The Twilight Saga

1. What did Jacob do to Bella when she told him about the honey moon ?

2. How many bridesmaids did Bella have?

3. Why did Edward want to kill renesmee at first and how did his feelings change?

4. Who delivered renesmee besides Bella?

5. What did renesmee do to Bella.

6. What was Bella's powers as a vampire?

7. What nightmare did Bella have on the night before her wedding ?

8. What year was Edward born and what year was he changed?

9. Who changed Alice and where was she?

10. When did Edward and Bella get married and where did they get married?

11. Is it true that Bella really wanted to keep renesmee because she loved her?


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Comment by Nadila Daffinee on December 28, 2010 at 11:27pm

1. grabbed her shoulders and asked if she was crazy [? lol]

2. one

3. because she was a monster slowly killing bella in his eyes. his feelings changed when he could hear her thoughts

4. edward

5. broke her from the inside after draining the life out of her

6. she was a shield

7. the volturi coming to attack an immortal child who'd eaten her family and friends

8. 1918? [I dont know this one lol I know its in one of the books but I don't want to cheat]

9. some guy, she was in an asylum

10. um august 13? at the Cullen home

11. yes

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