The Twilight Saga

You know you are obsessed with Twilight when;
-Your heart leaps when you see a silver Volvo drive by.
-You think about him all day.
-You remember everything he says.
-You stealth around pretending you’re a vampire.
-You want to play baseball in a thunderstorm. (even though you don't know how)
-You drink cranberry juice... just to pretend.
-You doodle his name.
-You can't put the book down if he’s a part of it.
-You hunt mountain lion.
-You compare every guy to Edward.
-You hate Rosalie!!
-You pretend to read minds.
-You run really fast. (or at least try to)
-You feel bad for Charlie.
-You love meadows.
-You suspect people of being vampires.
-You think that pale is the new tan.
-You use Twilight related affairs in homework assignments -such as vocabulary sentences.
-You Google his character even though he isn't real.
-You always have a book on hand.
-You spend countless hours on fan fiction.
-You made your homepage or
-You quote the book in everyday conversation.
-You fantasize about fangs.
-You spend rainy days pretending to be in Forks.
-You will name your first born, boy/girl, after a character.
-You put on white makeup and purple eyes shadow. then go out in public and even hiss at strangers.
-You downloaded "Clair De Lune".
-You interrogate pale people why they don't like the sun.
-You pursue a career in dentistry to find someone with fangs.
-You friended Edward Cullen on Facebook.
-You casually migrate away from redheads in a crowd.
-You explore abandoned houses looking for the Cullens.
-You are afraid of dance studios.
-The topic of being immortal pops up in regular conversation. .
-All you can do all day is think about watching Twilight when you go home.
-You know the exact dates that the next movies are coming out.
-You’re on your third post and you haven't even gotten half way through the things you want to say.
-It's a Saturday night and you could be with your friends or boyfriend, but your watching Twilight for the too-much-to-count-th time today.
-You cringe when James breaks Bella's leg. Echhhhh. I just heard it. Then Edward saves her!!!
-You did your room in Red, Black and White so that you could display your Twilight books.
-You want to be Bella even though she gets bit and feels like hell and almost dies.
-You get so excited when Alice and Jasper and Emmett rip James's head off!
-You do anything and everything Twilight related.
-You stayed up all night to finish the Twilight Saga, then cried when you finished it, then lied to your mom as to why you were up at two in the morning.
-You cried in the middle of the Charleston Mall because you called your mom to ask if you could buy Rosalie's Cullen Crest Locket and she wouldn't let you... or Alice's chocker.
-You know Edward will come back but you cry anyway.
-You want your boyfriend to sparkle and be cold.
-You bite him so you can be a vampire.
-You bit your boyfriend BEFORE you even read/watched Twilight
-You've seen the movie 1,004,947,786,947,896,547,895 times but you still look at your TV when something intense is happening.
-Even though you’re not looking at the screen you know exactly what is happening and who's on the frame.
-You do nothing but think about Twilight
-You dedicate every song you hear to Twilight
-You refresh Twilight websites every 5 minutes to check for more Twilight news
-You have read all four books a million times.
-You never shut up about Twilight.
-You can tell the whole story to your friends in detail when they ask.
-You can name all the characters and the actors that play them. -You already know every line of the movie after seeing it just 2 times.
-You remember the exact lines of special scenes of the movie.
-Every time you see the word Twilight, you freak out, even if it has nothing to do with Twilight.
-You can relate everything you see and hear to Twilight.
-When you look over in history class and see a girl reading a black book, you crane your neck and see the line “something with her scent on it” you turn to your best friend and proclaim “It's Eclipse!”
-You cry every time Edward leaves, even though you have read the book 3 times.
-Every time you turn on your computer, the first thing you look for is about Twilight.
-You walk into a bookstore and you go straight to the section that contains the Twilight Saga!
-You buy magazines featuring anything Twilight.
-You’ve spent over 200 dollars in tickets and twilight gear… just on yourself!
-You can’t see the end of the fourth movie of Harry Potter without crying.
-Someone says Edward is not real, you yell “Edward is real and he is my boyfriend!"
-Your boyfriend is wishing you'd talk to him but you still want to read.
-You're watching Twilight right now!
-You're friends started calling you Twilight.
-You're in gym class bawling because you just read the part in New Moon when Edward leaves!!
-You can quote every word of the Twilight movies and books.
-You get nervous when Alice yells "stop!" when they're playing baseball because you know James is coming.
-You can't peel your eyes away from your TV when a Twilight commercial comes on even though your mom is screaming for you to come to her.
-You know Edward Cullen is fictional (I want to cry), but you continue to believe he's real.
-You get so scared when James smells Bella on the baseball field.
-You're running out of room in this box because there are so many ways to be obsessed with Twilight.
-You hear thunder and want to play baseball with the Cullens, even though you never played it before and don't know how to.
-You look at your boyfriend/husband and think, "Sparkle damn you, sparkle!"
-You start pushing random people into the sunlight to see if they sparkle.
