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Many people in the world don't understand Twilight (although I still don't quite get why), and much to my dismay I have read and heard many comments about how it is sexist, racist and downright misguided for young girls these days. I have set up this blog as a little refuge from the constant barrage of hate Twilight seems to be getting, and to tell those haters that even if the novels themselves were misleading (which, in my view, they aren't), that we, the awesome and brilliant fans of Twilight, are not affected by this. Sadly enough, we know it's not real, and is never actually going to happen- although we can hope- (come on, I know you'll always secretly be wanting Edward to walk though your door. Own up.) so we aren't really going to take it all literally. I know, and hopefully so do you, that everything doesn't happen that way, so we can take it with a pinch of salt. Young girls can (and will, probably) fantasise about their very own Edward sweeping them off their feet, but I doubt that they will then devote their lives to actually looking for him, because they know he's not real! Seriously, haters, I think it's you that need the reality check, not us epic people!

*heavy breathing after overexcitement and too much ranting*

Sorry about that guys, just wanted a quick rant to get all they annoyance off my chest :)

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Comment by twilightisawesome65 on August 12, 2013 at 6:35am

Yes, Twilight has seemed to become rather a 'Marmite' series- but only the other day I was arguing with a friend over why she disliked Twilight- and it turns out that actually, a lot of people are getting their information from incorrect sources on the Web. There are whole websites dedicated to haters of Twilight, and (I've checked them out) a lot of their info is inaccurate. These people are being misinformed, and so are hating these books they've never actually read for the WRONG REASONS. I gave the books to my friend and now she is just as addicted as I am! There are many potential fans being put off the series by these incorrect websites, and that is one of the things I find the most irritating! It's like they've never even tried to read the books! In one site, I saw Jacob being given the name Jackson! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!

Comment by Barbara Allen on August 9, 2013 at 11:32am

Thank you, JJ, for standing up for us Twilight lovers. Friends and family of mine have been critical of my love for the Twilight Saga. A mentor of mine asked me about it the other day, what I liked about it. I loved watching her face change and soften as I told her how the Cullens, none of whom had chosen to be vampires or undead, made the very best of their circumstances, lived exemplary lives, drank animal blood (similar to how we humans ingest tofu) and generally were beings I'd be proud to have as friends. Then there's that great love story in there, too in which people care for their loved ones before they consider themselves, not to mention the engaging and wonderful story lines. It's got to be that 'individual taste' thing that keeps non-Twilight lovers away ...but they could be much nicer about it! Unfortunately the Saga seems to be a polarizing force - you have to love it or hate it.

Comment by Twilight2402 on August 9, 2013 at 6:07am

I totally agree w/ you JJ. So many people are negative about Twilight. But if they took the time and trouble to read one of the books I swear they would join this website. I think Twilight is a beautiful story and it should replace some of those boring Shakespeare love stories in the English Literature Curriculum. 

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