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Bella’s point of view

My gloriously beautiful lover, my Edward. He sat next me as we gazed at the stars while we were in our meadow. My beautiful daughter Renesmee, full grown now, sat beside her Jacob. Edward. A name so unforgettable, a person so unforgettable. He chuckled reminding me that my shield was down and he could read my mind. He only held me tighter and pulled me closer.
“My first day of high school is tomorrow. For the first time.” Nessie sighed. “I’ll be there with you Ness. Don’t worry so much.” Jacob reassured. I mentally growled because I didn’t want him to be but the imprint between them made them need to be close to each other. Edward howled with laughter and I pushed him down a hill. He didn’t break his laughter as he rolled. My gold eyes burned into his. “I still have newborn strength” I thought to him. “And a newborn’s short temper.” He laughed. I snarled and then calmed down a bit.
“The stars are absolutely beautiful” I whispered. “I know you are” Edward said to me taking my hand. “Momma, Daddy. I’m going home to sleep. Goodnight”. Nessie announced getting ready to leave. She kissed us goodnight and went home holding Jacob’s hand. I was on top of Edward in seconds. “So. We are alone. What do you want to do sweet heart?” I asked playfully. “I can show you better than I could tell you.” He said rolling over and pinning me to the ground. We sank into our world of uninterrupted bliss.

We went home after dawn so we could be there when Nessie woke up. Nessie woke up and she hopped into my waiting arms. “Morning mama, daddy” She said thrilled and somehow nervous. We gave her breakfast in bed. Alice caught me off guard when she thrust some clothes into my hands. “What the-” I began but she cut me off saying, “Put it on. No if ands buts or maybes.” I grumbled and put it on and Edward tried to cover a little laugh wit a cough.
I put everything on in a minute. I went to the full body mirror in the closet to see how I looked. She had given me an aqua blue tank top with a black leather mini jacket. I had on black skinny jeans with an aqua heart pendant. She had me wear the Cullen crest as a black and silver choker. The skinny jeans had a silver chain that went from pocket to pocket. I had on some black boots that hid part or my jeans. “Alice will be Alice” I heard Edward’s voice behind me. I spun to him and wrapped my arms around him.
“Alice, how do you want my hair done?” I muttered. She came in and twisted my hair into two buns and stuck aqua and black sequined hair chopsticks through them. “Why did I even ask”? I growled and Edward laughed again. We headed to the garage and got in the Volvo. First day of school. Again.

Chapter 2
Edward’s point of view
First day of school. Again. Bella looked bored as we rode to school. It’s the middle of quarter one for the humans. Nessie was between us shaking with happiness as Esme drove us to school. Jacob sat in the front seat next to her. “Just remember the story Ness and you’ll do fine” Bella told her as we got out of the car. “Bye Grandma” Nessie whispered. “Bye hon. you’ll do great.” She said before speeding off. This is one of the times I wish I couldn’t read minds. I had to listen to everyone’s thoughts. I frowned when I heard the thoughts of my Bella and Renesmee.
The story we were passing around was that we were all adopted. Rosalie and Jasper are once again the Hale twins. Alice is my sister and Renesmee is my twin, we are the Cullens. Bella and Emmett are the Swan Kids. Jacob and his pack were just extremely close friends of the family. The pack is all brothers and sisters. I took Bella’s hand and Renesmee’s as we strutted to our class. First period: Advanced English with Mr.Persico.
Renesmee met a lot of new people and repeated the story 5 times before lunch. As usual we didn’t eat and Renesmee pick and chose off my plate. We were all talking to Renesmee about her high school experience so far when Alice froze. She was in the middle of a vision…
A sunny day in the clearing. The Volturi approach and demand Renesmee step forward. Jacob, Bella, and I growl. The vision grows fuzzy and it ends.
Alice and I were frozen. Bella's eyes were closed and she was also tense. "Alice? Are they really coming back?" Bella asked. We all gaped at her. She hadn't opened her eyes. "How did you know I just had a vision about the volturi Bella?" Alice asked. "Because you just gave us a very detailed description. It was like I saw it too.” She said opening her eyes and looking confused. "But I didn't tell anyone yet” Alice thought. "Alice...I could have sworn you did." She said "How are you answering me.” She thought "Because you are talking to me." She said cautiously.
