The Twilight Saga

Chapter Five
Victoria’s POV
Just one wolf! One measly mutt was all that stood between me and my long awaited vengeance now. I was easily able to get past the other four wolves with the help of my newest creation, Riley. Getting past those dogs was easier than I expected to be and I was thrilled my plan had worked. Two weeks ago the weather was infuriatingly sunny in this miserable town and I was forced to hide out in Seattle for a few days waiting for the clouds to return. I made use of my time feeding often to restore my energy and plotting out my revenge. However, after weeks of trying to get to the girl and I hadn’t made any progress. My multiple attempts to get to the pathetic human child had failed me and it was getting more and more frustratingly difficult to get past these mongrels.

As much as I hated to admit it I could no longer deny this was something I couldn’t alone. When Laurant never returned I came to look for him and that was when I first came in contact with the wolves. Thankfully, I am faster and stronger than Laurant and was able to outrun them. I had been keeping them on the run for weeks now hoping they would either tire out or slip up and I would finally be able to get through them. But they hadn’t and now I needed a new plan. I had exhausted all my resources and I could not think of anyone else who would be willing to help me in my evil scheme for retribution. It would need to be someone I could easily persuade. Most vampires avoided any human contact unless they were feeding and were certainly not interested in hunting one out of pure vengeance. But I was desperate to get my plan for vengeance under way and at this point I was willing to do anything. I was sitting in a dark alleyway contemplating possible scenarios when a lone drunk stumbled into shadows. He was young and attractive and smelled wickedly delicious, despite his intoxication. It would have been the perfect opportunity if I hadn’t just fed a few hours before.

That is when it hit me, the perfect plan, an infallible plan; a newborn! Newborns were the strongest and fastest of any vampire. A newborn would be ignorant to the rules of the vampire world and could be easily persuaded to do as I requested. And I had the added benefit of not losing another friend to the wolves if they were to bring him down as well. If only I had the strength to turn him without killing him. He continued to stagger down the alley completely unaware of the fate he was walking into. Yes, a newborn would be the perfect accomplice. If I didn’t have the strength to stop at least I would get a good snack out of my attempt. A low growl of delight built up in my chest finally drawing his attention presence.

“Good evening there, ma’am.” He stuttered sluggishly saluting his hand off his brow like a soldier. I continued to glare at him the smirk on my face growing wider as he approached me. He was close enough now to fully take in my appearance and obviously noticing my glowing red eyes. I watched as his cool, calm demeanor slowly faded into fear. He stopped in his tracks gaping at me.

“Good evening there, soldier.” I purred sauntering towards him. I saw the lump in his throat as he gulped loudly and I laughed sadistically to myself. I could hear his heart begin to race and his hands began to shake in fear. His eyes trailed down the alley, obviously looking for the opportunity to run. I dare you. I challenged him.

“Um…I was just…um…I’ll just…head home.” He slurred over his words.

“What’s the rush, sweetie? I’m just looking to have a little…fun.” I said watching as his fear faded into a look of pure terror now and I couldn’t contain the grin that spread across my face now. Perhaps it was cruel, but I enjoyed watching my prey shudder in fear before the kill. Though my purpose here now was not to kill, but to change, so I decided to get on with it. Just then the boy slipped under my fingers and began to run clumsily down the alley. I let another sadistic laugh break through my lips. Did he honestly think he could out run me? I slipped in front of him in a blur placing my hand on his chest to stop him in his attempt to get away.

“Shhh….” I said trailing my finger seductively down the exposed skin of his neck and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Now now now, don’t be like that.” I stood over him and pinning his body to the ground. He’s pathetic attempt to fight back was almost humorous. I trailed my nose up his neck inhaling his scent deeply and then brushed my lips over his ear and whispered, “This will only hurt…a little.”

Deciding not to taunt him any further I sank my teeth into the soft tissue below his ear as he cried out in pain. The frenzy began as his warm blood spilled into my mouth aching for me to continue. Focus Victoria, focus! I internally yelled at myself. James’ face flashed before my eyes causing me to remember my purpose. It took all the mental strength I could muster but I finally pulled away from the delicious boy. His screams amplified in volume now as the venom began to spread. My head was swimming in a rage still fresh with the desire for his blood. I had to get him out of here. I couldn’t very well leave him here in the alleyway screaming like he was. He was mine now and my responsibility as well. I needed somewhere to keep him for the next few days until the change was complete. Then I could start brainwashing him into the killing machine I needed him to be.

