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10 Reasons Why Edward Is Better Than Jacob


1. He Sparkles! Who can beat that?!
2. He can love you forever!
3. He's a musician!
4. He's thoughtful and considerate.
5. He's romantic in more ways then countable.
6. He's sensitive and kind.
7. He has awesome cars!
8. He doesn't care what people think, he'll love you because he can.
9. He'll protect for as long as he exists.
10.He's a guy who you can run to, tears running down your face along with your mascara and he'll still say, "You're beautiful" and actually mean it.

And now, Jacob. Blah.

1. He's half dog. Are you sure you want to be kissing that?
2. He forced Bella to kiss her or he'll kill himself...he's obviously crazy!
3. He is so rude!
4. He is extremely unresponsible.
5. He's been a werewolf for under two years. He could kill you in a second!
6. He can act like a real jerk sometimes.
7. He doesn't think things through and acts childish.
8. He has anger managment issues...which yes, I understand since he's a werewolf and all, but still.
9. His love for you, is based on a feeling that is forced (imprinting) isn't entirely real.
10. He cares more about a fight, then you.

Now, despite all of the 'mean' things I said about Jacob. I still love him as a brother and best friend. Because even though he is entirely rude, and crazy, and unresponsible and a jerk and a severe case of anger managment issues, he is still sweet sometimes and in the end, all together makes him to be a really good friend when you need him. Beside's, we all know Edward wouldn't dare let Bella jump off a cliff or ride a motorcycle without a helmet, and sometimes you need a friend to do the crazy stuff you wouldn't even try to do with a responsible person. So, yes, though I love Edward differently than Jacob and I just said some 'not nice' things about him, Jacob's still cool and no matter what anyone says, we all relate to him somehow.

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Comment by Mrs.Laura Cullen on April 23, 2010 at 6:52pm
thanks :) (sorry i'm so late! haha)
Comment by eylin on February 16, 2009 at 9:43pm
well said =)

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