Bella is answering all of her thoughts! How? I thought to myself. “No way! I’m not a mind reader! I am a shield for crying out loud.” Bella whined “Then stop answering my thoughts”. I thought back to her. “But I am not answering your thoughts-” Bella froze and her eyes widened “You didn’t say that out loud did you?” She asked. “No.” I answered. “I thought the buzz in my head was just the people in the cafeteria.” She murmured
“Jacob looks so hot today. Man I love him so much” Nessie thought. “We all know about your deep affection for Jacob Ness and how hot you think he looks right now.” Bella sighed to Renesmee. Nessie looked Mortified. “Oops you didn’t say that out loud did you. I’m sorry baby.” She said and shot Jacob’s smiling face a terrifying look.
“How do you keep from going insane with this” Bella thought. “Because I have you and Nessie to keep me sane” I thought “I’m going to have to get used to you being in my head because no one ever is.” She smiled and I lost my train of thought. Suddenly I felt happy and excited. I threw a glace at Jasper. He put up his hand as if he was surrendering. “Did I do that?” Bella asked aloud. “I just wanted everyone to feel like I do and everyone did.” Everyone gaped at Bella. She fidgeted under our gaze and twirled her hair in her hands. “Jeez keep your eyes IN your head please” .Bella thought. I laughed really hard and she growled at me.
The day went by quickly but I kept catching Bella rubbing her temples. When we got home Emmett wanted to wrestle Bella and she went out side willingly. She crouched and got ready even though she was slightly distracted by everyone’s thoughts. Bella neatly dodged him when he charged and pounce but he got out of the way. “I’m going to go insane” She whispered
“Come on Bella! You’re not even trying. Imagine I was Jane and I was shocking the whole family!” Emmett teased. “Bad move Emmett!” I called. Bella’s eyes sparkled with unmistakable fury and she charged Emmett. She pushed him and we heard him land 30 miles away. The fire in her eyes dimmed and she shook her head to clear it. “No way! I got beat by my youngest sister!” He whined in his head. Bella was thinking, “Wow. Just wow. This is not happening to me. I think I can absorb everyone’s power and double its strength”. Suddenly she froze and she was staring blankly she looked just like Alice when she was having a vision…
Bella’s shield was down and I reached out to her mentally. In about 8 and half minutes Carlisle was going to come here and want every detail of Bella’s new power. Then Nessie would launch herself into Bella’s open arms. Bella blinked and dodged Emmett again. “Did you…?” Bella asked staring at me. “Yes.” I answered. “Did I…?” She started again “Yes”. I said taking her hand. Her shield was back up so I hadn’t had the slightest idea what she was thinking.
We stood there for a minute before going into the house. “Carlisle’s here” Bella said after a few minutes. Just then Carlisle’s car pulled into the driveway. When he opened the door his gold eyes were shining. Alice had filled him in on Bella’s new power. Everyone came into the room and sat quietly waiting for Carlisle to start asking questions.
Bella’s pov
Chapter 3
My eyes were closed and I pointed to the chair across from us. “Make yourself comfortable Carlisle I know what’s going to happen next.” I said. “Bella? Love? What’s wrong?” Edward’s mental voice was just as melodic as his actual voice. “I’m fine. At least I hope so. Just can’t believe what’s happening to me.” I muttered with my eyes still closed. “Cool! Bella’s new power is amazing!” Alice thought, practically vibrating with excitement. “Thanks Alice.” I said and leaned into Edward.
“Bella. Tell me everything that happened to you today.” Carlisle began. I started when we were at lunch and everything up until this moment. I opened my arms and Nessie snuggled into them a half a second afterward. I knew Edward would be staring at me because he was the only one that knew about my vision. “Oh yeah and Carlisle did I mention I had a vision?” I asked wincing slightly. Everyone else gaped at me. Again.
Edward quickly explained what happened. My eyes were closed as I focused on Jasper’s power so I wouldn’t hear everyone’s thoughts. I sighed and smiled. “Jasper why are you making everyone feel determined?” Carlisle asked “I didn’t do it.” He answered him. I opened my eyes. “Hey! I only did it so I could concentrate on not hearing everyone’s thoughts and it worked”. I smiled and said “I can’t hear a thing”. Suddenly everyone was all happy and excited. “Jazz.” I muttered smiling at him. “You can’t have all the fun and glory.” He said winking at me.
I made everyone serious again. “Alice. What was up with the volturi?” I asked when I focused. “They want to check on Nessie’s growth but I think there is more to it than that. There is something that I’m not seeing.” She said deliberating. I took Alice’s hands and closed my eyes focusing on her gift. “Alice, think about the vision again.” I said. She did as I said.
