The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: Day 1
Today when V woke up. He felt refreshed and energized. On his way to school a storm was coming. He could hear the thunder in the distance. But this was no ordinary storm. This storm was designed to transport any potential adventures. This storm was a cry for help. And it was moving fast toward V. This so called storm was moving at a fast pace toward V. He had not seen a storm like this before. It was getting closer and closer. Then the so called storm was directly over V’s head. And a bolt of thunder came down. After the bolt of thunder had gone away there was a large figure down the road. It appeared to be a human down the road. The human drew his sword and began runningtowered V. But V just stood there frozen with fear. Just as the swordsman his eyes glowed a bright green color and gave a strong magical attack. When the attack made contact the swordsman blew up into red dust. It was the most beautiful thing ever. The red dust was sparkling as they floated to the ground. But there was no sun so how could they sparkle like that? Then after a few after a few minutes the red dust that had landed on V started to burn. He gave a loud scream. But no one could hear him scream his loud scream. After four minutes a portal opened up. And V unwillingly went through it. As V went through the portal he started to scream again. It felt like time was passing by very fast. But in fact time was in fact slower. As if time was standing still. V had know idea what he was in for. When he finally landed he gave a loud thud. When V got up he asked himself “where am I? what is this place?” V started to walk blindly into the surrounding forest. He had no idea where he was going. After five hours of walking he had to stop and rest. V found himself a log to sit on. He sat for twenty minutes. He was thinking what do next. Then he heard foot steps. He could hear them getting closer. V got scared he got up and started to run. He heard the foot steps coming closer and closer. And then the person tackled V from behind. “You know you shouldn’t be out here by yourself.” Said the mysteries person. “Look pale I landed here. I have no idea why I’m here.”Said V. Then the mystery’s person got off of V and helped him up. “What’s your name kid?” Said the mysteries person. “My name is V. What’s your name?” Said V. “My name is Ken. Your name is kind of funny by the way. And like I said you shouldn’t be out here by yourself.” Said Ken. “Why? Why shouldn’t I be out here?” Said V. “Because there are evil people at work here. They control this place. All the guardians have disappeared. And know one knows where they went. I’m going to find out where they went.” Said Ken. “Do you need some help finding out what happened to them?” Said V. “Yeah I could use your help.” Said Ken. “Ok. Where’s your car at?” Said V. “What’s a car? I never heard of a car before.” Said Ken. “I guessthat answers question. I guess where walking then.” Said V. “Come on my cabin isn’t to far from here. It’s two miles from here. We can stay the night there.” Said Ken. V nodded ok. Then Ken led the way to his cabin. They didn’t talk the whole way. Then they heard a twig snap. It sounded like it came from every direction. A big pair of big red eyes appeared about ten feet in front of V. The big red eyes jumped out and ran off. Ken and V stood frozen with fear. “What was that? Was that a person? If it was that was one freaky person.” Said V. “I don’t know. Come on let’s hurry up and get to my cabin.” Said Ken. “Ok. Let’s get out of the open. I don’t feel comfortable out in the open at night.” Said V. Ken could understand that. When they finallygot to the cabin it was really late. “I think we should turn in for the night. We are going to need our energy if we are going to make it to the Rose Morning Star.” Said Ken. “What’s the Rose Morning Star?” Said V. “It’s the capital of our nation.” Said Ken. “Ok. That’s cool. And I guess we are going to walk?” Said V. “Of course were going to walk. It’s good for your body and heart. And maybe you’ll meet a girl.” Said Ken with a little laugh. “I don’t have time for girl’s. and no, I don’t have any friends. I don’t have time for friends.” Said V in an angry voice. “Well this is a new place. Maybe you’ll find that special girl. And find some friends. Ok let’s get some get some sleep. The guest room is down that hallway three doors down to your left.”Said Ken. And V shook his head ok. V went to the room opened the door and closed it. V laid down on the bed in comfort. V thought “Why was this guy being nice to me? I don’t even him. What ever the reason is I have a friend. I hope while I’m here I will make new friends. I have a feeling that every thing is going to be all right.” Then V quickly fell into a deep sleep.

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Comment by Breeana Miller on December 27, 2009 at 4:10pm
I loved it. This V character sounds like the heroic person. And sounds like he needs a lover in his life. Is there a girl that he like's in the story? Cause that would be so cool. So how many guardians are there?
Comment by Ian Miller on December 27, 2009 at 4:06pm
i read it and loveds it. hope you post the other ch's.
Comment by HannahCullen on December 24, 2009 at 11:37pm
wow.. this is really good.

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