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Hi everyone!!! How are you? I hope that everyone had a great Valentine's Day! Some important news that some of you may have seen on the home page: the new Twilight: Graphic Novel is scheduled to hit stores on March 16, 2010. Also, Taylor Lautner just celebrated his 18th birthday this past Thursday. Too bad we couldn't have cake and ice cream:)

Also I have one question to ask all of you: In what way has reading Twilight changed your life?

Leave your comments below.

Peace, Love, Jacob,

Mandy (Official Team Jacob Captain)

P.S. It seems that everyone has been following the terms of the treaty well lately. Thank you all for trying to create peace with Team Edward.

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Comment by Cindy Bieber <3 on February 18, 2010 at 5:46pm
Oh and I love every movie that the cast is in. I didnt know that Ashley Greene was in another movie until I went shopping and saw it I rented it. I liked it. Its called "Summer's Moon."
Comment by Cindy Bieber <3 on February 18, 2010 at 5:44pm

1. I have gone crazy over it.
2. I always have something to do. Watch twilight/new moon, read the twilight saga, do the puzzle, play the twilight or new moon board game listen to the soundtrack.
3. I like magazines now. (only the new moon involved ones)
4. I like to go to Hot Topic.
5. I like books now.
6. I have a new crush. (Jacob/Taylor)
7. I spend alot of money. (with twilight stuff and books only.)
8. I like rock. (Seriously my cousin tried to get me to like rock, then I heard the twilight sopundtrack and fell in love.)
9. My sister is even crazier with Edward. (LoL shes 5 years old)
10. I believe in Vampires and werewolves. (LOL its true though. My uncle told me Vampires existed and I was like "Really?!")
Comment by RussetWolfLuv on February 18, 2010 at 4:16pm
It has changed my life in these ways:
I have become obsessed with getting all the books, guides and posters for the saga. (Most ppl think I'm crazy for spending money on this stuff)
I have made tons of new friends on this site, which I joined because I thought the books were awesome.
I have fallen in love with Jacob <3
I have been watching movies that star the actors the in twilight
I feel like I have stumbled upon something amazing that I must share with all my friends:-)

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