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"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Sixteen





I ran as fast as I could go, the trees and bushes seem like a collage of green. When I reached the top of the mountain I could see the tent was trash. I saw seth laying on the ground, I ran over to him he was just knocked out.
I started panicking even more then I was. I shook seth awake till his eyes saw the grey sky.

He got up and shook off the snow that had fallen on him.
“I tried jake, really I did he was just to powerful. She even tried.”
“He took her. He left with her.”
“I'm sorry jake I don't know what to do.”
“We need to find her.”
“Maybe the best thing to do is go back home and start from there.”

I tried thinking where a vampire would go then it hit me maybe he went back to his maters the Volturi.

When we got back to the houses I decided that I would have to tell everyone so we could get together and start tracking this parasite.

“Hey everyone we got a problem!”
Jared: “What is it?”
“Carol is missing. Alec took her to get back at me for killing his sister. We have to find him but when we do we have to be very careful because he is going to want me to witness him kill her like he did when I killed jane.”
Sam: “Do know a place where he might go?”
Paul: “We have to find her soon then, jake this could set her back and I know for sure that we don't want that we love carol like a sister.”
“Your absolutely right Jared. Yes sam I think he might go back to the Volturi.”
Sam: “Give us all some time to get ready to go on this hunt. I think the Cullen’s should know about this maybe they can help in some way.”
“Kay I'm going to go and visit Carol's house to see what may be going on. Call me when your ready.”

We separated and I walked over to carol's house. I rang the doorbell and waited there a minute till it was answered by a tall guy with green and blue eyes he was dressed in a Marines cameo.

“Hi mine name is Jacob Black may I come in.”
“Sure I am johnny, tucker has told me about you.”

Once I walk in I notice the johnny isn't the only brother of carol that is home, looks like all her brothers are home also her parents.

“Hi I know these is a bad time and I am very sorry for that but I don't know if Tucker mentioned that carol came camping with me and my family?”
Lauren: “No he didn't. Is everything okay?”
“I'm afraid not she has gone missing.”
James: “WHAT?!?”

All in high speed I helped them get the word out, make posters. I set them on a wild goose chase so I could find carol. Tucker helped me out, he basically knew everything and me filling him in on the little that he didn't know about, really helped him put the pieces together. Tucker gave me a little advise that I didn't know about. If Alec did go back to the Volturi they would most likely deny him, cause once someone leaves there clan they are killed but because he was in another clan of vampires kept them all alive, he apparently got this from doing some research.

While we searched I got to talk with Carol's brothers and kind of get to know them. Johnny is back to get ready to go to basic training. Keith is going to Haiti to help out then might go to Japan. Seth is moving to Seattle, WA to become a surgeon and cole is just home visiting. They told me one thing about carol that I never knew, she was in Taekwondo since she was twelve she was going to start again when school started but she chose to do basketball. Maybe that's what seth meant when he said she even tried.

Sam finally called me again to let me know that they where all ready to go.
I said my goodbyes told them that my family and I are going to go look up in the mountains. Her mother gave me a big hug and kissed my forehead.

I walked onto our lawn to not only see them but smell them to. The Cullen's.
I walked over to where everyone was standing.

Carlsile: “Jacob we talked it over with sam and we think it is best if we come with you guys.”
“All of you need to come on this small bounty hunt?”
Carlsile: “No just Alice, Emmett, Edward, Bella and Jasper.”
“Alice, Emmett, Edward and Jasper may come but Bella may not.”
Bella: “OH! And why is that?!”
“Simple. I don't want you to.”
Bella: “Sorry Jake I'm coming.”
Edward: “Love, this is Jacob's love that we are going to go safe so its his call who comes and who stays.”
Bella: “Jacob please let me come.”
“No. I'm sorry bells but it would be awkward for carol when she comes home so just stay behind.”
Bella: “Fine!”
And that was the last we herd a word at of Bella.

We decided that we would wait till dark then head out. Thanks to Carlsile he had tickets and a couple of rented cars waiting for us. The tickets to get to Italy and the cars to drive once we get there. I could tell this was hard for Edward, to go back where he almost showed his true beauty marks.

When I saw everyone leave Carol's house I asked Alice if she would go and pack a backpack of clothes, food and drinks that carol will need once we get her back.

With Alice she was able to confirm my idea that Alec was on his way to Italy.

Around midnight we headed out it was Sam, Jared, Alice, Emmett, Edward, Jasper and me. We where all in wolf form running and the others were running with us.

About five we got on the plane that took us to Italy. I looked out my window not knowing if I was going to return with or without carol.




                                                                                                                      Hope you like, still more to come.


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Comment by yvette lautner on July 14, 2011 at 9:51pm
Awesome!! Keep going!!
Comment by Katie Williams on July 13, 2011 at 9:04am

this is gr8 can u keep me updated plz and im looking forward to reading more :D 


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