-Your screen name has something to do with the saga.
-You and your friends look up all the "Edward Cullens" in the phone book, call, then yell, "ome! I can't believe its you!"
-Your mom announces she is vegetarian and you check the color of her eyes.
-You call your boyfriend/husband Edward because you are half asleep and he gets mad because he thinks you're cheating.
-The same boyfriend overhears you talking to your friends and decides to go find and punch that Edward kid.
-You buy topaz colored contacts to go with you vampire kit for Halloween.
-You have a charm bracelet that now has a diamond heart and a small wolf on it
-You fall down or trip and someone responds "Okay, Bella"
-You hate a girl in school just because her name is Victoria or Lauren.
-You turn a guy down for a date because his name is James.
-You are now afraid to go to your ballet studio at night.
-You see a shoe or tattered t-shirt on the side of the road and think. "omg! Jacob was here!"
-You get a fever and think you are turning into a werewolf.
-You name your cat Edward and he follows you everywhere.
-You buy a dog and name him Jacob.
-You aren't surprised when he and the cat don't get along.
-You see a shiny silver volvo and start following it.
-You start wandering around a forest hoping to find a magical clearing.
-When you spot a volvo and shout out the car window "Stupid shiny volvo owner!"
-When your best friends get into a fight you claim yourself as Switzerland.
-You are a team Edward fan, you won't date a guy named Jacob.
-You are a team Jacob fan, you won't date a guy named Edward.
-You leave your window open at night waiting for Edward to come.
-You smile when you hear thunder.
-Your friend breaks their hand, you ask them if they punched a werewolf in the face.
-You compare your doctor to Carlisle.
-A guy ignores you, you think its because he's a vampire and he is resisting your blood.
-You go to a bookstore, you look for the saga and read the back of the books even though you've read the it over and over before.
-You cry at the beginning of New Moon when Edwardleaves even though you knew it happened.
-You want to go visit Forks, Washington just to find Edward.
You have post-partum depression because you finished Breaking Dawn.
-You are constantly telling yourself, "If Edward can resist Bella's blood, I can resist that piece of cake"
-You dream about Jacob and/or Edward every night.
-You don’t have a crush anymore because you know no one compares to Edward.
-Everything you own has quotes from Edward written all over it.
-You wish your boyfriend speaks to you in a "velvety voice."
-Your wedding ring has to be like the one Edward gave Bella.
-You wish you could be a vampire on a daily basis.
-Your boyfriend dumps you, you are okay with it because now you can focus on Edward.
You’re dying to get a silver Volvo.
-You see a dead deer and you think, "Edward was here"
-You hear a song and think "this would be a good song for Edwardand Bella"
-You get ecstatic if someone says your skin feels cold.
-You think about biting someone because they smell so good.
-You feel no guilt for being this far down the list.
-When someone asks you what your thinking, you answer Twilight.
-You watched Edward 3,125,468,251 times before the movie came out on DVD.
-You wore your Twilightshirt on picture day.
-You have started to growl when someone makes you angry.
-You had Twilight taken away as a punishment.
-You are moving to Australia or New Zealand because they get New Moon the movie out a day before us.
-Your disappointed when your parents wont let you go to Forks to find him.
-You haven't watched TV in a month because you're too busy reading Twilight.
-You trained your dog to guard your Twilight books.
-You've discovered a way to keep your parents from finding out you read Twilight every night, even school nights.
-You have to write a report about what you want to be when you grow up, you write it on vampires or werewolves.
-You went to medical school in hopes it would help you track down Carlisle.
-You accidentally write your last name as Cullen on a test.
-Whenever someone guesses what you're thinking, you scream "ome/omj!, you were taught by Edward how to read minds, where is he!?"
-You go to a restaurant and scan the menu for mushroom ravioli.
-You've started to wear the same thing more often, hoping Alice will come and change you.
-Topaz is your new favorite gemstone.
-Your favorite fruit is apples, your favorite flower is a tulip, you are now obsessed with making sure you have a ribbon at all times, and your favorite game is chess.
-You learned to play the piano.
-You see the words "Twilight", "New Moon", "Eclipse", and "Breaking Dawn" you go completely nuts about it, even if it has nothing to do with the books.
-You actually laugh, and not hate the spoofs you watch about Twilight.
-You read the books over again just to get the minor characters right.
-You have read this entire list from top to bottom.

P.S. i will be adding more and it is not all my ideas. if u hav more tell me and ill add them

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Comment by Edward Luver on December 12, 2009 at 4:15pm
i read the whole thing and half of those things r soooooo true
Comment by Cullen Crazy on December 10, 2009 at 11:19pm
I am having the depression thing now... sigh..
Comment by Christina Cullen on December 10, 2009 at 9:07am
lol laughed my self stupid but did read the whole thing
Comment by Madirah on December 10, 2009 at 6:03am
LOL!!! SO TRUE!!! :D
Comment by caitlin on December 9, 2009 at 10:44pm
i totally had the postpartum lol

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