The end changed and I saw a red haired boy with bright red eyes step forward. I was searching his mind and found out he could take away a vampire’s power. The vision ended. I gasped and jumped up in shock and I jostled Nessie.
“Alice, did you see that?” I asked. “I only saw the vision I had at first.” She replied. Everyone was staring at me looking confused. I explained what I saw and they all snarled in unison, including Nessie and I just noticed Jacob. “We don’t have time for this! We need to round up the covens” I said. “Emmett and Rose go for the American Nomads. Carlisle can you phone the Denali’s? Alice and Jasper can take the Irish and Egyptian covens. Esme and Carlisle can take the Amazon’s after he gets off the phone.” I commanded. I froze and scanned the future. “Everyone should be ok if they do that.” “Wow! Look at the little dictator” Jasper thought. “Thanks Jasper” I said dryly. He looked guilty and I felt the emotion pulse through him. “As well you should be”. I said.
Bella pov
Everyone was out of the door in minutes. “Jake, call your pack and tell them to run perimeter just in case.” He nodded and went outside to phase. I groaned and Edward raised his eyebrows at me. “Your talent is the only one I can manipulate now. I don’t want to be in everyone’s head. I like mine much better.” I grumbled. He laughed and pulled me tighter against him. “I know love, I’ve been there. Done that. Always going back.” He said. It was my turn to raise my eyebrows. “Well I can’t just stop reading minds.” He said shrugging around me. “On it!” Leah, Seth, Embry, and Quil thought. “Wow you were right the pack mind is interesting”! Edward laughed and Jake walked in pulling the drawstring to his sweatpants tighter.
I heard Tanya, Kate, Ezelear, Carmen, and, Garrets concerned mental voices. “Round one.” Jake thought. I shot Jake a look. Edward and I went to the door and found our family just reaching the door. “Hello cousins.” I said smoothly. “What’s going on?” Tanya’s concerned mental voice thought. “Come in and I promise we’ll explain everything, Tanya” I answered. “Did she just answer Tanya’s thoughts?” Ezelear thought. I sighed “Yes, Ezelear I did.” His eyes just about popped out of his head. I lifted my shield and he began to pace the length of the porch. “Hmm… so you can absorb the talents around you and double its strength.” He said. “Apparently.” I said letting my shield snap back into place.
“Would you come in so we can fully explain now?” Edward said speaking up. “Ugh. You have a wolf in there. Are the dogs still trained to be on your side?” Kate asked wrinkling her nose. “Geez they stink.” She thought at the same time that Jake growled. “Of course. Imprints don’t fade.” Edward said grimacing. “Much to my dislike” He thought and I laughed really hard. I led the way into the house shaking my head when everyone asked what the joke was was and just said “Edward”. “Jeez! I know how everyone else feels about my talent.” He complained.
I smiled and his head went blank for a half a minute. “Uh oh. Hon? You okay?” I asked taking his hand. “Er…what?” He asked shaking himself mentally. “Your head went blank and I got scared”. I said. “Lost my train of thought. I’m fine.” He said smiling.
“Would you do the honors Edward?” I asked. “Sure. I’d love to.” He said shrugging. I got up and went to hug my beautiful Nessie. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I murmured how pretty she looked. I didn’t even listen to the explanation. I froze. “Oh no! Alice!” I yelled. “Something bad is about to happen.” I shook in anger. “Not my sister.” I said and Edward gasped. “Bella! Your eyes are red!” “Jake, make Leah and Quil come with me. I have to save my sister.” I growled.
“Of course Bella.” He said hurrying to phase. “Edward, cousins. You’ll have to stay here. This won’t be pretty. I sense you will be most needed here than with me.” I kissed my daughter. “Be brave my little angel.” I whispered. Her face was streaming with tears. “No! Edward it would be rude to leave our guests without host and our daughter she needs you. I’ll be fine. Don’t follow me or I’ll make your mind a living hell!” I said speeding out the door.
I hated threatening him and he didn’t think twice before following. I lifted my shield and thought about the time he left me and my misery. He stopped dead in his tracks being affected. “Nessie needs you go back to her. I’ll be fine.” I thought and with a glace behind me I saw him head for the house. “Alice I’m on my way.” I mumbled under my breath. I swam super speed, even for a vampire. I got up I Africa. I heard a faint scream near Chad. “Not. My. Sister!” I yelled and sped up I ran until I found Alice and Jasper fighting newborns. I crouched and sprang with the grace of a lion. I growled and began ripping off limbs.
