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midnight sun!!my pertsonal book!!u may read but i have rights to this soo no steals!!plz comment

midnight sun by alexis carmona inspired by stephanie meyers the twilight saga,

it was early into summer and everything with the volturi just blew over.i was sitting at home watching t.v. with dad.then,the doorbell went to answer it."hi",said a slightly high voice that was obviously a girl,"i`m lexi are you billy?"dads eyes widened."yes",he said,"im billy black.""well,im your daughter",lexi said,nervously,"please dont freak out i came here all the way from california."i then ran to the door.i had to say she shared a slight resemblance between our family."what are you talking about",i demanded."please dont yell,jacob right",she said,"im 13 and i learned that you were my dad early in the school year.""what that cant be",i said,"mom".she cut me off off there."she died 13 and a half years ago"she said"she had me 3 months before.""dad is this true",i asked."yes",he said."your mom wrote me a letter saying i had a daughter but shes in california.""wow",i mumbled,"i have a younger sister.""so you dont hate me,"she asked hopefully."ofcourse not,"me and dad said,simoltaneasly.we then took turns huggin her.we called my older sister who was here into the room.lexi had long brown hair and beutiful big brown eyes.her lips were full and she had that confident sister came in and knew exactly what was hapening."oh my",my older sister chimed,"youre beautiful."she then hugged lexi so tight that lexi said,"cant breather."that reminded me off bella when she was human."dad"i asked,'can i take her to meet the guy,i think this is important."'yes,hurry back,"dad said and i saw lexi smile,beautifully.

"whos the guys",lexi asked on our way."oh.just some family friends",i told her,"its important you know them.""oh okay,"she said.when we reached emilys i hid lexi behind my back."jake,"paul yelled.i felt lexi jump."whos that behind you",paul growled."careful,paul",i cautioned him",she got here a while ago."paul and the other guys stared when lexi stepped out from behind me.seth was staring most,i wondered why."hi,"lexi said in a cracked voice,"im,uh,im jakes sister.""what",all the guys said,simoltaneasly.she flinched and shut her eyes."its okay,lexi,"i calmed her,"they wont bite,"i glared at them.seth walked up and introduced himself," seth".seth kisses her hand,we all stared then anger pulsed through me."hi,"lexi grinned then blushed."seth,"i said stern,"no.""im sorry,jake,"he fists balled and i started shaking."jake,no,dont,"sam yelled.i just lifted my hand and threw it at seth,but then my hand was shakin so hard,it moved.i,accidently,hit lexi.she flew and hit the wall."oww,"she yelled.she hit the floor.she stared at me saddness rushing threw her."why,jake,"she sniffled,"i thought you were okay with me being here."she got up and ran for the door,i held her so she wouldnt leave."let me go,"she sighed,"someone make him let go."seth stapped in and made me let go."seth,"i yelled"what are you doing."

lexi and seth ran off into the woods."jake,"paul said,"thats your little sister,how could you?" "i didnt mean to,"i pleaded,"i meant to hit seth." "what,"sam demanded."hes imprinted on her,"i gulped,"shes to young,shes only 13." "theyre 2 years apart,"sam said. "im going after them,"i said then sprang towards the woods in wolf form and everyone followed.back in the woods lexi stood there in seths arms weeping."whyd he hit me,"lexi yelped,"he said he was okay with me being here." "i know,i know,"seth said.he lifted lexis head and pressed his lips soflty to her cheek.lexi screamed,"its them,the wolfs." "calm down lexi,"seth begged.they then heard a loud roar from my wolf.lexi jumped out of seths arms,i was happy about that.i then stepped up to lexi and the others made a circle around her."please dont kill me,"she wimpered,"ill leave jake doesnt want me here anyay,i m ight as well leave if u dont kill me first."i ran back and phased human."lexi,"i said,"i do want you here i didnt mean to hit you." "then why did you,"she asked,"how could you," "i was trying to hit seth,its a long story."i said,"i could tell he likes you,and i felt overprotective of you."

well if you like comment and ill post more no copying i got the documents proving this is mine although some charecters are not no copyright intended!!

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Comment by Official Member Esme Cullen<3<3 on January 21, 2011 at 12:33am
You need to write more soon I LOVED IT :)
Comment by Sam Jones on January 21, 2011 at 12:16am
AWESOME (smily face)
Comment by yvette lautner on December 22, 2010 at 2:07am
wow its awesome!!
Comment by ♥lexi black/clearwater♥ on November 12, 2010 at 9:37am
thank u marissa
Comment by Marissa on November 11, 2010 at 11:09pm
this is the first story i read i like it alot
Comment by ♥lexi black/clearwater♥ on November 11, 2010 at 6:33pm
oh i know i read her version what i mean is i didnt steal the name from her but thank u:)
Comment by Bella Cullen on November 11, 2010 at 3:58pm
actually, stehenie meyer has rights. she is writing a book called Midnight Sun. It is Twilight in Edward's P.O.V. Great Stroy, though!! ;)
Comment by Kelley Brady on November 11, 2010 at 2:57pm
Keep it up it's really good!
Comment by Bailey <3 Cullen! on November 11, 2010 at 1:35pm
thats pretty good its a little hard 2 read w/ the text the way it is but i like it
Comment by ♥lexi black/clearwater♥ on November 11, 2010 at 12:48pm
thanks im going to add more

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