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He gestured to the bench in front with Bella and Edward seeming quiet comfortable, without someone intruding their personal space. I was not at all secure about sitting there.
“Sir are their no other spaces, it seems slightly tight here.”
“No there aren’t, sorry, your sister took the last available space.”Dominique was so smug it was oozing out of every part of her body. “Unless you would prefer to sit on your sister’s bench?” He was clearly trying too hard to please me. The boy sitting next to Dominique was suddenly full to the brim with joy. His face was about to tear at the sheer size of his grin. I looked closer at him and realised that it was the same boy that was complimenting me at lunch today. I decided that it was going to be awkward both for me and him; one because he would think we were wired if me and Dominique would be constantly starring without uttering a single word, correction, glaring at each other without uttering a single word. He would be sure to say we had problems. It would also attract unwanted attention if a seventeen year old boy had a stroke because a girl smiled at him.
“No it’s ok; also I can see the board better form here.”
“Ok, then here are your books and let’s get started.” He handed me a large textbook and a green notebook. I wrote my name where allocated and made my way to sit next to Edward how seemed to be as relaxed as if I wasn’t there. It upset me in a slightly vain way; so much that even Dominique saw the change in my emotions. She wanted to hug me but that would cause commotion, so instead she thought it. The thought made me feel slightly better. The teacher, I still hadn’t caught his name (despite twenty five pairs of chromosomes), was still explaining the experiment we were supposedly doing. I wasn’t listening not even vaguely but I did jot down a few notes so that I would not be classified as lazy. I didn’t need to listen I did this experiment fifty times in a row. I felt Edwards gaze on me; he was staring so intently that you would have thought that I was the experiment. I turned around to look at him thinking he would turn away but he didn’t even flinch he just kept on staring at me. It was growing uncomfortable when he finally looked away to examine the weather outside. It was partly cloudy and absolutely raining, just when I thought that he had stopped he started again but with a very bewildered look on his face. I was puzzled as to why he was puzzled; he was the one staring after all. I was about to ask Dominique how also was staring, but ended up getting my answer under my nose. There were sparkles all over the bench, I was so scared that my body had malfunctioned and started sparkling in the dark rather than the light. After my moment of panic the actual reason came to me. Yesterday while fighting Dominique she poured a tub of glitter at me, I guess that if must have frozen their after I tried to wash it off. Dominique helped by steaming the frozen water around the glitter. I brushed the glitter of my books. I started to actually remember why she had actually done that, oh yeah I fly kicked her jaw out of place. Dominique also remembered, she started to get angry therefore getting hotter. She was seriously hurting me. ‘That’ll teach you to fly kick me again.’ her revenge was always so painful, but always worth it.
We started the experiment but before I could finish my conversation with Dominique, Edward was done he only needed to write down his results. I suspected that he thought that I was the like the rest of the famous girls of this time, super rich and super dumb. It was insulting how people could judge like that. “May I Edward?” He looked at me with a highly criticising gaze on his face. Did he think that I could not use a microscope? It was annoying me now, I had several medical degrease and he thought that I could not use a microscope. He shoved it towards me, in a very rude way.
I hadn’t noticed but I snapped and crushed a pencil because of how angry I was. Quickly I disposed of the evidence of my rage. I grabbed the microscope and peered through the eye piece. I glanced at Edwards results with my other eye. I was happy to see he had one of them wrong. It was funny how the least expected person found his error, I smiled to myself. “Excuse me Edward, but it looks like you got question six wrong. I had to fix the magnification on the microscope so if he didn’t listen to me, he could see for himself. I didn’t get a look at his expression because I was double checking myself. “I don’t think so” He seemed so confident in himself. “I do, you really should keep an open mind Edward.”
“If that’s wrong then what’s the right answer?” I could see a slight bit of arrogance seeping through his demeanour, he was getting defensive. He looked into the microscope, his expression changing for the worse. He looked up at me, smiling this time. I swear he was so angry a minute ago. “It seems like you’re correct.” I heard a girl whisper to someone “ looks like butyls got brains” I really was angry now, did everyone think I was dumb as cork. She wasn’t the only one whispering Bella was whispering to Edward clearly I was not supposed to hear. “She passed the test.” She said it also in a shocked tone. What did she mean ‘test’? Was Edwards’s wrong answer fake? So by spotting the mistake I was technically brighter than the average human. I had to be honest but that was a bad test, I could have just been lucky or smart. Or he could have seen the brief flashback I had of the number of times I did this experiment. He had thought it through, I shouldn’t underestimate him. I was gazing into his eyes until I heard a skull splitting scream, in my head. Dominique, I should have guessed. ‘What do you want Dominique? The sound effects were not needed.’