“Bella! Where did she come from?” Jasper said. “No time to explain. Just keep fighting.” I said tossing a newborn head into a fire. My fury doubled when Alice’s finger was taken off. I jumped on the newborn and ripped its pieces to pieces. I threw them all into the fire. I took down 4 more before we were done. “Bella’s eyes are red.” Alice said. When I was sure we were alone my rage stilled and I shook my head. “Bella’s eyes are normal again!” Alice gasped. “Yes, my eyes are fine Alice. I guess it’s my newest reaction to extreme anger.” I said sinking to the ground. “Ali, Jazz. Are you guys okay?” “Yes” They said “good”. I said standing up. Alice’s finger had reattached to it’s self. “Bella, how are you still reading our minds” Jasper. “But Jazz I’m not.” I said looking at him confused. “This is the first time either of us said something aloud.” Alice answered. “So now I can take away powers and still use others. I wonder if I left Edward powerless.”
I froze and scanned the future. “They are okay they survived the newborn attack there. Carlisle and Esme and Rose and Emmett didn’t get attacked and aren’t going to be.” I said when I snapped back to the present. “How did you know it would happen?” Alice asked “I had a bad feeling. At first I thought that it was because I and you had some kind of connection but now I know I held onto a part of your gift when you left.” I said taking out my cell phone.
I pressed the number 1 and speed dialed Edward’s number.
“Bella!” He sighed. “Honey we’re fine and my power has been added to.” I said soothingly. Then I explained the newest addition to my power. My intuition flickered. “Nessie.” I whispered. “I want to talk to my daughter”. I heard the movement of the phone being passes from one hand to another. “Mom!” She said her voice thick from crying. “Oh my little angel! You were so brave baby. I’m proud of you!” I said to her. “I didn’t stay brave though, Mom” She whispered “I blubbered like a baby.” “Yes but you had the strength not to follow me and stay. You trusted my judgment hon. that’s all that matters.” I smiled thinking of how she looked right now.
“Baby girl we are on our way home the two covens Alice and Jasper summoned should be there soon. I love you with all my heart forever and ever. Tell your dad that too. We love you see you in a few hours.” I said before snapping the phone closed. By now we were at the edge or the continent of Africa. I put my phone back into its water proof cover and dove into the water. I didn’t rush through the currents as I had earlier and my body relaxed as I enjoyed my time in the water.
Edward’s pov
I took comfort in knowing my Bella would be home soon and that Alice and Jasper were okay. Nessie sat happily in my lap. Just then the door bell rang and the Irish coven walked in. “Maggie! Siobhan! Liam! If this situation was a good one it would be nothing less than lovely to see you.” Tanya greeted. “Oh dear! Is this about Nessie?” Siobhan asked. I was at the door by now. “Please come in and I will explain what happened.” Once they were settled I explained what happened. “Do you know why they are coming?” Maggie asked. “No lovely Maggie. Maybe they want Bella for her newest power but that can’t be right because since she can take other’s powers from them partially or completely the shouldn’t.” I said thinking aloud.
“What he says is true.” Maggie mumbled. Her peculiar gift to tell when someone was lying was at work. Bella took away all of my power accidentally. I was confused until she had called me. “My Bella will be home soon” I thought to myself. “Your Bella is here.” Bella said coming into the room. I didn’t notice when she had gotten close to the house. I hugged her fiercely. “Can I have my power back now?” I asked. “Once I figure out how to give it back I will” She said looking at her feet. If she could I’m sure she’d be blushing.
“Ummm. Well I guess I could try.” She took my hands and closed her eyes. She had a deep-concentration-frown carved into her face. Suddenly I could hear every thought around me. “You did it love!” I murmured she let go of me and stumbled before collapsing in a chair. She put her head between her knees. “Bella?” I said alarmed. “I thought you said vampires couldn’t get head rushes.” She mumbled. I laughed softly and pulled her tight against me. I loved the feel of her against me. Her scent still smelled sweetly floral but it mixed with my smell and the outside dew. The smell made my head reel. She laughed and said “I still hold your power since I’m near you.”
Everyone was home within the hour and we had explained to every coven our situation. Renesmee sat in between Bella and me looking just as beautiful as her mother. The two shining points in my immortality. Bella leaned over and quickly kissed my cheek. “Its true and I am not adjusting to you being in my head very well.” I thought she just smiled. Bella and Alice froze in the same instant staring blankly.
