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OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! okay, let me just say this,

taylor launtner is amazinggggg <3333

is it true that they're actually like, getting a new jacob? that CAN'T happen! that would be so totally jank (haha funny word!) they better not do that. does anybody know the truth? omg ill kill them! no, seriously i will kill somebody.
and im reading the series for the 6th time and i still cant decide on a team!!! well i like was team edward, cuz he's sweet and romantic! but new moon changed my opinion. i mean edward is still, edward but he couldn't have really loved her if he left her! could he? i mean he just wanted what was best for her i know, but he's stupid! couldn't he have thought that through? he should've known she'd be torn to pieces! but then jacob came in because he really cared about her and he's adventurous! haha. oh and dont leave out hot! at least he was there to save the day. but then again, jacob is a JERK in eclipse! im torn. okay im changing the title to team edward
no, team jacob is fine. no! how about team jaward. yeahhh. thats right, im team jaward!
classy or loud? sophisticated or funny? fangs or fur? i'm team edward cuz i like them sweet, or im team jacob, i like em hot!?!? is anyone else as torn as me??

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Comment by Alex Brazunas on November 27, 2009 at 8:22am
ooooommmmgggg i know! i think he's incredibly gorgeous =) lol i agree haha me too im right there
Comment by Jasmine Black on November 26, 2009 at 4:03pm
Lol, I am totally torn. Of course Bella and Edward are soulmates and totally were made for each other, but did anyone see that scene in New Moon when Jacob ripped his shirt off?! Jacob is not only incredibly GORGEOUS, but he is funny, caring, and comforting. I'd do anything to have him for my best friend. But let's not forget how breathtaking Edward is. I'm sure I'd faint in his prescence! Lets just face it, I love them both!!!

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