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I clutched at his iron arm. "Don't. He's my friend..." I trailed off , unknowing what to say next.

"He knew I liked you. " This time he gazed off into space. I faintly heard the bell ring but I tuned it out.

How had he known? "What?" He looked up at me now , "We talked before... I had to tell him how I felt."

This caught me by surprise but I didn't let any emotion leak into my face. His flawless face reluctantly became

soft. Relief shot through me. He continued on , "He knew how I felt about you. Yet he came . Behind my back, to

ask you out. " Despite his mood he smiled and leaned in hesitantly to kiss my jaw ever so softly. ' I should control my

needs. Taking advantage of this lovely girl.' He showed he meant that when he pulled away politely.

"Was that okay?" He asked quietly. I nodded unable to speak at his touch. "John behaved very selfishly." He said 

obviously disappointed. He shook his head and sighed , "Let's get to class before they send the swat team to look

for us."  This distracted me , I laughed , and took his hand . My eyes shot up to examine his calm face. He didn't

seem to mind and to prove that he squeezed my hand tighter in his. English was so boring . We watched a elated

video on literature. It was hard for me to concentrate when Steven's flawless face kept looking at me like that.

I tried to block everyone else's boring thoughts from my head to focus on Steven , 'When is this treacherous movie

going to end? I will never get to show Callie.' His thoughts ended abruptly , he must've noticed me staring at him.

I tried very hard to focus on his mind but his thoughts drifted to the video and I frowned. I wasn't going to get any

 more information . I glanced at Anna swiftly , 'So Callie is dating Steven... she's so lucky .' Her tone was very envious.

She must've seen us holding hands or something. I deliberately grinned for her enjoyment and shot a mischievious

glance at Steven. Who nodded so quickly I was sure no one had seen it but me. 'Gladly.' He , to my pleasure, wrapped

his arms around me warmly and rested his chin on my hair. He smelled so delightful , like nothing else. I inhaled and

looked at Anna innocently. Her eyes were wide and she pressed her pink lips together. She should've been glowing

green with envy. I felt guilty now , knowing I had tricked my best friend. I bit my lip and looked around shyly to

find many faces staring back at me. Steven ethier didn't notice or could care less. He rolled his eyes at the bystanders

but kept his face blissful for me. When the movie finally ended , Steven and I walked out still seemingly attatched to

eachother. He pulled me out the tall school doors and into the forest. The sun was shining but he had commanded me

to keep my tan hood on. Then he pulled his hood off and unbuttoned his shirt halfway. My jaw dropped.


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Comment by marlene morales on February 10, 2011 at 9:28pm
love it:)
Comment by Jordan Clement on February 9, 2011 at 4:15pm

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