‘Well there would be no need for sound effects if you could keep your head under control.’ She was so cynical; I just ignored her, Even though she was right. I would have recollected my thoughts by the end of the lesson. The bell rang for next lesson. This lesson was so tense; I could barley breath with Bella there but the main calyptrate was Edward he was causing me pain. It was the third most painful experience of my life and yet enjoyed every moment of it. I had Spanish to my delight Edward was in that class as well. More pleasure but twice the pain. I seized Dominique and dashed down the corridor. I was determined to not sit next to Edward this time. We would get there early and receive our admin like things and be seated before he arrived. By the looks of it we had a lot more time than I thought. Edward was headed else were, probably escorting Bella to her next lesson, what a gentleman.
When we finally got to Spanish, the teacher was eying us up and down. She was a very slim blonde in a navy skirt and white button down. She was very rude in every way, the way she spoke, the way she walked and everything else. She took the forms from us and signed them, then ushered us to our located seats. This time I was sitting with a human, I could have a more relaxed lesson. When I walked over to the pair of desk I was supposed to be sitting at. It seemed like the boy had grown accustomed to sitting on his own, judging by the amount of mess that was scattered across the two desks. His books were dotted all the desks, his bag on the seat that was supposed to be mine, his papers all over the floor. Maybe someone was sitting; he couldn’t possibly make all this mess. “Excuse me, is someone sitting there?” I tried so much to not smile, but I just had to, it was beyond doubt a force of habit. He automatically started clearing up; he cleared up fairly quickly for a human. His heart sped up because of this. “No, no one is sitting there.”He was stuttering rely badly because of the lack of breath. “Can I sit there then?” I couldn’t just march over and sit down.”Yeah” That’s all he could manage to say. I went to sit next to him; I picked up a couple of sheets that he had missed while clearing up. I skimmed them over; they were mostly notes from his various lessons but the last one defiantly wasn’t. It was titled ‘Hot List’; it was a list of all the girls in the year group ranked in order of beauty. This was utterly pathetic, are human males this stupid and gullible. I handed him the sheets, the list directly on top of the pile. I believe this belongs to you.” My tongue was very sour all of a sudden. He took them from me not uttering a word, he just blushed excessively. Edward walked in with Emmet. I spotted the two empty seats and hoped they would not sit there. “I am Ben by the way” I forgot to introduce myself in my outrage. “Hey Ben, I am Artimis.” It was a very quick introduction, I couldn’t be concerned to talk anymore my mind was elsewhere. I was just starring at Edward so much that I was sitting at the edge of my seat and didn’t realise. My hopes were crushed as Edward came and sat right in front of my. I reclined in my hair and came back to reality. Emmet hung his hoodie in plain sight; the D&G label was so visible. The last time I went to see them at their Milan fashion show last year they said they don’t make hoodie, bribery gets you everywhere they days. I couldn’t say anything though because everything I was wearing was bribed into creation, my Gucci diamond watch, Channel jeans and Armani heels. I hadn’t intended to wear all that, but Maria persuaded me by saying it went well with my pendant. It was always a deal closer, it was such an important piece of jewellery to me, and it was not jewellery. It’s been hanging around our necks since birth, our as in me and Dominique. I had a crescent moon and she had a sun, the crimson red ruby that dangled from the very tip of the moon was utterly breath taking. “So can I interview you for the school paper?” The pendant dropped back on to its rightful as I let it fall. “Yes I would love to.” I bet Ben has been talking for ages and I didn’t listen to a bit. Dominique filled me in on the class work while she jotted down a melody that sounded like our next song, I finished very quickly. I heard a discourteous voice calling my name so instantly my head snapped up. It was that egotistical teacher moaning my name. “It’s so nice of you to finally join us Artimis.” Her voice was so painfully droning. “It a pleasure to be here.” She didn’t like my back talk, she was going to have to get used to that.”Well, can you do me the pleasure of answering this question?” She said the words as if I was unable to comprehend English. I kept composed because I knew fluent Spanish. She tried her hardest to make the question sound problematical, but I spoke my answer like water coming out of a jet. I ended up making her confused; she clearly hadn’t gotten to that level. “Did that make sense to you miss?” She narrowed her eyes at me. “Si, but how and where did you learn to speak Spanish like that?” She was as curious as the rest of the students in the class. “We lived in Spain for a while.” I tried to make it sound as casual as possible. She started to get cosy not realising that she was still in school and was expected to be teaching. “Which part of Spain?” She was sinking in deeper into this conversation and she was dragging me with her. “We own a villa in Barcelona.” I heard a few ‘wows’ from the front.”Which part of Barcelona?”
“Nearer the cost.”
“Really, that’s where I live.”
“Small world” I tried to keep the opportunity for questions to a minimum. The woman just wouldn’t stop asking questions. “Yes, well maybe we shall meet in the summer.”
