The Twilight Saga

I sat in my tree waiting for the perfect prey.

Nope, to Fast, to Loud, To quiet. I was so picky when feeding.

I tilt my head to the side hearing footsteps that sounded just perfect. not to fast, not to quiet. I leaped when i saw the right moment.I was about to strike when their vioce struck me like a bullet.

"What are you doing Chipheste?" It was my best friend Wally.

I got up quickly and stood parelized. Did he know what i was by the way i pounced on him? I pondered.

"What are you Chipheste?" He asked with fear playing a role in his eyes. I could never lie to him. He knew me sence second grade and we were now in Nineth. he could always tell my lies from the truth

" Do you really want to know?" I ask him with tears raining from my eyes.

"Yes," He said gained more strength in his voice.

" No matter what you are you'll always be my best friend" A smile danced on his lips and i couldnt help but smile back.

" Im.... a... well.... a.... A Vampire" I said the last word coming out a whisper.

" A Vampire?" He asks laughing out loud then getting serious

" Chipheste, you can't be serious. Are you?" Fear once again is in his eyes.

" Yes i am a vampire but I'll never hurt you" i say coming close to give him a hug.

" Gosh, i thought you'd say emo or something but i was not expecting vampire." he says excepting my hug

" Well its hard to believe. But you must promise me that you will not tell a living soul my secret" I tell him getting as serious as i can.

" I promise" he says sticking out his pinky. I stick my pinky out and we lock them. We hug and then sit on the grass laughing.

" I must tell you though, not all Vampires are good like me" I tell him

" Your good?" He asks smiling his devilish signature smile. I elboy him softly but hard enough to make him gasp.

" Yes Im good. I dont kill i only feed. Some Vampires kill humans and other Vampires for the fun of it"

"Oh I see" he says getting serious again.

" None of them live around here though." I say smiling. We both stand up knowing that we must get home.

" See ya tomorrow " he yells giving me a final hug before walking away

" See ya" I tell him walking back home in the other direction. I knew that if someone found out that i told him me secret i would probably die. Vampire Rule Number 1: Never let a human know what you are.

" Oh Weel," I yell into the dark night. At least no one else knew what i was. At least not for now.

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Comment by Alec&Magnus4ever on October 10, 2010 at 9:03am
that's cool. u should put it on one the writing groups... its different! :):)
Comment by Alyssa on August 18, 2010 at 12:03am
lol i like it

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