The Twilight Saga

He snorted. Suddenly, someone was talking to me. The boys lips weren't moving and netheir were the girl's. 

She wasn't even looking at me but what I heard didn't sound like a guy's voice. ' I really should've studied for that

history exam. Maybe I wouldn't have failed. I'm going be grounded for life! ' The voice ended abruptly, the brunette 

moaned across the dim street. I shot a look at the unmoving , beautiful, boy. His blonde bangs covered his blue eyes.

He looked down then up again," Oh... aw man! " He shouted , frowning. "What?" I asked , bewildered. " You ... you

don't know what you are or what you can do?" He asked lifting his eyebrows. I shook my head very confused now. 

"You are a vampire and you apparently have the ability to read minds " , he replied. My mouth fell open and my eyes

widened. I was a vampire. Was the burn the incredulous need for blood? I cringed. Was he a vampire? How am I a 

vampire?! I focused on him and tried to read his thoughts . It soon came to me , making me jump again in surprise.

' I wish I could read minds... I'm just a dumb old normal vampire.' He said that like they were common. His face 

lightened, " We will get you something to drink." He grabbed my wrist and led me to a dark forest. His touch made me

tingle with pleasure. I hope he hadn't noticed, I bit my lip. I wanted him to be mine, he was so breathtakingly gorgeous.

He pulled away and tackled a huge panther. His mind was just 'Mmm.' Was he biting it ? He rolled the panther over

and brushed himself off. His fangs bared, the panther had a hole in his neck. Whoa! I can't do that but at the same 

my throat burned in disagreement. Before I knew what was happening , I had pounced on a big mountain lion twice

my size. I hesitated in figuring how to bite him but I just tilted my neck and sinked my fangs into his warm delicious 

neck. He scratched and wiggled in protest, to no avail. It didn't hurt me at all. It was like I was bullet-proof. I was 

still in major disbelief when I got up and stared at the boy clapping. " Good job for a first time", he said grinning. 

I thought i was going to faint when he had smiled. So beautiful , it was like he was glowing . Then a dark haired 

woman stood beside him. She looked me up and down. She was thinking, ' So this is the new born. Wow .' 

The boy suddenly said , "Oh yes, my name is John and this is my girlfriend Jill. " He nodded at her. I forced a smile

, " My name is Callie." They nodded and he wrapped his arms around her. I sighed quietly.Why couldn't that be me?


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Comment by Jordan Clement on February 5, 2011 at 3:33pm
loveing it! :D
Comment by Lillian S. Cullen on February 5, 2011 at 1:52am
Woah like awesome.
Comment by marlene morales on February 4, 2011 at 11:51pm
Love it :)

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