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I felt really bad,but enrique really wanted me to give it a try. I would never love someone like i do seth,but at this moment seth was not my favorite person. I still loved him with my heart and soul,and my love will still always grow. I was just giving another guy a chance. Seth was looking at me and the pain in his expression antagonized me. Enrique put his arm around me and i tried to smile. I failed,miserably. The bell rang and enrique walked me to class. In advanced science,our seats were permanent,so i had to sit by seth. I felt horrible,because he asked me,"so youre really with him." "Y-y-yes,"i studdered. I saw his eyes water and he looked away from me. I couldnt help the tears that weld up in my eyes. I gathered my stuff and ran out of class. I cried in the locker rooms. the bell rang and i met enrique by the lunch lines. He put his arm around me and asked what was wrong. I told him it was nothing to worry about. I know its not fair to string enrique around,but he wanted it. Enrique and i sat at our normal table,but on the other end away from seth. I could feel seths eyes on me. Lara was sitting next to me. "Hey,lex,its okay,dont worry,just enjoy this thing with enrique because it wont last long,"lara whispered in my ear. i wasnt offended because i knew she was right. Id try to enjoy it. Enrique was taking me out tonight. Somewhere i had to be dressed up. After school,and after practice,we went home. I got ready for my date with enrique. I wore a blue mini dress with strappy silver stilletos. I straightened my hair and did my make-up. I felt horrible,but i was gonna try to hid it for the date. I walked out and couldnt stand the stares of the guys. I ran into the kitchen. Embry came in and asked,"whats wrong,baby girl." "Im such a horrible person,"i said quietly,but he heard. ,"why,baby girl,"embry asked me. "Im going on a date with this guy tonight,not seth,but i couldnt tell this guy no,"i said holding back tears. "Oh,lex,i know you love seth,but i know you also are hurt by him,"embry said. I smiled and hugged him. "Oh,baby girl,you sure you want to go dressed like that,"embry said in protective mode. I smiled and kissed his cheek. The doorbell rang and i said,"thats enrique." "Enrique,"embry questioned his name. "Be nice,"i smiled. I walked into the livingroom and the guys were 3rd degreein enrique. "Bye guys,"i said and grabbed my jacket. We left and enrique opened my door and i smiled and got in. "So where are we going,"i asked as we were driving. We pulled onto the beach and he said,"here." "Why am i dressed up if were on the beach,"i asked. "Come on,"he smiled and opened my door. He held my hand and we walked about half a mile till we got to a little creek. There was a table with candles and a dinner set up. I smiled and enrique pulled out my chair. I sat down and so did he. We ate and talked for about an hour. Then,enrique took me a little further to a mini waterfall with a blanket laid in the sand beside it. I sat down and so did he. "You look really preety,"enrique smiled. "Thanks,you dont look to bad yourself,"i said. He leaned in and i decided to go with it. We kissed. It turned passionate in about a minute. he was laying on me on the blanket. His hands were on my hips. I was to swept away in the kiss to notice his hands travel up to the zipper on my dress. He unzipped it and it was off. He took his shirt off too. "Stop,"i sais but enrique wouldnt quit. Instead,he kept going harder. He put his hands on my panty line. "Please,"i begged him. he unbottoned his pants. "Stop,"i said. he moved his hands to my bra. I punched him and got up. I grabbed my dress and started running. "Lexi,im sorry,"i heard enrique yell. I kept running till i got home. I ran inside and the guys eyes widened. "Lexi,what did he do,"jake growled. "I didnt let him,i punched him and ran off,'I said out of breathe. All of the guys ran out of the house and searched for enrique. Collin,brady,alex,and trishchen stayed. they were still staring. "What are you guys,"i said then looked down,"oh." I ran to the room.


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