The Twilight Saga

May 16th, 2006

The meeting went really well. The whole pack of wolves showed up. When I say the entire pack I mean it. There was ten of them. Jacob hadn’t told Bella that. To top it off one of the wolves is a very moody girl. None of the wolves would change back into their human form. They don’t trust us. So we had to use Edward as an interpreter. Bella was so tired you could tell. We all helped Jasper show how to defend ourselves and how to attack the newborn vampires. It was very fun. When it was my turn to help Jasper, I had fun even though I knew it was suppose to be very serious. He tried to catch me and I would constantly just barely move out of his way and then I caught him by surprise. I jumped on his back and acted like I was going to bite him and gave him a kiss on his neck. It was very good demonstration on how not to get distracted. Next it was Edward’s turn to help Jasper. Which is good because I needed to talk to Bella about her choices.

She is debating on how to help. On how to be a part of the fight and help. What she doesn’t understand is that isn’t going to help at all. I told her that if she made anymore choices set in stone I would have to let Edward know because she would only distract him in the field. She has even tried saying that we go a head and turn her even though that will not be helpful at all. We would all have to help her then and that just wouldn’t work. She told me she wants to help and not just wait to see who would return to her…most of all who wouldn’t return. She needs to have more faith in all of us.

It was finally dawn and we were ready to end for the night. Then Sam, the alpha wolf said it would very much help if they could sniff us so they don’t get our scents confused with the newborns. We all stood very still. Jacob was walking past Bella and stopped at her. He licked her. It was disgusting if you ask me. Bella just acted like nothing happened. But it was totally gross. All the wolves left and Jacob and Edward were talking. Something about how it isn’t as easy as Jacob thought it was. Jacob went into the forest and came back as his human form. Edward smiled and had Jasper go over to him. I of course followed. Next thing I knew Jacob had picked up Bella and took off into the woods and came back on the other side. Edward explained for Jasper to try and catch Bella’s scent. They were trying to cover her scent up with Jacob’s. Jasper confirmed it had worked almost one hundred percent as long as Bella doesn’t touch anything.

The plans were set. The army would be in within the week and Edward would have Bella set a false trail into the clearing and then he would have Jacob carry her to a secret destination to met up with him to have Bella stay there with one of the newest wolves, to keep her safe. I am going to go for now I want to spend some alone time with Jasper before we all go hunting tomorrow. I have a feeling that Bella is not going to cooperate with our plans. Silly human girl. I can’t wait till she is one of us and can finally relax. Hopefully.

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Comment by Kinjal on June 3, 2010 at 3:30am
uhhh alice is always my favorite as she understand the situation lot but she needs to understand bella as she is human and would behave the same only...
Comment by Gina Rose on May 13, 2010 at 6:08pm
: ) i like the ending

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