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My birthday is coming up and i'm asking for all twilight stuff.
I'm kind of obsessed but who isn't.
I'm upset because I've read all of the books and I want to read more about Bella and Edward,
I'm reading the host, by stephenie meyer but i want more twilight.
So desperately waiting for the second movie, can't wait.
Not quite sure i like the idea as casting Dakota Fanning as Jane, she doesn't fit the character, but who am I anyway?
Well, i don't want any empty spots on my page so i decided to blog, i told you, a little OCD,
bye byee :)

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Comment by Corrine on May 13, 2009 at 10:07pm
I as well love the books of twilight and cant wait till the 2nd movie comes out.
Iam too reading the Host, thought it was boring at first but now i love it , and do wish there was more books on twilight.
I agree with you on the whole thing about Dakota Fanning as Jane...not a huge fan of that idea..

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