The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: Being Parents.


I remember being human, and thinking a hot shower could calm me. That sleeping would help refresh me. But when you don’t sleep, and can stand for hours and showers barely hold the affect of calming because your always so relaxed what do you do? Easy you have your some what ten year old daughter, who looks around her teens, tell you she wants to get married. And not only that but to a kid who is technically a year younger than her mother, and also her best friend. Oh yeah and he just so happens to be a werewolf... Yeah that would definitely make me not so relaxed. Especially when your only daughter is growing at a rapid rate! And with in a few short years she will be a full adult. Worried yes. Panicked yes. Not ready to think about this definitely.

“Momma…..I wanna get married, and wear a pretty dress,” Renesmee said. Strapped in the back seat of the red Ferrari that Edward finally convinced me to drive. But don’t think for a second I didn’t argue about it, but it was fast, and driving slow now just seemed completely ridiculous. Nessie now looked about 14 years old.

“Why are you thinking such things now Nessie?” We were on the back road to our home of 10 years now in Alaska. We moved here, after a short time in forks. We were concerned about what people would think about our baby. Edward and I were now pushing 28 her in Alaska, and soon it will be time to move on. We were thinking of going back to forks, its too soon I know...but Charlie is getting older and needs help around the house. Also for the last seven years I have completed four degrees in both English and Astronomy, so I could teach anywhere.

“Because Auntie Alice says every girl needs to get married, she said she wants to plan it.”

Alice! I should of known… “ Well lets not think about that for another ten years okay baby? Were almost home now anyway…Did you like seeing grandpa Charlie?” Anything to change the subject at this point.

Alice who was suppose to be living with Jasper some where in Oregon, were unfortunately still living with us...for some reason Alice didn't want to leave. So now I was stuck dealing with situations like this...

Thats why I took the chance and took Nessie down to see Charlie for the day.

Nessie was looking at me I could feel it, I know she knew what I was doing… “I love Grandpa, he is nice, and he smells good”. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw her looking through her passenger side window in the back seat.

"Do you like your gifts, Grandpa got you?"I said looking at the little gold chain hanging from her wrist. Charlie had splurged and bought her a bracelet with an engraving on it saying, "forever loved and taken care of"

Charlie had been all but overjoyed when he say us yesterday, thinking back to it now.
"Bells! Look at you! You haven't changed one bit", he smiled his crinkly eye smile.

Charlie was getting old, almost about to push fifty now. "Hey dad, I know its been too long." I looked through my blurry contacts at him. I still wore them, even though my eyes had adjusted to the butterscotch color my vampire family had. Its just that Charlie new me as his brown eyed daughter. I was only keeping up with the story. That Edward and I moved to Alaska to go to college, and that Esme took care of Nessie when we were at school during the day.

"You really need to visit more often", he said a little sad.
"I know its hard, with school, and Renesme...Soon though we will move back, looks like I might be a teacher."
"Well isn't that something...Are you sure thats what you want? To come back to forks?"
"I think its best for Nessie to have her Grandpa around..."As I looked at him, and his graying hair, and the wrinkles that were starting to set deep in the lines of his face, I was sad at the thought of his aging. Of my selfishness, in wanting to save him from not existing anymore.An argument I had with Edward at least once a month.
"Thats great, cause I miss you Bells.."
"I miss you too dad".

As we turned into the drive way at the family Cullen house. I was glad to pull in. It has only been a day . But already I had missed Edward, like I hadn't seen him in years. And as soon as we pull up out front. He is by my side.

“Hello my lovely wife, how was your visit with your father?” he said staring straight into my eyes like he was trying to read my mind. “It was great, Charlie was happy to see us”. I let my shield drop and brought forth the images of our days event, seeing Charlie again after 3 years, a happy hello, pretending to eat, opening Charlies gift for Nessie. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. And immediately electricity was running through my body. I knew that he and I could live for a thousand years, and this feeling would never change. This all happened with in a matter of seconds, and in another second Edward was by Renesmee’s door opening it for her. And picking her up right out of the seat.

“Hello my princess, how did your visit go with grandpa?” he said as he kissed her forehead gently. Renesmee big enough to walk on her own, and a teenager for that matter didn't mind being held by her father. She reached up and touched his face with her hand, obviously telling Edward of our visit with Charlie. As always for some reason when it comes to Nessies’s gift; if she is in proximity of some one she uses her gift at every opportunity.

As we get inside the house, everyone is occupied with something. Alice and Jasper are sitting in the corner while Alice looks as if she’s looking into the future, and Jasper just sitting there relaxed just watching Alice. Emmett of course is watching t.v., while Rosalie is looking out the window at the snow covered grounds.

But as soon as Edward walked in with Renesme, Rose was at his side taking her out of his arms, and walking with her to the kitchen to feed her, talking animatedly asking questions and laughing when Nessie said something funny..

I reached for Edwards hand, and held it very firmly. I wondered where Carlisle and Esme were. Probably enjoying a private moment to themselves. It seems now that things have gone back to normal for them, they are catching a private moment to be alone. At the moment my worries weren’t about my vampire parents in laws. It was with Alice.

“Oh Alice…” I called from the front door. Alice opened her eyes. Knowing exactly what I was going to say but no way was she going to get out of this from hearing it directly from me. Edward squeezed my hand as if cautioning me. I took an unnecessary deep breathe and breathed in Edwards scent to calm me.

