The Twilight Saga

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, Chapter 3.

"My mother had indeed lost me. For good."- Bree, Chapter 4

I was sent to a thick part of the forest with two other vampires.

One of them was a 18 year old boy named Drew who had just started college but was attacked at night time while walking back to campus from a party. The other one was a girl my age with golden blonde hair and ruby red eyes, her name was Pamela.

"Hi, I'm Bree," I told her.

"I already knew that," she said without an attitude.

"Did someone tell you my name?"


"Then how'd you......"

"My gift is knowing everything."


"Yeah, almost every vampire here has one. Do you?"

"I thought you said you knew EVERYTHNG."

Pamela laughed. "Not all the time. Sometimes there is 'glitches'. That's when I don't know if it's actually true or not."

I smiled. "That makes sense."

Drew climbed a tree and was halfway to the top when Pamela whispered, "See him? That's my true love."

I looked at Pamela with a weird expression. "Does he even like you back? Has he even NOTICED you??"

Pamela laughed, then she shrugged. "When love is involved the glitches get worse. So I don't know...."

Drew told us to be on the lookout.

"For what?" I asked.

Drew didn't answer. Neither did Pamela.


Trouble was brewing. And it was still my first day.

That afternoon Erva visited me and Pamela.

She spoke with caution.

"Bree, Pamela....Victoria has us hunting..."

"For what?" I asked.

"For vampires and a human," Pamela said.

"Did she say any specific vampires?"

Erva spoke. "Yes. The Cullens."

"I don't know any Cullens." I said.

"None of us do Bree. Only Victoria knows them." Pamela said.

Erva nodded. I sighed and then I asked, "Why a human as well?"

Erva took a deep breath. "The human--what's her name? Oh yes!-- Isabella, is responsible for the death of Victoria's mate."

"Riley? But he's alive..." I said with confusion.

"Not him, her old mate. James." Pamela said, almost irritated.

I took a rock in my right hand and crushed it into marbles. "How'd that happen? A human can't kill a vampire, Elissia told me so."

Erva did a small laugh. "Bree, James was killed by the Cullens, who were protecting Isabella, and Victoria is out for revenge."


I was still asking questions.

"Why would the Cullens defend a HUMAN?"

Erva jumped over some rocks that led up a hill.

"Edward Cullen fell in love with her. Victoria overheard they're getting married soon."

"A vampire and a human married? That doesn't sound right." Pamela said.

Erva jumped up on a tree. She looked back down at us. "Isabella wants to be a vampire, too," Erva said.

Pamela nodded. "I knew that, but I wasn't a hundred percent sure."

I sighed. "I wonder what else you know."

Pamela and Erva laughed.

"Riley wants us to form groups," Victoria annouced that night before we went into Seattle to feed.

"Why?" a black-headed girl with crimson eyes asked.

"Riley thinks that if we're seperated, the Cullens will be 100% confused."

Victoria didn't put that plan into immediate action. Pamela told me that Victoria and Riley were going solo. "Why, again?" I asked. Pamela rolled her ruby eyes. "I had a glitch about that."

I killed two people, a woman with a white fur coat and a man wearing a tuxedo. Pamela killed four.

One of them was a blonde haired girl no more than the age of six, she was small and very fragile. I realized that Pamela didn't care who or what she killed. I only fed on adults; for all I know Pamela could be hiding a stash of two year olds.

Our group started to leave.

I turned my back on the six year old who had her blood "drained".

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Comment by vanessa zarco on December 10, 2010 at 2:16pm

wow this is so interesting  wanna keep reading...

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