I needed to think quickly before his screams attracted too much attention to my dark alley so I did the first thing I could think of. I punched him across the face knocking him unconscious. Though I didn’t use the full force of my strength I could tell I had broken his jaw and crushed several other bones in his face as well. Oh well, the change would fix that soon enough and at least for now the screaming had stopped. I hoped he would remain unconscious long enough for me to get him to a safe place. I scooped his body up into my arms and ran to the city limits toward Forks. I continued running until I reached a cave deep in the woods 100 miles outside of Forks. James and I had stayed in this cave a few days during our travels and it was far enough out of the way that no humans would ever find it. I laid his body on the rocks inside and waited out for him to change into the monster.

After the change was complete I began training Riley to be the vicious companion I needed to complete my plan. I took him to Seattle every night allowing him to feed freely on any unsuspecting humans that dared to walk alone in the night. It wasn’t long before he was strong and hung on my every word. I told him of my plan to steal the human child and brutally and slowly torture her to death and send her ravaged body to her beloved Edward. Riley was more than willing to assist me and didn’t care at all to the reasons for wanting to harm the girl.

When the day finally came I sent him to Seattle to feed so he would be at his strongest. I went to Forks to check out the situation on the wolves. Sure enough they were still there and I kept them running for several hours in circles. I needed them to be exhausted for my plan to work best tonight. When the big red wolf nearly got too close I retreated to the ocean where I could swim to the outskirt of the forest where I instructed Riley to meet me.

The plan was to run back to the forest surrounding Forks and when they caught our scent Riley was to run, leading them away from Forks while I hid. When they were far enough away I would slip into the small town and grab my unsuspecting girl! The plan was perfect! By the time they realized they were following the wrong vampire I would be long gone with Bella finally in my grasp. When I was done with her I would send her body in pieces to the house in Denali. I wasn’t for sure if that was where the Cullen’s had moved to, but Laurant had said that they were close friends with the vampires there and I could be certain it would not take long for the news to get to Edward of his beloved’s slow and torturous death, and I would have my revenge! Maybe I would even videotape my time with the girl and send it along with her remains so he could helplessly watch me pull his girlfriend to shreds. Just as I was helpless when the whole lot of them stood around and watched their precious Edward slay my beloved James. Yes, he would pay. In the worst way, he would share my pain.

My plan had worked perfectly. When the mutts caught our scent I ordered Riley to run and keep running as far as they would follow him. The ignorant dogs were known to chase me as far as Canada before and I knew they would be long gone giving me plenty of time to get my claws on Bella Swan. She would pay for Edward’s sins. My muscles tensed and my body ached in satisfaction at the nearness of my reprisal.

Now all that stood between me and my retribution was that same, overgrown red mutt! There was no way he stood a chance against me without his brothers. He was singled out and alone and venerable. Though it would be easy to kill him quickly, perhaps I would make him suffer just a little for all the frustration they had put me through over the past couple of months. No Victoria, don’t lose sight of our goal! I reminded myself. My thirst for bloodlust would have to wait until the girl. I couldn’t risk wasting time to get to the girl when I would finally have the chance.

I raced towards him now as fast as my legs would carry me. I was hoping to use the element of surprise to my advantage by catching him off guard. Thus far he seemed unaware of my fast approach. The monster in my head cheered now waiting anxiously for the kill. Though I hadn’t made a sound he was somehow alerted to my advance and turned just in time to see me running towards him; though not in enough time to save himself. I slammed into his body knocking him to the ground feeling his bones crush on impact and the monster in my head snarled with delight. The wolf howled out in pain and I couldn’t help but be thrilled at the sound. He struggled to get to his feet to defend himself but his broken legs failed him as
he collapsed to the ground and whimpered out in agony.

“Get up you mongrel!” I spat at him He was making this too easy and eradicating the thrill of the fight. I kicked him forcefully in the side hurling his body several yards back before slamming into a tree. The tree split up the middle with a thunderous crack and began to fall to ground in several pieces around him.

“Stand up, fight!” I snarled. He continued to struggle to get to his feet growling through his teeth at me but fell to the ground again when a large branch from the tree came crashing down on top of him. I sauntered over to where he lay motionless on the ground and grabbed him up by his throat positioning my hands to snap his neck. I leaned down to whisper in his ear. “You’re pathetic.” I growled then tightened my hands for the kill.

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