“I need a word in private please” I said now standing in front of her. One leg out just a little bit, patting my foot on the floor ever so gently. Its taken a little while longer now to have my strength lower to some one like Edwards, though he is older than me by a hundred years, my strength should of leveled out by now, especially because its been a few years. But its still going strong. So I have to be careful not to let my emotions get the better of me.

“Sure, Bella.” Alice said as she popped up to stand next to me. As usual Alice was her old cheerful self, and as always had this perfect smile on her face, as she danced in circles around me with such perfect rhythm.

"Jasper I am stealing Alice for just a few moments...Do you mind?" I said, looking in his direction.
A peculiar expression crossed his face as he thought about my emotions probably and then decided and said, "I think this is a girl issue, and I am staying out of it sister". He winked at me, and then called over to Edward and Emmet.

"You two up for some compet-" He didn't even finish what he was going to say, because Emmet was already up and half way to the door when he said, "Bring it on, I'm in". Then he disappeared through out the back door in the kitchen. Edward followed but came and kissed me on the cheek before he left. "I'll be home in a little while honey". I heard him say outside.

I decided the best place to talk would to be at my house. It was a few miles north of the Denali house where we were staying, on a back road that was completely covered in snow. So I led the way outside, and took off running at vampire speed, and in two seconds we were there. I opened the door for her to come in and we sat on the couch in the family room.

I looked at her for a minute before I spoke, and chose my words carefully.
“Now Alice, I don't know what is going on, but if there was something wrong you would tell me right?"
"Yes, Bella, why?"She said with a too innocent expression on her face. Her eyes were open wide and she sat pencil straight.
"So then you don't mind me asking what you told Nessie then?"
"About what?" She said again like she had no idea she told my daughter to marry my best friend.

"What did you tell Renesmee about getting married to Jacob? Because she told me this afternoon that she now wants to get married because you told her ‘all girls want to get married’? Explain Alice…” I looked at her. Letting her know I was serious.

She looked at me. Thought for a second, then clasped her hands together, folded her legs, opened her mouth and said, “ Why are you worried about that? There are bigger- well its like this...Now don't give me that look Bella...Its just that well...its in her future Bella. I saw it with my own eyes. It will happen whether you force them apart or not, but in every outcome it does happen.” She could see that I was shocked. She stared at me until she knew I was freaking out. I mean seriously I didn’t even know why I was freaking out. I mean he was my best friend. But still their were no feelings! That had all been fixed when I turned into a vampire and when he imprinted on Nessie. But still why my daughter? I always wanted him in my family but like this? So fast? It wasn’t fair. Nessie was mine..

"Are you sure?" I looked at her...dumb question. I learned long ago not to doubt her. Then I started to think, my brain working to see where we could prevent this. Or at least pro-long this, for awhile.
Edward wouldn’t allow this…Ha. He would be on my side I know this for sure.
“Fine then we will see what her Father has to say” I said as I got up. Opened the door and so kindly asked.
“Please have Edward come home when he is done. Thank you.” And on her way out the door she smiled her perfect smile, kissed me on the cheek. And before she took off to the main house, I could of sworn I saw a hint of worry in her eyes. Weird I thought.

I went and sat back down, I was going to have to get my point across to Edward, let him know where I stood on this front. He would take my side. I knew he would. I spent the next twenty minutes looking out the window just thinking about my family, and how much I loved them all.

Edward came in a minute later, with wind blown hair. And a smile that if I were still human would of sent my heart hammering into my chest and in to my throat. And Edward would of heard my heart beat, beating like a drum. But not now, now I was a cool and collected vampire mother/wife. Those kinds of things don’t happen to me anymore.

“You called for me love?” He said, dazzling me with his smile.

Cool and collected, composer…cool and collected…cool. “Did you hear what Alice said!” Crap! Screw cool, collected, composer!

“Yes she informed me of what she said to you, and you know how Alice can be my love”…He said calmly, in fact he was to calm.

“Well…so what!?!” My voice was an octave hire.
“Well my love, the way I see it is its not going to happen any time soon.” He said with a straight face. With a smile playing on the corner of his mouth. I was distracted.

I was staring at him, figuring why he was being so cool about this. I was trying to see him crack, but he didn’t. He was that cool, calm and collected vampire type. A Carlisle in the making. Sometimes quite irritatingly. So I sat back against the couch across from him, and stared him down.

“And you don’t care?” I said, calmer than before..

“Of course I care my love. But don’t fret. If its meant to be then there is nothing we can do. But what we can do is prolong it. It’s not like either of them will grow old and die. Maybe once Nessie becomes of age. We can prolong it with the opportunity for her to go to college. Make her wait. But…well…actually never mind that wont work…” He trailed off, and didn’t say anything else.

I of course got impatient. “What do you mean that wont work?” I stared at him trying to understand. I wish I could of had the power to read his mind right now!

“Well..” He said. “ Patience wasn’t one of your strong suits, so it all depends on who she takes after..” He smiled. Winked. And was at my side in a flash.

“You and Nessie are my world. And we are doing fine as her parents.”

Some times I wondered if he could read my thoughts. Because I was just thinking we were doing horribly wrong and not protecting her from everything and everyone.

Instead of speaking I let him know with my mind, opening my shield to him and unveiling my mind.
“How do you know? Have you seen the future? Ok dumb question.” I thought shaking my head realizing he has because of stupid lovely Alice. Best friend or not, she should keep her futures to herself unless requested upon.

