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 So this is an entry for a one shot writing challenge


Being brave

I was looking for my family between the remains of our little plane. I couldn’t find them … dad, mom and little Danielle. My little sister that had been screaming and crying when the pilot had lost control over the plane. Where are they, where am I …

I looked around, I owed my life to the trees, they had slowed my fall. My body was still bruised and my knee was hurting, some cuts in my face but that was it … I had survived a plane crash in the middle of the Amazon forest. I wasn’t happy, I didn’t feel any relief … I felt lost and alone. What am I supposed to do now, what direction, do I want to go anywhere? I heard my dad in my head “Aurelie no matter how hard things can be you’ve got to keep going and in the end it will pay off.” He had been talking about my math, I hated math and well … I had neglected it.

I turned back to the remains of the little plane, maybe I could find something useful. I found Danielle’s baby bag, mom always carried that bag around. It looked like nothing had happened. A big bottle of water, some biscuits and a little jar with some fruit porridge I was lucky. I stopped breathing for a sec when I also discovered Danielle’s favorite bib, blue with a silver butterfly on it. I also found some matches, a blanket and dads clasp-knife. I left the nappy’s out of the bag and tucked the other things back in. I went over the cockpit or what was left of it and saw the pilot’s body. Apart from his chest that was covered in blood he looked like he was asleep. He had shown me his compass before the takeoff … I found it his breast pocket right above the red stain. I was afraid to watch, this would be my best chance of survival if it wasn’t broken. I peeked and saw the little compass in one piece; I moved my hand around and found out that it still worked perfect. I would head north cause the Amazon should be there somewhere, the pilot had mentioned it before the crash. I looked back just one more time and headed into the unknown.

I had tried to keep track of days, it must be the 3th day after the crash. I had no clue how fast I was moving or if I even had been going in the right direction. The nights were the scariest, I was so afraid to encounter a predator. But I also knew that it would not make much difference if I encountered one during daytime. I had discovered something else in the bag that I was carrying, something against mosquitos. I had been thrilled and surprise by the joy I had felt for finding something so normal, I had one at home next to my bed. A little roller that kept those nasty little vampires away.

I came to a stop at a cliff in the middle of this vast forest. I had been so busy with my little memories that I hadn’t noticed the change in light between the trees. Under need me I saw the Amazon and I finally could see the sky, the sun … I felt the hunger for more. I looked around and suddenly I saw a little bit of smoke coming from the other side of the river. Could it be … I focused and saw a little green spot where the smoke was coming from and a canoe. I gasped, coming from between the trees were little humans. They seemed so tiny from up here.

Should I scream … but before I could even think about it I was screaming “HELLO!” I had scared them; they had all suddenly stopped moving around like little ants. I took out the blanket, it had a bright red color, and started waving. Trying to get their attention, trying to get noticed … but they all ran towards the canoe. I felt disappointment set in. I had scared them away, what was I thinking … stupid me … shouting like a lunatic in the middle of the amazon forest.  

I looked again and saw that they were coming towards me with the canoe, well not directly towards me cause I was standing on a cliff. But they hadn’t took off, they were coming for me. I started crying. Finally I did not need to keep myself into one piece. All the fear, the worries, the stress, … everything came rolling out I was unable to stop.

After what seemed like forever I felt a hand on my shoulder. I peeked at the hand and saw a familiar ring on the hand, a white hand. I turned my face around and looked right into the eyes of my dad. He grabbed me off the floor and we started crying together.

“”Aurelie, Aurelie,…” he kept repeating my name.

After some time I heard someone moving towards us. I looked up and saw the 3 man standing behind my dad. All 3 were natives although they all were dressed normally. The middle one said something to my dad, it must have been Spanish or Portuguese.

“Come my little princess, a chopper is going to pick us up on the green field on the other side of the river. We need to get moving if we want to arrive in time.” I nodded and was sure that I never would let go of my dad’s hand. I asked my dad if we could return one more time at the crash site, I wanted to say thank you to the pilot. His little compass had brought me here and had saved me.

I let go of my dad’s hand when I jumped out of the chopper and started running towards my mom and little Danielle. They were standing at the border of the landing field. I hugged and kissed them both, my eyes filled with tears of joy. I couldn’t help it; I was crying and laughing at the same time.  

In the hotel I told them my story, how I could not find them, Danielle’s bag that had been so important for me and the pilot that hadn’t survived the crash. I showed them the little compass and said that I wanted to give it back to his family. They had a right to know that their son, brother,… had done everything to safe them even when his life was already lost. He deserved to be found and taken home.

My dad told me that he, mom and Danielle had jumped out of the plane a couple of minutes before it had crashed. They had lost track of me in this action, they had realized that I hadn’t followed them when it was already too late. Dad been able to contact someone with his cell phone and finally his words came true “this cell phone isn’t just expensive; it’s also a piece of magnificent technology.” They had found them thanks to his phone and guided them to the open place next to the Amazon. Dad had returned to that same spot earlier that day, he had been convinced I had survived.

I hugged him and thanked him for believing in me. And I knew that this experience was the beginning of a better me. I was given a second chance and was ready to grab it with both hands. Being brave had not been easy, but it had been the only right thing to do.


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