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Ok...In the beginning of the school year i noticed that one of my good friends was not really considering my presence anymore (thankfully that is over and we are the best of friends) but at the time i wrote a poem and I have never shown it to anybody and I want to share with you all...It was for a guy if your wondering. Here it is:

10 Years

Year 1- We were young and friends forever and said we would be together

Year 2- Time went by and we grew stronger, while our friendship remained longer

Year 3- You stood up for me against those who I hated; "I am here for you," you stated

Year 4- Years Progressed and our bond was unbreakable; the question was, was it possible to be broken

Year 5- We hit a stump and it just so happens that you had to leave, so how long would I have to grieve?

Year 6- A year without you is spent, and no friendship from the outside was lent

Year 7- We meet again after what felt like a million years, something I wouldn't want to recall through my tears

Year 8- You begin to take your distance with a horrible and evil assistance

Year 9- I stand by on the sideline, saying goodbye and I am still wishing I haven't just stood by

Year 10- I don't know who you are anymore and I don't have the intention of finding out because I know for sure that hope for a new start is full of doubt

I know this is kinda lame...but I guess for you to understand it, you need to know the full story...Him and I are friends now and really good friends at that...but I guess those years of loneliness are never to be forgotten. I hope you all liked it!!!!!

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Comment by Elena Salvatore on October 27, 2010 at 7:58pm
OH THANKS!!!!!!! yeah i know its sad but you know everything has been patched up :-)
Comment by Brookie on October 27, 2010 at 7:24pm
i like it!!!!! but sad:(

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