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April 21, 2009

There are a lot of things I should be doing updates on—for example, how awesome and successful the Book Babe event was, and how cool it was to meet all the other authors and hang out with them a little bit, and how much I appreciated all the tremendous support from the fans—but instead of commenting on happy things (which I admit I should have done a week ago; I was waiting for things to slow down for a day, silly me!), I’m commenting on ridiculous internet rumors so that my publicist’s day will be just a little bit better.

I am not being sued. No one has contacted me or my publisher to inform either of us that I’m being sued. I never had a roommate named Heidi. There is no professor in the BYU English department named Dr. Peter Benton (though there is a character on ER by that name). And most of all, I began writing Twilight exactly the way I’ve told people in countless interviews and events for the past six years: I had a cool dream, I wrote it down, writing it down was really fun, so I kept writing until I had a whole book.

The sad thing about this silly situation is that so many legitimate news outlets reported it without doing any research at all to determine if there was any truth to the story. And at least two of these facts are really, really easy to confirm. Particularly, the one about the BYU professor. A simple on-line search can give you that information. Also, a quick call to my publisher would have cleared up the whole lawsuit story. (Kudos to the fansites who did their due diligence and debunked this rumor days ago.)

I guess the moral of the story is that—big surprise—you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Seems like it’s April Fool’s Day every day on-line. So no worries, the filming of New Moon continues uninterrupted. And, to end this on a bright note, the filming of New Moon continues to be awesome. It’s all so beautiful! Chris Weitz is brilliant. Kristen, Rob, and Taylor are beyond words. I have gotten choked up more than once on set due to their amazing performances. I can’t wait to see it all put together!


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Comment by chasibelle on April 25, 2009 at 4:34pm
Dear Stephenie wow i love your books i am on the last book Breaking dawn please make more to the series i love robert pattinson this is the best series i have ever read please make more pppplease make more to the series .
Comment by Emerald Maye on April 25, 2009 at 1:45pm
yes... dream some more...Breaking Dawn is just the beginning of Bella's vampire life.. i am even enjoying reading those fansites.. I can't just help imagining things that might happen, or will happen..
Comment by Christian on April 25, 2009 at 1:35pm
Dear Stephenie,
You are amazing. I hate to read... literally. You're books are addicting. Don't stop. There are so many stories that can branch off of Breaking Dawn; please, dream some more :) !!!
Comment by Colleen Anastasi on April 25, 2009 at 11:15am
Hello Stephanie,

I do not know if you actually read all these posts yourself, but I did want to take a moment to share my feelings.

I am a mom of 3 teens. My youngest, 14, always hated to read! Tried all kinds of books, nothing seemed to catch her attention long enough for her to finish the books. Her friends had told her about Twilight and she begged me to buy it. Seeing the size of the book, I really thought "there is no way she will read this all!" sucked her in and in less than 3 days, she had read the entire thing and began begging for the next book! You see where I am going with under a month, she had read all 4 books! I have to give you such praise to be able to draw your readers into the story as you do!

Now, this all leads to me! I had to fly to FL for a business trip. I didn't have time to get to the store to get a magazine or other reading material. I thought since I loved the movie, I might as well try the book so I borrowed it from my daughter. No wonder it drew her in so quickly! During the evenings after our meetings, I was back in my room, reading for hours! I finished the book on the flight home (3 days later!). Of course, I have since read all books.

Another nice thing is that your stories give mother and daughters something to 'share', on the same level (I hope this makes sense!). My daughter and I can talk about the movie or the books and wonder what the next movie will be like. During an age that parents and kids can drift apart, your books create the perfect bridge!

Keep writing!!

Comment by Lady_Snake on April 25, 2009 at 8:46am
Looking on Stephanies website there was a footnote that she was going to finish Midnight Sun once Breaking Dawn was out of her hands. I can only hope that this is true as i to would love to read Edwards thoughts on the storyline. Show us that you do know what makes a man tick, please enlighten us.
I'm 36 and just in love with the characters you write about. I think any honest woman would say after Twilight that we all would love a little bit of Edward in our guys, or a little but of Edward himself in our lives. Or what he represents. Someone who is more than capable of watching out for us.
I'm going to start rereading the books now. I read them so fast the first time, whole series in less than a week, and i work full time. I want to reread them and savour them not needing to turn the page quickly with a hunger to know what happens next. New Moon i read in 1 night, i just couldn't stop turning the pages. I needed to know that our knight in a shiny silver volvo would be back. That Bella was right about the mask.
Comment by Brittany C on April 25, 2009 at 6:51am
Mrs. Meyer I love your saga! When I read New Moon I could feel all of Bella's pain she felt when Edward left. I actually cried! So I hope the movie does your book justice. You are truly talented! Now about Midnight Sun, im sure your tired of hearing about it, I would love if you would finish it. I understand how you feel about someone leaking it, but why punish your die hard fans for some jack offs stupid mistake. Also I would love to read a little more about Alice and Jasper and their story, just a thought. Please please try to write more! Your fans will never get enough! The comment about writting from Renesme's point of view is a great idea!
Comment by Twilaholic on April 25, 2009 at 12:23am
Rumors are silly, true fans don't get caught up in all of that anyways. I agree with the post about Midnight sun. I Just keep hoping that Stephenie will evetually heal and be able to finish that project and perhaps some more books in the series(I'm being optimistic). I am currently in the withdrawl stage and it is painful. Almost as painful as getting through new moon was (that was painful for me, but so nescessary in the whole story). Maybe all the pain of having no more to read will make her next book that much more worth it when it happens?? I think She should continue the story, just maybe now from Renesme's perspective?? Just an idea...PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!
Comment by betsy on April 24, 2009 at 10:48pm
Rumors are always spread everywhere and it may be sad enough to hear that most aren't true. Yes, it is best to ask the person who "these people" are talking about. Stephenie is such a great author I really hope she keeps on writing.
Comment by Emillie on April 24, 2009 at 9:59pm
Why would Stephenie Meyer quit writing Midnight Sun for awhile just because a part of the manuscript of Midnight Sun was leaked? To teach the leakers a lesson? Newsflash~It's hurting the fans more!!! Stephenie is an amazing amazing writer~that I'm disgusted in right now!!! Please Stephenie, I ask this from the bottom of not only my heart, but all the fans hearts, keep writing Midnight Sun! I'm about halfway through Breaking Dawn and if there is barely any sequel I might go into withdrawls! Maybe that was an exageration but...
Please Stephenie! We love you!
Comment by Stacey Shumaker on April 24, 2009 at 9:40pm
i'm so excited for New Moon! i was really dissapointed that you decided not to finish writing Midnight Sun though. i think it would of been amazing. i thank you for letting us fans read the partial draft. :D it was awesome! keep writing amazing books(:

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