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I was pretty upset that lara didnt like me. She was lexis best friend and who knows what she tells lexi about me. I guess i couldnt blame her though. One night lexi and i went on a date just the two of us. She was wearing the black dress she wore on our first date. She fixed the whole in it though. She still looked amazing in it,maybe even more amazing than before. She wore black heels and her hair was straight. It was silky soft. We went on a moonlight picnic. It was only 6 p.m. but it was beacause of the time change that it got darker earlier. Lexi still shined so bright in the dark. Her eyes were amazing. We sat on the blanket i laid out and ate. After lexi leaned in my arms and we looked up at the stars. She leaned her head up and kissed me,sweetly. Her lips were like a drug to me. The only drug id ever need. The drug i would never get over,i was hopelessly addicted to her. I kissed her and she turned into me. I leaned her down on the blanket and bent down onto her. We kissed,passionatly. Her perfect figure fit to me. My hands rested on her hips. Her breathe became heavy and uneven. My body wanted to do something,but i didnt stop. I could control myself,right? Well,we continued to kiss. I moved and kissed her jaw line down her neck and back up to her lips. It was....magical. Her kiss drove me crazy,but i controlled myself. We kissed perfectly controlled for 20 minutes. Thats when she said my name and i couldnt control myself. My hands went to the back of her dress,where the zipper was. I slowly unzipped it. She didnt object,so what did that mean? Did she want to or was she just swept away in the moment? I didnt think to much about it,i just kissed her more. I slowly moved the dress down her body. "Seth,stop,"lexi said between kisses. At first i didnt. "Seth,please,"lexi said. I stopped and moved away from her. She pulled her dress up. "Im sorry,lex,"I said. "Its okay,"she said and kissed my cheek. We got up and she had me zip her dress. My fingers moved along her back before i did. "Seth,"she said,blushing. I kissed her shoulder and said,"youre beautiful." She giggled and i zipped her dress. We packed up and left. I drove us to the movies. I walked behind her. The way she moved teased me. I saw every guy we passed stared at her. Thats when i put my arms arund her waist. She smiled and we went to our movie room. We sat in the corner of the very top. When the lights dim,her lips found my neck. I bit my lip,trying to control my urges. She giggled,silently,and continued to kiss me. She lifted the arms between our chairs. She sat on my lap. "Hows this for cuddy buddy,"she whispered in my ear. My stomach flipped at the sound of what she said. We ditched out of the movie early. We went to my truck. We jumped in the backseat. Her hands tangled in my hair. I bit her neck,lightly. She gigled and kissed my neck. My stomach flipped more. She reached to the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up over my head. I didnt know what got in to her,but i liked it. I reached to the zipper on her dress. I zipped it down and it slipped off. She unbottoned and unzipped my pants. Those were off to. Her hot skin pressed to mine. I nibbled on her neck. She giggled and said,"oh seth!" I liked the sound of that. Her hands found my abbs. She traced the outline of them. My hands ran up her sides. We were so close to doing it until there was knocking and hooting on the windows. I looked and some stupid guys were standing there. Lexi slid up her dress and zipped it. I just threw on my pants and hopped out the truck. "What the h.e.l.l,"i growled at the guys. Lexi ran behind me and held onto my arm. "Chill out guy,"the short stubby one said. "Chill out,"i growled. "Man,your pretty,"the tall langy one said to lexi. I growled and said,"dont talk to her. The guy put his hands up,defensivly. "Come on,seth,lets just go,"lexi begged me. "Fine,"I said and we got in the truck. We zoomed off. I drove her back to the house. It was already 11p.m. The time i was supposed to have lexi back. She kissed me,sweetly. It turned passionate in a second. We made out in the truck for 30 minutes. Then the front porch light flickered on and off on and off. Jake. Lexi kissed me sweetly then went inside. Her sweet angel self walked itself inside. I smiled and drove home. When i was in my room i got a picture message from lexi. I opened it and it was her in a white tank top and black short shorts. She blew me a kiss. "Goodnight my love,"the caption read. I sent her back a picture off myself with my shirt off and the caption read,"I love you,babe". She sent back a smiley face and said"love you too".

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Comment by yvette lautner on December 29, 2010 at 3:52am
its sad how they're always interrupted!! :(

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