The Twilight Saga

--- Chapter 9 >>> ----

Chapter 10 I spend the night with Rose -

Within minutes,the whole Cullen clan was in the living room.surrounding the couch with the uncontious boy.The big one,Emmett,poked at him while he slept and stared at him.He looked like he was bored.The military brother,Jasper,was very interested,but his little fashion designer continued to watch him nervously.I guessed it was because of the blood.Alice was very protective of him.They got boring,so I sat down in a chair and closed my eyes,but unfortunatly never fell asleep.
Finally,Jasper sighed and looked around at everyone."I think we should leave the child here.On the couch,and under supervision... I don't think he knows he did it and won't fight when he wakes up."
Rosalie stared at him."Jasper your nuts! I don't want that... Thing.. In this house! And what if he does fight? What then?"
Emmett walked up behind Rosalie and squeezed her shoulders gently.He leaned down and whispered in her ear."Calm down Rose... It's OK."
Rosalie obviously did not agree with her black haired partner but huffed and crossed her arms,glaring at Logan.
Jasper chuckled at Rosalie."Rose,we don't sleep anyway,we can watch him,and since your being so stubborn about it,you get first watch." He grinned.
Rosalie's eyes widened.Her fists clenched and she growled at him.Emmett tightened his grip on her shoulders,and she sighed.She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.She opened her eyes and tared at Jasper."Fine.I'll watch the child." She finally said and turned her head to Logan.
Leah had fallen asleep.Sitting on the floor,hugging her knees.I chuckled.Seth looked over at her and sighed."Poor Leah.." He muttered.I would've been suprised if this had come from anyone but Seth's mouth.
Carlisle looked at me."Would you mind staying with Rosalie to watch him?"
Before I could respond,Rosalie snapped like a twig."No!!! I'm not staying with that dog just to babysit this... THING!"
Emmett chuckled slightly and kissed the top of her head.It didn't seem to help her much though.She was still glaring at me.
Carlisle sighed."Rose,he probably know's more about theese creature's than us,also,he could help with Renesme that way."
I looked at Rosalie.She never took her eyes off me."He already spends enough time with the child." She muttered to herself but sighed and said louder."Fine." She walked out from under Emmett's hands and went to the garage.Slamming the door behind her.
Esme flinched when the door slammed and sighed.She stared at the door to the garage worried.Carlisle went to stand behind her and whispered something in her ear.She never looked away from the door but smiled slightly and nodded.This family was torture to my curiousity.Why couldn't I hear them? Oh right.. Speed talking...
Seth walked over to Leah and crouched down next to her."Leah?" He whispered to her and patted her back.She opened her eyes and smiled at him.Seth smiled."Time to go Leah.." He whispered.She nodded sleepily and stumbled to her feet with Seth's help.She yawned and Seth escorted her out.
I decided,while watching,that out of all the Cullen's - Other than Nessie - Esme was my favorite.She was kind to everyone,she didn't want to see anyone,including me and the pack members,get hurt.In the process of this thought I found Edward staring at me.I sighed and sat down on the floor next to the couch.He leaned back against it and shut my eyes.

I woke up to Renesme crying.Any other noise probably wouldn't of woken me up.I sat up straight and opened my eyes to Rosalie walking back and forth in front of me.Holding Renesme on her shoulder.Renesme was crying,obviously,and Rosalie was bouncing her up and down,singing a song under her breath that would make me want to cry.I jumped to my feet.Making Rosalie jump.She yelped and growled at me.I ignored her and stared at Renesme.
Renesme turned her head to look at me.He thumb in her mouth,and tears in her eyes.I took Renesme from Rosalie."Thank you." I smiled fakely at Rosalie and looked at Renesme."Don't cry.." I whispered.She stared at me and leaned against my chest,still sucking her thumb."What's wrong?" I whispered.Staring at Rosalie.I glanced down at Renesme to see what the answer was.She pointed at Rosalie with her free hand and sniffled.
I tried not to laugh but looked at Rosalie.Before I could look back I felt Renesme's hand on my face and her little voice inside my head."She won't give me my bear!" It said.I looked alittle confused but She moved her hand off my face and pointed to my feet where there was a little stuffed teddy bear.
I crouched down and she picked it up.She hugged it tightly with one arm and kept sucking her thumb with the other.Rosalie watched in shock."That's all she wanted all this time?"
Renesme nodded and leaned her head against my chest.He ran my hand through her hair."Awww.." I chuckled.Staring at Rosalie,who was rolling her eyes.

Next thing I knew I woke up with a still sleeping Renesme asleep on my chest.Still holding her bear.Rosalie was sitting next to Logan on the couch next to me.Logan was awake and hugging his knees.Rosalie looked like she was trying not to pop her lid and yell at the kid.I yawned and Logan turned his head to me immedeatly.His eyes were a weird aqua color that seemed to change from green to blue as you stared at them.I didn't notice this when he was in the form of the monster.Had his eyes been like that in the form of the monster? I couldn't remember.
"W-W-Who are you two?" He finally muttered.Looking back and forth from me to Rosalie.He glanced at Renesme but found himself getting glared at by both of us so he stared at us instead.
Rosalie huffed."I already told you! My name is Rosalie Cullen!"
I rolled my eyes at Rosalie."My name is Jacob.Do you remember anything that happened yesterday?"
He stared at me for a long time and shook his head."N-N-No...Why?"
"Because you attacked me and my-" I cut off for a split second.Not believing I had to call Leah my 'friend' "friend." I finally finished."You were a werewolf."
Logan stared at me and nodded shakily."Yes.It was a full moon."

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