 11, 2013 at 10:58am
Pain never goes away. It just becomes tolerable. It hurts. Emotional pain is the worst. And it leaves the biggest scar no one will ever see. People don't want to suffer but in order to not suffer you have to embrace the pain. And who wants to do that. While the pain does not go away it does make you stonger. When somethingbad happens you will be able to say: "its not so bad." And that's the srongest thing anyone can do.<3

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