The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: 

Jake POV:

I never even considered falling in love with a person who I was just about to supposed turn immortal. Scratch that what am I thinking I haven't been feed perfect I'm mad. She was cute though rather attractive and fit.  great perfect timing too your dying of hunger if you don't do something now odds are you will go mad. I thought "Oh shut up I told my self brutally." I said it aloud too, Your going mad! Ha I knew it there is no other excuse kill her NOW!  I ignored myself as I put the girl on my back and ran toward the woods. I put her on a bed of grass and every instinct of my body was craving it blood. You stupid fool you wasted a perfectly good meal. Jerk why did I just know you would do it again! I knew it I was an idiot for trusting you. Ha yet again I'm not surprised! If I had been any normal human my options would have been suicide the only evil thing about me was my brain! Sadly I was't human rather immortal. Oh well I started tracking a deer. I ran towards the sweet rather mild smell that tingled my nose. I grabbed the scent then looking up finally I saw my prey. I jumped to action running as fast as my legs could carry me I pushed the deer down hard hearing a few good crack sounds "broken bones" I muttered softly under my breath I hesitated. Uh what's taking so long now that you didn't kill the girl this is your perfect prey now drink!!  

the perfect attack it lost pulse instantly. I instantly felt a whole lot

better. My mind was a little straight now that I was fed.

Uh hello the girl what are you going to do with her genius.

You can't just leave her there like nothing ever happened, at

least erase her memory and take her to the cove she will be

safe there until she can decide what she wants to do become

immortal and be you mate... or not. I thought about it good idea okay. I gently  placed my index figure on her forehead as soon as it

glowed that meant that her memories were erased. All except her name we needed something to call her. It was easier this way. easier for everyone really.

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Comment by J3N [FNAX21] on March 25, 2012 at 4:28pm
Thank you!!!
Comment by cristal jameson on March 24, 2012 at 3:28pm

wow thats awesome

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