“Don’t fret we may be new parents, but our daughter loves us, just as we love her. And of course I love you.” He said as he kissed my cheek, then used his lips to graze my chin ever so slightly. He did this three times from my jaw to under the hallow of my throat. It made my blood burn with ecstasy. I then turned my body where my legs were on his lap, and pulled him to me. It was so different now, than when I was human. Those human muddled memories are weaker now, but I will never forget how frail, and how Edward always looked like a god. I now was like him, and it was fair ground for the both of us. We both equally participated. I wasn't just Lois Lane anymore, I was superman too. We were alone what kind of vampire couple would we be if we didn’t take advantage of our time alone…

“I love you more.” Smooth, very smooth. I smiled to myself. Immediately things changed. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and knotted my fingers in his hair, as our lips met. Meshing together, as he pulled me closer to him. Instead of fiddling with the buttons on his shirt, I ripped it off of him.

"Oops", I said...but not really sorry.
He let a growl vibrate through his chest and then picked me up and raced us to our little piece of our honey moon. Where we stayed for the rest of the afternoon.

Chapter 2: Growing up

I may be a vampire, but everyday my human side is coming out more and more. The older Renesmee gets the harder it is to control myself. My fatherly side always wants to kick in and take over. But I can’t just think about what I feel is best, and its hard to control the fatherly demands like I would like to make. Like to lock my daughter in a tower and keep a certain some one named Jacob Black out of my hair for good. Its times like this when I wish I could read my wife’s mind, with out her letting me in. She still edits, and still keeps things to her self. But that will always be my wife. It is amazing to believe we have been together now for seventeen years if you count her human life as well. It is raining outside so Bella and I are in the family room looking out the window. After our little visit to our room the other day after her discussion with Alice she seems to be in a better mood. But though she thinks she’s good at hiding things from me she isn't, I can see the worry in her eyes. I just wish she would let me in her head more often. I have to practically beg for her to let me inside her head. I never thought that I could take away her soul to become what I am so we could be together. I realize now that she is my soul and that was just a mere arrogant thought that ever made me believe that I could ever watch her become gray haired and old. I shuttered at the thought, glad I would never have to think of trying to kill myself again.

Alice is sitting in the room with me, we are inside the main family house. She approached me telling me in her mind that we needed to talk. Immediately I caught on to her thoughts. Something was wrong. Alice doesn’t use such urgency in her mind unless something is really wrong. Because, she knows not to do it, unless it is important. I was standing next to Bella, she was looking out the window. Alice came to sit by me. And was looking at me from the corner of her eye, as I was her. Jasper was out with Emmett hunting with Jacob and Renesmee. And Carlisle and Esme were going out for a walk.

Jacob moved here with us when he couldn't be away from Renesme. He keeps separate courters from us in a smaller house that Bella insisted we add.

“Edward” I was reading her mind right now. There was an urgency to her voice.

I nodded my head a half inch, no one would of noticed it except Alice, I directed Bella and I to the couch near Alice to sit. Bella didn't mind that I wanted to sit, she grabbed her book Wuthering Heights and began reading it. Her left hand in mine, and her right holding the book on her lap.

“Edward, something has changed. There’s something wrong, I need you to stay calm." She looked at me with a stare that meant this was serious.
I just looked at her waiting. I nodded half a fraction.
"The other day when I told Bella that Renesmee would marry Jacob I thought it was true because I could barely see Renesmee and her whole future disappeared…" She paused to see Bella still looking down at her book.

"I thought it was because Renesmee and Jacob start dating in these futures...Nessie is very hard to see as it is because she is half human and half vampire. I figured because every time she hangs out with Jacob she completely disappears anyway. But Its not the case. I am seeing two different prominent futures”.
She glanced at me from the side again, her eyes looked like there was something more to say. I waited to find out. Motioning her with my eyes to keep going.

“One reason Edward that I might see Renesmee disappear completely, is because something has changed. Renesme might have no future, that she could possibly die.” I sucked in a sharp breath. Unnecessary, but needed to calm my nerves. She began to show me the visions. The first was of Nessie's face, happy and vibrant and alive. I can see myself holding her hand, and kissing her cheek a smile on my face. She is in white, and I am walking my daughter down the isle. I go to shake some ones hand, all I know is that it is hot, I can't see the figure but I guess it is Jacob Black. I am giving Nessie away at their wedding. The second Vision cuts in then, Nessie is running, and it is through a thick forest, and she finds something...a body of a teenage boy. There is horror in her eyes. There is a voice in the back ground laughing, and red sparks flying from behind her. She falls down to the ground, and then I hear a mind crackling scream. Nessie is on the ground, writhing in pain, calling for her parents. NO! This future is wrong! Impossible! It won’t happen, I wont allow it. I gripped my knuckles together, and turned to stone on the couch. Bella noticed because instantly she was turned towards me.

“What’s wrong?” Bella asked. I didn’t have the voice to tell her. I couldn’t do it. It would terrify her.

“There are two futures Edward, and that is either Renesmee will marry Jacob or she will die by our enemies. The future is not set in stone. And Nessie is blurry already when I look at her. She’s getting clearer because she is getting older. But Still. I could be wrong.”

Alice cleared her throat, and opened her mouth to speak. “I was telling him the outcomes of the stock market this week. There not in our favor. We lost one stock. So were going to have to sell.” She spoke directly to Bella now.

Thank you Alice. I said to my self.

