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u can add more if u want!:
1 He imprinted on a baby!

2 He's the best and all you guys need to leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 He had so many chances to make a move on Bella during New Moon and he kept mucking up!!!

4 He is absolutely boyish.

5 He stinks as a wet dog.

6 He is such an idiot.

7 He is snotty.

8 He's a sneaky little girlfriend stealer.

9 Werewolves are mongrels

10 He doesn't expect Bella to punch him the first time he forces a kiss on her.

Feel free to keep the list going!
11 He walks without t-shirt!!!!

12 He broke the treaty

13 He's in love with a baby

14 He cant have the Mom so what he goes for the baby

15 He smells bad

16 He's mean

17 He wants Bella for his own selfish reasons

18 He shaves him Abs

19 He's got no brain just abs

20 He's an Airhead

21 He thinks he looks good even though he doesn't

22 He forcefully kisses women

23 He broken Bella's hand

24 He wants to kill the unborn baby, then falls in love with it? MAKE UP YOUR MIND !

25 He's a baby hogger !

26 He wouldn't let Bella see her own daughter

27 He calls the Cullens "Bloodsuckers and Leeches"

28 He Swears to much

29 He's uncivilized

30 He's selfish

31 He's Hot tempered

32 He doesn't have enough money to buy a shirt

33 His nose is retarded

34 Edward can kill him by just punching him when he has to morph into a wolf before he can do anything

35 He go Squished by a newborn vamp

36 He can be squished like a fly

37 He'll die if he shoots himself in the head he will die unlike vampires

38 He doesn't smell like flowers

39 He left Bella right before her Wedding

40 He's mean to Seth

41 A peanut is 100 times bigger than his brain..

42 He is a jerk to mostly everyone.

43 He doesn't understand Bella's feelings for Edward because of his hate towards the Cullens.

44 I hope that if SM makes another book I hope Jacob dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

45 He thinks Bella will want to go out with him? People have dogs as pets, not lovers.

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Comment by Brookie on October 1, 2010 at 5:22pm
4 # 11 i think u wouldnt care if that was edward
Comment by Gina Rose on September 30, 2010 at 3:38pm
i agree with you in #1 #13 #14 n 24 25 26! i was a jacob fan until he IMPRINTED on renesmee i HATED THAT. he went behind bellas back n stabbed her by betrayin her with her daughter. i wish edward killed him for imprinting on renesmee. i also wish that seth didnt put himself infront of jacob when bella was gonna kill jacob! ughh jacob iis a mutt! he gets me so pissed

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