The Twilight Saga

Sometimes the remembered isn't enough - Chapter 1 - All coming together

I stare out the window into the night sky . I can here the clink of the glass on the table . I hear the chair scrape agaisnt the floor . The heavy footsteps coming slowly closer . I don't turn my head as i hear the turning of the knob . My heart doesn't skip a beat . My eyes don't burn with awaiting tears . The knob only turns three times before it stops . I lay my head down on the cool pillow just staring at the darkness .


The sun is barely up . I get my things together quickly . I almost reach the door . "Your up early." I hear . My heart drops . "I have to be at school early today." I say quietly . I can feel your eyes boring into my head . "Your door was locked last night ." You say your voice closer . I'm trying to wait for the right moment to run away . Your breathing is slow . "You know i don't allow locked doors in my house." You say your breathe on my neck . "Look at me when i'm talking to you ." You say. I don't turn . Your hand grips my shoulder . "What are you hiding ?" You whisper to me as your hand grips tighter . "Answer me ." You say this time in a commanding voice . You grab a handful of my hair . I whimper . Your grip is tighter and tighter on my head . The tears are running down my face . I hate you with everything in me . You throw me back into the table . My whimpers are now crys . Your laughing . I look up at you hoping to see some type of remorse but only finding anger . You have your hand pulled back like your about to slap me . You let it come around but i grab it before it can hit me . You look at me surprised . I grab your hand pulling it back until all i can hear are your screams . I grab my bag running out of the house as i fast as i can . I run and run my lungs burning . I don't know where i'm going . I trip and fall . I'm met looking at black dress shoes . "Are you alright ?" A deep masculine voice says . I look up and my heart stops . You look back at me realization all over your face . It's been so long . Your childhood youthfulness gone replaced with nothing but man . Your beautiful . Your features sharp but soft at the same time . Your face all masculine with a touch of feminine . Your dark black hair contrasts beautifully agaisnt your pale skin . Your eyes like liquid gold . You reach down looking at me more closely . You speak and my heart skips a beat . "Ariana ?"


An -

What do you think ? Please comment - I do not own Twilight or any of it's characters but i do own SRTRIE so please don't steal it or Ariana (: Love yah 's pootin pops !

Songs the i wrote too - (Inspired Me )

B.O.B - So hard to breathe

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Comment by PeanutJazz930 on May 20, 2013 at 7:42pm

Thanks (:

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