Bella turned to look out the window now, still holding her book, and went back to holding my other hand. “That by the way is also true Edward as well”. I nodded my head. I needed time to think, time to figure out what I should do. Who I should blame? Who was our enemy now? I got up from the couch grabbed Bella’s hand and told her “Let’s go for a walk.” She smiled. Agreed a silent agreement. And came and kissed me on the cheek. God I loved her. I loved my daughter as well. I didn't want to scare Bella with this. She has been through so much, as her husband it is my duty to protect her. She may be my durable Bella now, but she is still fragile inside. I needed time to figure out how to go about this. How I should go about fixing this, but I couldn't think of any solution. I was thinking about the visions. Nessie was older... you could tell, she was at the oldest stage she would grow. So many things didn't make sense, like how she got to that point? Either way I would keep a close eye on her, and guide her to the future that unfortunately led her to Jacob Black...Great...I'll have a dog as a son in law. I smirked. Bella squeezed my hand. During our walk, we decided to walk at normal human speed. The rain had continued on as a drizzle. Not enough to soak through our clothes but enough to know it was present. And that a human would be freezing right about now. The way it pressed Bella's shirt to her body, sent a singe of thoughts to my mind. I needed to clear my head and be distracted I thought to myself.

By the time we reached our house ten minutes had passed give or take, and I had come up with a solution... I would have Alice keep a look out. Until the time came, and until then I would continue with our daily lives. No need to freak anyone out now. It isn’t going to happen anytime soon anyways.

We reached our little house. And I opened the door for her. Always the gentlemen of course. She walked in and I came in behind her. as I swiftly closed the door, and put my arms around her waist. Then I began kissing the side of her neck. Though I am a gentlemen I still have my needs. I am a man too of course. I thought that Bella might of understood when I started kissing her like this but she seemed distracted.

"So what was Alice telling you?" She asked turning to look at me.
"Ahem" I cleared my throat. I forget how perceptive she really is to me.
"Is everything okay?" She said in a soft voice.
"Everything is fine my love, you know how Alice is...just looking out for Jasper"I said it and hated the lie that came through my teeth, but I needed to protect my wife, protect my family. I tried to distract her and touched her lips with my hand. I traced her lips and two intervals later, I had her pressed up against the wall.

"Are you trying to distract me", she said with a shaky voice.
I smiled a big grin, and leaned down to her ear, "what would make you think that?" I said as I traced the edge of her jaw with my bottom lip.
"Umm, because...well...I brought up Alice, and, ummm you talking to her", her breathe shook as I took my hand and ran it from her face, down the center of her chest to her waist, and pulled her toward me.
" it working?" I said in a sultry voice as I pressed my lips to her throat and pulled her even tighter to me.
"Y-yes". It came out more as a sigh than an actual word.She leaned her head back, and I kissed up the side of collar bone, and up the side of her neck, to her jaw, chin, and then finally I hesitated before I pressed my lips firmly to hers.

“I love you my beautiful wife, You are my world”. I said whispering it the first chance I got. “I love you more”. She said. She reached up and put her hands around my neck. And started kissing me again, softly at first, then rough. She used her tongue to trace the out edge of my lips, and I caught her mood, because I was already there. I picked her up and raced us to our bedroom. I gently laid her on our bed and climbed on the bed next to her. I gently kissed her precious lips, down the side of her neck, and as I did that. She let out a small noise telling me she liked it. I continued further. Kissing her around her neck, kissing her shoulders. So I unbuttoned her shirt, and kissed her as passionately as I could. In to the morning we stayed there. And once again left Renesmee with her family at the main house. No one ever minded watching her. And though we loved her. We needed this time. We didn’t stop till dawn.

Chapter 3: Five Years later….

“Mom, Seriously I‘m technically an adult and I want to go to school…” Renesmee said as she sat at the table our family never ate it in the kitchen. Except for Renesmee when she’s in trouble and I force her to eat human food.

“Honey its just not possible…You have never tested your ability to resist human blood, outside of grandpa and a few shopping excursions.” I said a little exasperated. This is something that has been discussed for quite some time now.
“But mom please…Jacob said school would be the perfect human experience I need. Plus it would be so much fun! And I want to learn and please mom please…I‘m begging you, I‘ve been around Grandpa Charlie a bunch of times, and I want to have friends. A normal life!!!” She said with a little whine to her voice. As she got up from the table, she came to stand at the other end of the table where I sat. Sadness coloring her tone.
She was breathtakingly beautiful, she looked more like her father, i pitied any girl who stood in the same room as her. I remembered her as a toddler, so happy all the time and now she stood before me looking sad.

“Mother, don‘t you want me to live my life? Something you fought for when I was little?? Doesn‘t that count for anything that you should let me do this please?”

I looked at her, and was derailed for the fact she used that against me and was shocked that she would use such a blow. I was flabbergasted and I couldn’t speak.. So I just nodded my head in agreement. Watched her smile at me as I gripped the table for support. And told her to run along to tell her father. She left me sitting there. thinking of the Volturi, taking my baby infuriated me. Immediately I was joined by Jasper.

"Bella, Bella, please what‘s the matter my sister?? You are radiating something enough to mess up my concentration” he looked at me in a lovingly sister way. I remember once he could not come closer than 10 feet to me. And now he stands next to me with his hand on my shoulder trying to comfort me. I looked up and if I could cry I would have. Thinking about how I almost lost my life, along with almost losing Edward and our precious baby girl. Pain, and then fury raged through me. The memories were so vivid for me. Something I cannot control now till this day. I think of my shield that saved us all, I flex it now, keeping it in shape in case the time comes and I need to protect my family once again. My shield that I learned to control. Something I have complete power over now. Letting Edward hear my thoughts with out so much as a thought. I call to him now. Opening my mind, and asking him to come to my side.

