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Everything is meant to happen one way or another - Chapter 1 - One

"Seth , when we get home can you get the kids ready for bed ." I say laying my head on the headrest . "Yeah." Seth says in a sleepy voice . "It sounds like my big baby is ready for bed too ." I say with a small laugh . "Aha , yes he is it's been a long day." Seth says turning . I reach down rubbing my tummy . "The babies have been quiet today." I say looking at Seth . He looks down at my stomach . He looks up at me with a small smile . Love shining in his eyes . Boom .


"Renesmee grab the babies." Carlisle yells . Small crys fill the room . "Now , Bella." Carlisle yells .


Fire is surging through my bones . It feels like i'm burning everywhere .


"It should start to begin to end ." I hear a feminine voice say . The burning is a dull ache now .


"He's coming too." I hear a masculine voice say . "His eyes are opening." I hear a different feminine voice say . "Steady now." I hear a different masculine voice say . "Different hun ?" The same second masculine voice says . "What happened ? " I hear a third masculine voice say . "You were in an accident ." The second masculine voice says . "Where is Janaila ?" I hear the third masculine voice say . This stirs something in me . My mind is running at what feels like a thousand miles per second . Then it suddenly stops putting a face in the blank space . Seth. "You changed us ?" Seth says his voice angry . "What does he mean by changed us ?" My mind is running again . Then it stops and i understand . "Seth yall were dying what else were we supposed to do ?" I hear the second masculine voice say . "Why isn't she awake yet ?" Seth says his voice softer now . My heart is beating too fast now . I can barely keep up with the pace . "We had to use more venom because of the babies ." I hear a deeper more mature masculine voice say . "She'll be waking any moment Seth." I hear a feminine voice from before say . My heart is thumping loudly in my chest . Little sparks of the burning are lightly brushing throughout me until they just start to disappear . The thumping stops until it's nothing but silence .


I slowly open my eyes . Everything around me is so bright im squinting until my eyes adjust . I sit up slowly taking in everything around me . Everyone is staring at me . All i can see is Seth though . He is stunning . His skin is still the light tan but it seems almost like it has a permanent glow to it . His eyes big red pools with black outlining them . His hair dark black but shiner than usual . He's staring at me too . He moves his hand reaching touching my face lightly . "Beautiful." He says in awe . I smile . "Your pretty handsome yourself." I say . Seth smiles . "Janaila ." The feminine voice i kept hearing says . I turn and my mind flips quickly matching the face to the person . Alice . She is grinning from ear to ear . She hands Seth a mirror . He holds it up slowly until i'm seeing myself . I gasp at the person who is me . My skin is the clearest i've ever seen it . You can see my tiny freckles sprinkled lightly across my nose and cheeks . My eyes are wide red irises . My lips full and slightly pouty . My hair short contrasting nicely agaisnt my light caramel skin . I smile . My teeth are still slightly uneven . I feel a sense of myself found in all this beauty . "You're stunning Janaila." Esme says in a small voice . I look at Seth . He nods . "I'm still me though." I say in a whisper . I look into Seth's eyes he understands . He knows behind all this beauty i'm still a dork a goofball messy and emotional . He smiles and i know he understands . "I love you Seth . " I say getting closer to him . "I love you too Janaila." He says moving quickly and pressing his lips to mine .


An -

Thanks for reading . It's just a one-shot . I'm having writer's block with STRIE and i needed something to get the writings flowing . This little tibit into the furture with Janaila and Seth has been floating around inside of me for the longest . Well , hope you liked it (; Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks , for reading Love Muffins <3 !


Songs i wrote too / Inspired me -

Daughter - Human


Oh , i do not own Twilight or anything related but i do own Janaila . So please please please don't steal her . Please and thank (9 .



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Comment by Amber Elizabeth Black on June 10, 2013 at 1:10pm

I like it so far keep writing!!

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