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On the front porch,i put my head on the rainilg. Everything was falling apart! I whipped up when i heard the door creak open. It was paul. Paul and i had been pretty close. Even if he did hit me,i couldn never not love him,like a brother. He looked at me and his eyes were so easy to read. He told me,"Lex,i know you love seth,but you have to understand that youre 14,and hes 16.He took advantage of you." "Paul,please dont say that,because he didnt.Really,he didnt. I know now that i wasnt ready,but he didnt pressure me one bit,"i said. Pauls look told me i was naiive,and he said,"Lexi,thats all hes going to expect from you now." Paul shivered at the thing he thought seth wanted. I just put my hands on my head and said,"This is so...confusing,but,paul,seth would never be like that." I said that more like i was trying to convince myself. Paul knew it to,i was so easy to read. I wanted to cry,but held it together. Paul hugged me and said,"Im sorry you have to go through this." "Whatever,my lifes what i make it,right,"i asked. "Life is what it makes its self,lex,dont forget it,"paul smiled. I smiled and said,"howd you do that?" "Do what,"he asked. "I wasnt planning on smiling,"I said. "Well im your technical big bro,i should know how to do that,"paul said with a victory smile. "Yea,"i said with a slight laugh. "Lex,if you need anyone to talk to,you always have me,"paul said. I hugged him and he went inside. As much as id like to continue talking to him,i couldnt tell him about seth and me. Well,they all knew what happened,but they didnt know how we kissed everyday. Even if seths kisses were amazing. The guys would just freak out and go looking for him again. Collin came outside now. "You okay,"he asked. I sighed,"not really,the pack wants to kill my boyfriend." "Itll pass over,i hop,"collin said trying to be funny. I fake laughed and said,"yea,do you think what we did was...wrong?" "I-uh-i i mean,i think you could have waited,but no it wasnt wrong,because you two are eachothers imprintees,"collin said. "I hope the guys see it that way,"i said. "How do you think they will see it,"collin asked. I looked at him and he said,"no no no,lex,none of the guys would even think of you as being..that." I smiled and said,"are you positive." "100%,"collin smiled. I hugged him,sisterly. We both went back inside. My phone startes vibrating in my pocket. I snuck out front. "Hello,"i answered to eagerly. "Well,hello,"seth chuclked. "Are you alright,"i asked. "Ofcourse,"seth said. "Good,"i smiled. "Who are you talking to,"a voice said behind me. I whipped around and it was jared. He was one of the guys who were truly angry at seth. "Is that jared,"seth asked on the phone. "Im talking to...vanessa,"I lied to jared. Seth laughed on the phone. "No its not,i can hear him,"jared growled. Crap!!! "Lexi, stay calm,dont talk,"seth told me. "Give me that phone,"jared growled. "No,"i said and took a step back. "Lexi,"jared growled. "Lexi,ill call you later,"seth said. He hung up and i tucked my phone away. Jared started shaking. "Jared,calm down,"i said a little to loud. The others ran outside.

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Comment by yvette lautner on December 29, 2010 at 2:22am
wow. i love itt!!!!

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