"Jasper, I wish my little girl would stay little forever. She doesn't know everything. I am afraid the time is coming when I must tell her our story, of how I came to be one of you" I didn't realize until I said the words how true they were, I knew before Jacob could make his love known, that I needed to tell her first. I could see her falling for Jacob, see her act the way I do around Edward.

"I know", was all Jasper said. Then I felt a calm come over me, an assurance that made me feel like everything would work out, that everything would be fine.

“Darling, you called?” It was Edward of course instantly at my side. It amazes me how breath taking he is. Jasper and Edward share a short few words, and then I’m sure Jasper is also filling him up with what he knows I’m feeling..and what I said.

What exactly am I feeling.. Despair? Worry for the future? Afraid? yes…all of it indeed.

“ I suppose you have heard?” I say to Edward in a flurry of words no human could understand. I know he understood what I meant. I know he heard what Renesmee has thought.

He clears his throat. “Yes I Have heard, and I know she shouldn’t of used that against you my love, but we can’t control her, yes she is our daughter, but she is growing up and soon will make her own decisions. Jacob will protect her, we both know that” I looked at him, and I opened my mind.

"There is something I need to do before she can fully make her feelings known for Jacob. I need to tell her our story" , unveiling my mind to him again.

"Why"? He said looking at me, as if he wanted to keep it a secret.
"Honey, she is going to choose him. I want her to know exactly how she came to be who she is".

"Just wait a little while longer", was all he said. There was something in his eyes he wasn't telling me. The worry was creeping back in my head now that Jasper was gone, I pushed the thoughts out of my head.

"I'll wait...for now..but soon." He nodded his head once in agreement. Then I closed my mind, and he sighed.

"Totally unfair", he said under his breath.
For some reason even though I was stressed I still laughed. I loved my shield.

I sighed..but my daughter.... “being a parent totally can be hard sometimes. I feel bad for giving Charlie a hard time.” Edward lets out a sigh and says, “yes parenting is difficult and no one is suppose to get it right, I think considering we are doing pretty good as parents”. He let out a low chuckle.

“Well,” I say as I stand from the table, “Lets call Jacob, I said she could go to school, but I didn’t say there weren’t going to be any rules”. Edward looked at me with a puzzled look. Straightened, creased his brow and said, “no need to, Jacob is already here“. I half smiled. Great. I took his hand and as we walked through the house into the living room, of our families house and stood waiting for Jacob to walk through the door.

Step, step, step, three, two, one. Door opening…

“Hey Bells” Jacob said with a smug smile. “Edward”.
“Hey Jacob” I said with the best smile I could muster. Edward just nodded a silent hello.

“So I take you have heard the good news already?” Edward said. I realized that Edward referred to it as being good news...I'd have to ask him about that later.
“Yes, she‘s gonna love it”, Jacob said. He was standing in our living room, standing almost seven foot. Even though I was a vampire, I was glad that Jacob and I would be friends for the rest of eternity. If he didn't give me a reason to kill him myself.

I was thinking of the rules in the 30 seconds every one exchanged glances at each other. I thought of everything I needed to say, and I could see that Jacob and Edward were waiting on me to proceed.

I know that once I had thought of having to leave Nessie with Jacob when I thought that long ago Edward and I would of not been able to survive the dreaded Volturi. So I knew that I trusted Jacob, it was just the matter of the growing crush my daughter seemed to be having on Jacob. I knew he had muscles, and everything. But seriously he smelled like a wet dog, and I don’t see how her vampire senses could handle it. And of course Jacob was in to Nessie, he has been since she looked 15. Still its weird my daughter dating my long time best friend. The simple fact my daughter was technically only fifteen years old, scares me. Yeah it’s a little disconcerting on top of the fact she surpasses Rosalie’s beauty by a football field. Stupid were wolves imprinting history.

“Jacob,” I proceeded with caution.

“I know her decision to start school has everything to do with you influencing her; you and I know it.” I held up my hand as he tried to defend this matter. “ Please let me finish,” as I took a deep breath and started speaking again. “That is fine she is allowed to start school with you this fall, but there are a few stipulations that I have in order to make sure my daughter is safe and secure from all chances of being found out and being hurt in some way or another... The relationship you and Nessie have is growing stronger and she is going to depend on you out in the world, you are to watch over her with a very careful eye, and must be attuned to her every minute.” I stopped to gage his reaction. He seemed content with being able to have Nessie looked after by him. “You are also to make sure she feeds everyday, it is important that she does this with no exceptions. Also everyday, with out fail she need to check in with us. Consider this a trial test, one mess up and I pull the plug on this whole operation.”

He agreed. “Yes Bella, what are you CIA?? She’s not the president’s daughter or anything.” I looked at him with a piercing stare to tell him I was serious. “Yes but she is my daughter Jacob.” I said as I kept glaring at him. “Okay, okay Bells jeeze…sure, sure”. As I looked to Edward he had a peculiar expression on his face. And he smiled. I of course was confused. And just as I was about to ask what he was thinking or hearing, Rosalie walked in and said “Guess what?” Immediately Edward started chuckling.

“Let me guess, your naturally a blond? We know this already, tell me something we all don‘t already know.” He said with a thick slap to his thigh. I looked over to see Rose and her face was composed and she smiled.

“Why Jacob didn’t you hear?? Emmett and I were talking, It looks like were all going to be going to school together now!!” Rose looked at me for approval and I smiled in response. I knew there was a reason I loved Rose. This was going to be very interesting to say the least. I looked over at Edward and he sat very pleased as well with this turn out. But Jacob was flabbergasted to say the least.