“Maybe” I was finally able to end that conversation. When someone asked a question. She got up and started handing out test papers. “You have until the end of the lesson, you may begin.” It took me about five minutes and I was done, Dominique was done as well. As we walked up to her deck a smile over came the frown she previously had. “Sorry girls but I can’t help you. Chicas lo siento pero no puedo ayudarte.” If we needed help with our tests why was she talking to us in Spanish? “Señorita, no we don’t need help we’re done.” She nearly died, who needs help now? “You’re not serious girls; you could not have finished with over forty five minutes left of the lesson.” She flicked through both papers checking over and over. Edward came up behind me and passed his paper to the front as he lightly brushing me hair over my shoulder. “Sorry.” The cool air of his breath was electric on my skin. “It’s all right.” I honestly had nothing more to say even as he moved it back to its place. He really knew how to make his presence known. “Then what should we do for the remaining part of the lesson” I hadn’t noticed that Emmet had joined the club, we carried on waiting for the baffled teacher to find us some work. She looked up and was smiling like crazy. I wonder if Dominique would do a quick diagnosis since she had the physiology degree. ‘She isn’t crazy, surprisingly. Look behind you’ Look behind me what does that have to do with anything. I did as I was told anyway; it was Edward he was smiling It was beautiful and mesmerising but why was he smiling at me. While pondering upon this, I felt the faintest touch on my neck. I turned around to see Emmet’s had recoiling backwards. “You’re so ignorant, it was the big one he was inspecting your temperature.” She could get so rude due to impatience. So Emmet was also taking proof for my super-natural statues, and Edward was the distraction. I was angry now because I hated being venerable. The teacher was still fumbling around her desk, it was getting tedious. “It seems as though I have no work for you to do. Any ideas” Was she really that desperate as to ask her student for work. As Dominique answered her, I felt someone’s breath on the back of my neck. Emmet as really getting annoying. There was no point in smelling me anyway I had no scent neither did Dominique due to the fact that we had mixed blood. I quickly discarded that thought before Edward could hear. “I think that’s the only thing to do.” I nearly forgot about that lady. “I think the best thing to do is for all of you to go back to your places and read the next chapter in the textbook.” That sounded like the most boring lesson of today. We all walked back to our places to read. She should consider herself lucky if we even read the first word. Edward and Emmet started a new conversation, Dominique continued to write her piece of music and I started to design my next demand for Louis Vinton. I had gotten very far in my design when Edward and Emmet’s conversation took a turn for the interesting. “The only thing I could smell of her Edward was Channel no 5.” As I expected Emmet could smell absolutely nothing. Edward obviously wasn’t expecting that. “Are you sure about what you’re saying Emmet?” I see that had never encountered someone like me before, it was stressing him out. “Smell for yourself” I heard Edward take a very deep breath then exhale.”Is that possible?” He was asking himself this question in a hushed tone. “Not in my experience. There is a first time for everything.” Emmet said this without showing the slightest flicker of shock. “Maybe she isn’t one of us. She could be naturally pale, cold and be wearing contact lenses.” He seemed sad which a shock to me it was. “Well she is beautiful, so maybe she has a glitch in her system.” Emmet was so right, but so wrong. It wasn’t a glitch at all. It was still shocking how he was trying to cheer him up. “She won’t let me in.” Edward was now rubbing his temples. “Let you in where?” Emmet was already of the topic. “I can’t get into her mind Emmet, her mind.” Edward I gathered got frustrated easy. “So what are you saying? Is she like Bella?” Like Bella, quiet, shy and naive? “No not like Bella. She wiped her mind of everything that could help us find out what she is. She has been doing it since this morning, repeating everything she hears several times.” Now I could calm down since I was doing such a splendid job. ‘Don’t let your guard down now.’ Dominique was just too secretive. ‘When are we going to confront them?’ I wanted to know so that I could drop subtle clues. ‘We need to settle down first.’ For the remaining part of the lesson Edward tried to break down my barrier, without success. “I like her” Emmet mussed to himself, Edward was not very happy that someone did not let him use his power. The bell rang and Dominique and I made our way to the car, I was walking at an unusually slow pace but Dominique didn’t seem to mind because she was scouting for Clide. He was already at the car, once again perched on the hood. If he dented it he was going to get me a new one. We drove out of the car park directly behind Edwards’s car; we lived very close to each other, too close in Dominique’s eyes. We took our turn into the forest a few minutes after Edward took his. The house was very hard to miss especially when the sun was beginning to shine. The light reflected of the glass panelling of the glass porch so well, it gave it a subtle glow. Maria was so talented at designing houses. We drove down to the garage; I noticed that my Ferrari was gone. Lucas must have borrowed it. We walked into the glass front porch and through the French doors into the overly large living room.

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