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I pressed my lips together , disbelieving. "Look Elise , I'm not a vampire . I .... She cut me off holding up her

polished finger nails , "Don't try to trick me Callie. I'm smarter than you think. Just tell me ... I won't tell anyone."

I hesitated at war with myself. If I did tell her , would she really not tell? Would she want to be one? Would she treat

me like a monster? I couldn't tell her , I just could not. "I'm not lying. I have a disease . No joke. " I made my face serious.

Her eyes narrowed , "Fine. I believe you but if your lying I will find out." She turned on her heel and left. That's just great.

Another thing to worry about. I threw myself onto my bed and put my face in the fluffy pillow. I rolled over and put my

hand on my heart. I gasped and Steven layed beside me. "I'm sorry I startled you." He said quietly. I smiled earnestly

, "That's alright. Just don't leave." "Never." He promised modestly. He took my hand. I'd better get it over with.

"Steven-I looked away- I need to see Mike." He frowned , "No."  "I have a ton of questions to ask him. They're important

."  He pulled my face , gently , so I met his gaze. "I want you to be safe and after last night...It's not safe. I love you more

than I love myself. " He smiled. Dang he was good. "I have to... " I pleaded. I got lost in his amber eyes. "No you don't."

He said leaning in to kiss me. His lips pressed , urgently , against mine. With a kind of need. He was trying to distract me.

That wasn't fair. He pulled back to kiss the hollow of my throat , then my hand. I enjoyed this of course. I felt his icy

breath against my skin. We were lying down now. One of my hands still in his grasp . He kissed my wrist. His other hand

holding my waist pulling me tightly against his body. This was a new kind of fearless , aggression. I liked it. His fingers

pulled my chin to his and our lips pressed together , passionately. His lips were soft now. We molded together.

I put my now , free , hands around his neck , feverishly. I needed to focus. My brain told me to unlock my hands

but my body definitely didn't want to. I bit my lip and slowly released my hands letting them drop. He was still kissing

me. His mind was clouded by his feelings for me. Aww- No. I had to stay focused on the issue at hand. He sighed 

and pulled away. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked , shockingly. "No. No , just please listen." His face 

softened and he looked at my hands. "Steven you know I love you and that I'd die for you. But you have to trust 

me." His lips opened and I held up a hand. I was in no mood for his irrational , overprotective self. I loved him so

much and I didn't want to see him suffer ... and he wouldn't. "I would never do anything to hurt you Steven. I love 

you." I shrugged lightly and now I was looking down , afraid to meet his wary eyes. He sucked in a breath and 

began . "I love you more than my life , Callie. I'll always worry about you and wonder if you'll be okay. I know 

sometimes I get annoying. Don't be afraid to just say Leave me alone. And I would go , unhappily . But if I thought

it would please you , yes I would leave. I just don't want you to get hurt , I wouldn't be able to live with myself. " 

I thought about his length-y  speech for a minute then I understood. "Steven don't drown yourself in anxiety . 

I know what's best for me. I would never , ever , try to cause you pain. So please let me go and sort things out. I 

promise I'll come back. " I finished raising a hand as if I were swearing to an oath. His answer confused me. 

"Are you sure about that?"  I played with my hands trying to make sense of it when he traced my jaw bone. 

He thought that I had feelings for Mike?! Of course not . Never. My mouth fell open in realization of the truth. 

He frowned. I lifted my hand to stroke his cheek . "Steven. How could you think that? That I could ever love someone

like I love you."I said solemnly . His lips twitched at the corners , "He obviously shows interest in you." 

"So? He might like me but I love you. He'll just have to cry at our wedding." I wished I could take those words back

immediately. Regret overpowered me. My lips pressed together into a line. He smiled widely. "Our wedding?" 

He asked a little too enthusiastic . 



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Comment by yvette lautner on April 14, 2011 at 7:00pm

cutee (:


Comment by marlene morales on February 27, 2011 at 3:35pm
awwww :)

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