A new vampire named Claudia waits on the other side of the door shaken and scared. Carlisle opens the door and she blacks out in his arms. Alice blinked and looked at me. Bella hadn’t come back to the present yet and we all waited anxiously for her to come back. Her lips twitched then she growled and blinked coming back to the present.
“Bella? What did you see?” I asked. “Jane.” She murmured before someone knocked at the door. “Carlisle, don’t do it!” She said throwing herself in front of the door. “I want to warn you she is not who she seems to be. She is listening now but I will explain later.” Everyone’s thoughts were cut off until Bella wrapped me in her shield. She didn’t let me inside of her head. She stepped aside and Carlisle caught the vampire. “Phase one complete.” Bella murmured as she looked out on the horizons.
“She’s half vampire.” She said mostly to herself. Carlisle carried the vampire upstairs and laid her on a bed. “Everyone with me now!” Bella commanded before speeding out of the door. We all fled with her she didn’t stop until we were somewhere in Canada. “Ah Jane. How have you been?” She said. A hooded figure stepped from under a tree.
“Hello Bella, Carlisle, Amun, Tanya, Siobhan.” Jane’s musical voice sounded. Demetri and Felix stepped behind her. Alec on her right side. “Jane what brings you away from Volterra?” Carlisle asked politely. “Aro, Caius, and Marcus wanted us to come and wait for them here. They should be arriving tomorrow night.” She said. “Can I shock her? Just once. Please?” Bella and Kate thought together. I shook my head no at Kate but nodded to Bella.
A slow wicked grin stretched across her face. With a yelp Jane and Alec were sent to their knees. They got up a little shaken and they looked around scared. “Whatever’s the matter dearest Jane and Alec?” Bella asked in a sarcastically sweet voice. They glared at her. “YOU did this.” Jane blamed. “Now Edward would I do such a thing?” Bella asked me. I nodded. “For shame, Edward, for shame” Bella said hanging her head and looking ashamed. Kate and Emmett howled with laughter.
“Bella!” Carlisle thought sternly. “Sorry Carlisle it was tempting.” She said glancing back at him. “I know but it was still wrong.” He thought back. “I know and I really am sorry Carlisle. I didn’t mean to dishonor you.” She said and hung her head. “Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to Alec and Jane.” He thought. “Ok Carlisle, as you wish.” She turned back to Jane and Alec. “I’m sorry that I cause you pain. Will you forgive me?” She asked sincerely. “I noticed how you didn’t say pain without cause”. I thought to her. She threw me a shut up glance. “We forgive you Bella” Alec said.
Bella winced when both of their powers hit the edge of her shield aiming at her. “Okay, I might have deserved that.” She said when their powers pushed harder against her shield. “NOT!” She thought. “Bella!” I said “Sorry!” She said reflexively. “Hm. I guess we will speak more when your masters arrive.” Bella said backing up. She grabbed my arm and Nessie hand and made us back up with her. “Get Carlisle!” She thought. I took his arm and he took Esme’s hand. Nessie took Alice’s arm who grabbed Jasper’s. Jasper pushed against Emmett who was aching for a fight. Rose took his hand and pulled him back. With a growl that rang finality the wolves backed up as Jacob and Sam thought “Retreat!” to the pack.
“Indeed Bella we shall.” Alec said retreating slowly with the other guards. “Run Edward. Lead everyone back. I have to concentrate on my shield so I’ll be at the end of the group.” Bella thought letting go of us. I nodded and took of with a run tugging at Carlisle and Nessie. They followed and Jane still tried to penetrate the shield. Bella ran at the end. “Stop!” She yelled. We were in a forest in Maryland. We all skidded to a halt and turned to face her.
She was sitting in a tree and looking beautiful while doing it. “I want to tell you who Claudia really is.” She said.

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Comment by lisa holt on February 4, 2010 at 4:44pm
yeah please finish it really great :) lisa
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great story' i loved it so did my mum! please finish it because i wont get any peace from my mum until she finds out wot happens. thanx.x
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I need to know the end of it!!!! ADDICTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by lisa holt on February 3, 2010 at 5:17pm
great story you should carry on with it thats what me and my sister was on about that we feel there could be more well we want more i could follow there life forever but really great read i like the new power that bella's got would be great twist :) kind regards lisa
Comment by Reed on February 2, 2010 at 6:39pm
It's really funny your story is better than mine *sigh*

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