“Oh no your not!” He said standing, “I can take care of Nessie by myself!” He said getting upset, little quivers shook his body, something we were all used to. And just as Rose was about to respond with another smile on her face. I looked at Jacob. “Jacob you are to attend Forks Washington with Nessie, Rosalie and Emmett. If you don’t like this, then I’m sure we could figure away for Edward and I to join you ourselves. And I don’t think you will like that very much,” I said with a tiny smile on my lips.

That seemed to work, for he closed his eyes. Stopped his quivers and then spoke each syllable very slowly. “Fine, as long as Rose and Emmett give Nessie some space to enjoy High School.”

"By the way, I think its about time we all moved back to forks." I said, looking at Edward first, then Rosalie and Jacob.

"Are you sure honey? People will ask questions", Edward said. He reached for my waist and I turned to him.
"My father is going to die eventually he would rather be clueless still, and have us in his life, than not at all." I looked at him, and if tears could fall from my eyes they would have.

Edward turned then and looked at Jacob.

“Well then, we can work out the arrangements for Nessie to start with in the week", Edward said with his perfect voice.

We all departed in a good laugh about how it should be such a good week. Because my birthday is coming up…ugh birthdays…I’m 18 that’s all that matters….forever….no matter what anyone says.

Chapter 4: shopping

After thinking about it all night…I can’t believe I forgot this of all things….Were going to have to come up with a back story in how to explain why we have a fifteen year old daughter going to high school. Oh and the fact that Edward and I haven't aged one bit. Maybe if I play up the money thing, we could play it off like we have had plastic surgery.

After thinking about it last night I was stressed. Edward had gone with Emmett and Rosalie to go hunting. I knew Edward wouldn’t be back until the day after tomorrow. So I had all this time alone. Nessie spent so much time with Jacob it was impossible to get a hold of her or to make her sit still for more than five minutes. But I know how that goes, I was the same way except I was worse…Edward spent practically every night with me right under Charlie’s nose and he never even knew it…

Suddenly I had the great idea to see if Nessie was in her room upstairs. Over the next few days Nessie continued to bounce off the walls in anticipation. So I took her school shopping, of course it wasn’t just any place to take her shopping. Alice would never let me live it down if I took her just anywhere to go school shopping. I almost wanted to let Alice take her. But I was her Mother and she wasn’t getting any control over this. This was all me.

So after talking to Edward on the phone Nessie and I got on a short flight to New York, carrying a huge book of fashion from Alice with guidelines on what Nessie should get in the wardrobe department. Edward and I both after talking to Alice felt it was safe for Nessie to go to New York because I would be with her, and I knew she would be safe.

In the End I was happy with the trip made because Nessie was just as good a shopper as Alice was, and was in to all the best fashions from what Alice had seen in the vision of the shopping excursion. So about a full 12 hours later, Nessie had shopped every store on the main drive of New York City, she spent more than enough on everything she needed. Money meant little especially when her father encouraged the spending.

"At least all that accumulated money is being used", he said to me.
His voice rang through to me with perfect clarity.

“Oh mom, I’m so excited!! Just think about it, classrooms, and teachers…and I can have friends!!” She was literally yelling in the first class section we were in, and the others in this area weren’t to happy about a screaming teenager.

“Keep your voice down my love, only a few days till your papers come in, and by the end of the week you will be enrolled in your first school at Forks High School” I looked at her with a smile on my face my daughters first day of school. I knew the real reason she was going, and it was because of Jacob.

Of course Jacob new that, but Nessie doesn't know he knows. Jacob had promised long ago to wait until I told her the story of how she came to be. A story I wasn't ready to share even now.I knew it was coming though, like an animal that can sense the storm. They take shelter and all is quiet before the storm hits.

She grabbed my hand and looked at me in earnest with a huge smile on her face “Thank you mom! You’re the best, I love you sooo…” I looked at her, she was still and her eyes were looking away in the distance far beyond the walls of the plane. And then with in seconds she released my hand and sat back in her seat. She yawned and leaned her head back. “I’m going to rest my eyes for a minute all the excitement has made me a little tired”. Hmm weird I thought...well she has been up for twelve hours straight. “Ok honey,” I said, “ I’ll let you know when we land”. I forget sometimes that she needs to sleep. I never get tired.

Renesme: Chapter 5:

After getting home I was not in the mood to do anything but lay down, and go over what the heck happened on the plan. Something beyond the norms of strange, that I was used to. It was so weird, the things that came into my head was like I was reliving something.

What didn’t make sense was the people I saw and where they were. It was mom and dad. There was something off though, they are in a forest, or what looks like a meadow. My father is sparkling in the sunlight…He is upset, “as if you could out run me”, his faded into the back ground. My mother comes into view, sitting in the meadow with her hands in her lap stunned…but she isn’t sparkling, and her eyes are brown…like mine. “I‘ll behave now”, my father says again, but I didn’t see his face. “I would never hurt you”, and then the images faded to black with my fathers final words ringing in my ears.

I had to think about where these so called, “images”, in my head were coming from. I was glad for a change that my dad was not home yet, the first chance he gets a whiff of this craziness he’ll tell my mother and my dreams of going to school will be completely crushed. The thing is, I don’t know if what I am seeing is real, I only knew that my parents had met when my mom was still human, but it was love at first sight and they were together ever since.

I was debating what I should do, pacing in my room….I convinced myself that right now it really isn’t that serious of an issue right now because when we got off the plane I held my moms hand and nothing happened.

