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Every full moon the elderly man turns into the beast. It is known to hunt in packs. The monster is known by one name and one name only. It is know as the American Chupacabra. It is the most deadly of beasts. It roams in the south finding goats, people, dogs, and cats. If you ever go through the state of TX through the south of it. Think twice before you do. Always protect the ones you love. Don't go near the town called Hondo. Or near the big white house on 31st street. It is where the elderly man lives. He has the crazy look of a killer. If you ever look him in the eyes. You will become one of him. And their's no turning back. You will be bound to him and to the moon. They say when you look him in the eyes his eyes are engein red. He only comes out at night. But only when you get on his property he well come for you. Don't get to close to him or he will get you. The best defense is to carry Holy Water. It is the best defense for him. Nobody ever goes near the house. Everybody who lived close to the house moved out. Becasue they didn't want to get cursed by the American Chupacabra. They say if he goes after a human. He goes after a speicfic person. He went after a little 5 year boy on his b-day. And it was not pretty. Even the cops don't go near the elderly man. The scared as hell when they look past the house. The elderly man borded up his house so noone would see him. Everything around his house is dead. Notihng living except him is alive. So remember don't go near the big white house on 31st street on a full moon. It might be the last thing you do.

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Comment by Breeana Miller on December 28, 2009 at 12:06am
That is the most weird is't scary story ever. Hope your write more. You should make a group for it.
Comment by Ian Miller on December 28, 2009 at 12:03am
that was very creepy. so who is the elderly man?

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