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  What if your biggest fanasty was lost forever? What happens when your true love forgets you? Well, it happened to me. Me and Edward were perfect. I met him in high school when I moved to Forks, Washinton. He saved my life for times then I can count, it seems. He made me what I am today, a vampire. Taught me the ways of his family and world. We were married and had a beatiful daughter named Renesemee. A lovely life it was. It was my happily ever after. Now, its gone.


Chapter one: JANE P.O.V.


   I opened the doors into the chair room. "Aro, she has arrived." I annoucned.

He smiled "Splendid, send her in."

I motioned for Felix to bring in Areil. Areil was a new member to the Voltuir. Her gift was a very, very, very good assest to us. She could erase one's mind of a memory, place, time, or person. And that's what she would do to Bella Swan, or Cullen as she is now. Without Bella in the Cullens life, Edward and Alice would finally come to join us. Like they were attened to do.


 Bella was brought in next. Areil smiled at her. A creepy, evil one. Bella dropped to her knees, her mouth wide open, eyes wide. Areil had fulfilled her duty.





  I sat in my living room of the small apartment I was renting. A police car sped down the road, sirens wailing. Lets just say my new neighbor hood wasnt the safest. But as a vampire, it wasnt a much risk for me to be here. I sighed. My life had changed drastically. I dont know how, or remember. I have small pieces of memoires left. Like a man and family. Thats all I can currently remember. I wish I could though. These people seem important to me. I want to remember them. But how?

 I pushed the thought aside and got ready for my day of work at the day care.

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Comment by Bamboo on April 8, 2011 at 5:24pm
This is really good.  Love the different poits of view.
Comment by marlene morales on April 8, 2011 at 2:42pm
really good so far, keep it up please.
Comment by Heather126 on April 7, 2011 at 8:04pm
interesting. I like the spin your putting on them.

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