We were moving tonight, and everything that I wanted to take was already in forks, back at the cabin. I would think about the vision later and focus on helping my mom move everything. Its easier to do at night, that way by tomorrow after noon everything will be set up there. Jacob left two days ago… and I was starting to feel antsy from being away from him.

I decided to push the issue aside and focus on moving which was as smooth as it ever was…Looking at my old new room now I focused on something that was demanding my attention. Which included 11 suitcases worth of new clothes. My closet was huge so making them all fit wasn’t the issue, it was just the whole aspect of putting it all away seemed to be the killer part. My room was bigger now. We had made improvements to the house after I begged my parents that I needed my own personal space, a few years ago when we came to visit Grandpa Charlie, and living in a shoebox wasn’t space. My room was neatly decorated. It was designed by Alice of course to interpret the forest of forks into my room. Everything was green with intricate design on the walls, that flowed to my comforter on my bed. I had hard wood flooring, with a nice fluffy rug that was thick enough to sleep on, and my fathers extended collection of music.

After starring at my room for some time I thought it best maybe I should hop in the shower because tonight Jacob and I were going out. Not on a date or anything, though I wish it were a date, Jacob and I were suppose to do something different, besides going to the movies, hunting or going over to his place. I told him I wanted to do something neither of us had done. So I wondered what he would come up with…hmmm I thought to myself.

After my shower I felt ready to tackle my suitcases, I first brushed my hair and watched it curl back to its perfect shape. I had long thick silky smooth wavy hair, that went to my waist. It was dark like my moms, and thick like my grandpas. It had hints of gold, like my fathers though. Looking in the mirror I assess myself, I was of soft features, symmetrical, I was pale like my father, but with color to my cheeks. I was slender like my mom, too. After my hair dried, still wrapped in my towel I quickly put all my new items away.

“Alice would be proud”, I said allowed to myself. I found a pair of straight legged jeans and put them on, they were dark denim. I paired it with a funky top with vibrant colors, that showed off my slender frame, but came down over my hips, and hung low on one shoulder. I applied some liner, mascara, and lip gloss , and a pair of low heels. I was going for that sophisticated, grown up, I look old enough to date a werewolf look.

I wondered what Jacob will think of my outfit, I wonder if he even notices. I am very good at placing my emotions aside and going along with how he wants things. If he wanted me all he would have to do was give me a sign and he would have me. But apparently there was another girl he was in to. Which to me doesn’t make any sense because he spends all his time with me, so how he met a girl surprises me. He wont tell me her name, but he just says “she‘s out there, she just doesn‘t know I exist yet”, and “she is the most beautiful in my eyes and to the world”. Cryptic things like that has me in the dark. So I don’t even pay attention when he rambles on about this mystery woman. It just makes me think how I’d like to sink my teeth into her and--

“Honey, Jake is here. Are you ready?” My mom looks eighteen but you can tell she’s a mother. She worries all the time about me.
“Yeah mom, how do I look? Give me a sec Jake!” As I turned to face her. Sometimes I thought to myself…I can be very dark…
“You look great, Ness”, my mom said as she rolled her eyes.

Then my mood brightened, as I saw Jake come around the corner.
My heat began to race, and beating fast. Calm it down silly girl.
“Jake! I missed you the last few days!”
“Hey Nessie, I missed you too. Are you ready to go or what? Its getting darker by the minute.” He said as he came over and nudged me.
Ha he nudged me.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I said, as I stuck out my tongue like a little kid.

I looked in the mirror one more time, and kissed my mom on the cheek as I passed.
“Bye Mom”

“Bye honey, your father will be home tonight so no funny business.”

I laughed…funny business…?? I only wished… “Yeah mom, later”, and I was out the door in a flash.
“Wait for me Jacob!! Don‘t leave me!”

It was nice to be back in the forest that I loved so much, I felt at home running through the trees and feeling the winter air against my skin.

Jacob took off running at wolf speed, which was just as fast as vampires. During the last 10 years my father and Jacob have been working together to see exactly what Jacobs limitations were. Like how fast could Jacob run in human form, did he get tired, how far could Jacob read his packs mind, and so on.

“Hurry up slow poke”, he made a circle around me as he said it.
I couldn’t help but laugh that it seemed Jacob was in a good mood tonight.

“So what is the deal? Where are we going tonight?” I said as I stopped to look at him.
He looked back at me with a wide eyed expression, that looked like he was very excited.
“How would you like to have a human experience that all teenagers experience?” He looked at me, and I looked at him with suspicion.
“Jacob if this has to deal with video games I am going to punch you in the arm”, I said, no way did I get all pretty to go play games.

“Yeah right…do you need me to carry you? Or are you brave enough?” I looked at him, folded my arms again my chest and harrumphed.

“Lead the way”, was all I said a little bitter.
He let out a low chuckle and then raced forward.

We were going in a direction I wasn’t familiar with, but it was crawling with human scents. It struck me as odd for the fact that Jacob hadn’t told me where he was taking me. He did things like this and surprised me but it was just his mood…kind of caught me off guard. He was edgier, a little like a kid with a big secret. As the scents got stronger I came to a stop and started walking at normal pace. In the distance I could see multiple lights, music and voices…

Once Jacob realized I had slowed down, he whirled around and was standing right beside me.

“What‘s wrong?” Jacob said to me on my right.
“I hear, music, and voices…So I am not going any further until you tell me where you are taking me.” I said. With a stern look on my face.

