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Breaking Dawn into 2 movies? Rated R???

I have found out recently that they are splitting Breaking Dawn up into two movies. I really dont think they should do that, but if they didnt, they would have to make a 3 or 4 hour movie, which isnt really possible. I just dont think its fair to make fans wait for a PART of a movie. Who ever's directing this movie, which i hope is Chris Weitz (fingers crossed!!!), had better make the first part good, so that fans will be willing to see the next part. Of course, every Twilight fan thats read Breaking Dawn is dying to see what Renesmee will look like, so of course they would want to see the second part. I know i want to see what she looks like, and i am a major, MAJOR fan myself.
I have also heard rumors that Breaking Dawn is going to be rated R?
That would just be plain stupid. I mean, a lot of Twilight fans' parents wouldn't let them see Breaking Dawn if it was rated R. MY parents would probably still let me see it, but i know quite a few fans who wouldn't be able to. Note to director of Breaking Dawn: please dont let any theater make Breaking Dawn rated R. please.
If anyone on this site agrees with my blog in any way, comment and tell me what you think about these decisions.

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Comment by Junia Black on June 21, 2010 at 4:31pm
If they do make it R then I'm not going to see it because my parents won't let me! But that would drive me INSANE
Comment by 92Audie on January 28, 2010 at 12:22am
i think making it into movies is going to drive me insane i can barely wait to see eclipse. i guess if the movie is too long its whatever they have to doo. gosh. thats anoying, MORE waiting. and rated R? what in the world are they thinking. a lot of people who usually go see the movies wont be going to see breaking dawn. and thats not fair to those fans. sorry guys. and i just dont like having wait that long for breaking dawn cause im dying to see renesmee too.

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