“Why do you have to be as stubborn as your mother?” He said shaking his head… “Well, alright I‘ll tell you where I am taking you. I thought because in two days you will be starting school, I thought maybe taking you to a party would be a good idea”, He looked at me with a little impish grin.

“Ah-a Party?” Me with real people I will get to know? People I will go to school with?
I was instantly panicked. My heart was racing again with the idea of meeting new people.

“Nessie, everything will be fine. Don‘t worry. Would I take you some where that would be hazardous to you?” When he said this he came closer and touched my shoulder. I could feel the warmth of his body radiating heat, he was my best friend, my own personal shield.

“Its not me I‘m worried about, what if they don‘t like me?” My voice broke on the last word. I let my head fall with defeat, of a new realization of how different I was compared to my parents, and the realization that I was different from the humans. Then I thought about Jacob and realized I don’t fit anywhere.

“Oh Ness, they would be crazy not to like you. Just don‘t use your power on them, and don‘t bite anyone and you will be just perfect, by the way you look very beautiful tonight”.

I blushed full on scarlet. I was really going to have to tell mom that her side of the genes some times blew big time. He touched my cheek then, I am glad you have this ability to turn red.

“You really think so Jake?” I said, trying not to sound like I just got the best compliment ever.

“Yes I promise they will all be looking at you”, He said it with a half smile on his face.

“Ok”, I said. “Lets do this”. I turned toward the music and we continued on.

Jacob surprised me and grabbed hold of my hand as we walked together towards the lights of the house, I knew we had just had a moment. Him holding my hand like this made me calm and excited at the possibility that maybe he was coming around. I wondered how we would look to other people, if people saw us would they think we were a couple?

Then it happened, it caught me off guard. I gasped for air, because first I was looking at the house coming in to view in the dark and next I was watching Jacob, it was in the past. He was holding my mom and she wasn‘t sparkling in the sun at all again either. She was fragile, and Jacob was running through the forest. My mom is irritated, but there’s something on her wrist that catches my eye. Two charms, one a wooden wolf and on the opposite side a heart that looked like a diamond with a million facets.

Just like that it was over. I had unconsciously let go of Jakes hand and broke the daydream. What was going on with me?

“You okay Nessie?” He said grabbing hold of my arm to stop me from walking.
“Yeah I‘m fine just nervous”.
“The second your ready to go let me know” Jacob said with seriousness in his face.
“Jake, don‘t worry. I said I wanted to do this. I‘ll let you know if I want to go.”

That was twice now, I shook it off. I needed to focus on what I was about to do.

I was completely nervous and I didn’t know how to prepare. But something in my gut tells me, this was either going to go great, or completely horrible. I’m hoping for it to be good.

I knew we were some where new for sure when I realized we had crossed into the Makah Rez. We never came this far from La push or Forks ever. I was beyond a little anxious and nervous.

As I came into full view of the house, I realized it was huge. Bigger than my families, the road here was paved, and the drive way in brick, which flowed up to be on the walls of the house, and had a grand entrance that was exquisite. It was by far the most beautiful house in forks. Beside my Grandpa Carlisle’s place. Jacob walked beside me up the steps to the big Victorian front doors. Parked in the drive way and on the street I noticed cars from Station Wagons parked on the street, to a Bentley parked in the garage.

Jacob turned and looked at me. “Let me do all the talking”. He said with a smile.

Then he turned and knocked three times, and then stuck his hands in his pockets. It was weird to see Jacob with his shirt on. I was always so mesmerized by his beautiful face I never really paid attention to what he was wearing. He had definitely dressed up for this affair. He was wearing, black Dickeys pants with a white T-shirt. It fit him nicely, where you definitely saw that he had muscles. His hair was trimmed and cropped short and was gelled into place. I was about to ask him if he got new clothes, but then the door opened.

The guy that answered the door was by far the hottest guy I had ever seen besides Jacob of course in Washington. That’s when a strange scent hit me like a brick wall, and sent my throat in a flame of venom and hunger.

“Well, what a surprise… Jacob Black has graced us with his presence.” A guy with brown hair, and brown eyes, who was dressed in a silk suit. He was far to dressed up for little old Forks. You can tell by his persona that he lived here. I tried to distract my self by these non essentials, from the burning that paralyzed me.

“Julius Price, I told your buddy I wasn‘t going to miss this…” He shook his hand, with his right, and put his left hand on my lower back. “This here is-” he began but I cut him off.
Jacob turned with a grim expression on his face that said he wanted to turn wolf in front of him and see Mr. Julius here wet his pants.

“Renesmee, but you can call me Nessie”. I said, bating my eyelashes, cutting Jacob off. I wondered if he liked me, but considering the way he looked at me, he was more than pleased by what he saw. I was trying to distract myself, Julius here smelled so good, that I wanted to lean in and smell his blood.

“Oh my, where are my manners… As you can already guess I am Julius Price. This is my place, please come in. Make your self at home. Refreshments are in the back at the bar. I‘ll escort you.” He said as he looked at me, and put his hand on the small of my back as I walked through the door. It felt awkward, and I was a little uneasy by the contact of another human that I wasn’t related too.

“Watch your hands Price. She‘s way out of your league”. Shock crossed my face. Me…out of his league? The only thing I had on him was that I was half vampire.

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Interesting ending, I must admit. It totally caught me off guard! You put alot of thought and time into this, And if this were to be the after life of the Saga I think it would be a great twist. I never imagined little Renesmee going to school and starting her life. Your a natural at this. Can't wait to read whats next!

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