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1 He is so intense

2 He is hot

3 He loves Bella without question

4 He will do anything to ensure Bella's happiness

5 Edward is a real gentlemen

6 He cares very much for his family like a real man and cares much more for Bella than any other person or werewolf

7 He glitters in the sunlight like diamonds.

8 He would do absolutely anything to ensure Bella and Renesmee's safety and happiness

9 He has golden eyes(better than yellow)

10 He's a vampire

Feel free to keep the list going!
11 He's strong.

12 He's fast.

13 He'll stay with you over night & sing you to sleep(:

14 He's fashionable

15 he didn't kiss his girlfriends mom! (ahem Jacob)

16 Because he threatens to punch Jacob

17 He is a boy but doesn't have sex with Bella for her safety

18 He's very hot, a vampire, and who doesn't want a man with eyes like him?

19 Even if he wanted your blood and still loved you, he would hold back his thirst as long as he could so that he wouldn't hurt you

20 Edward is extremely handsome

21 He only cares for your happiness and safety

22 If Jasper attacked you, he would leap in and save you from being killed

23 If you were bleeding right in front of him and he had a thing for your blood, he would hold himsef back as long as possible

24 Edward Mason Cullen will love you with all his heart and as long as forever

25 He plays the piano and is obviously super creative and musical. HOT!

26 he is a sweet caring vampire with pure soul

27 you can't really stop staring at those gorgeous gold eyes

28 Hes got ABS

29 he will do ANYTHING for you and your safety

30 He will love you forever!

31 He gives you hand-me-downs from his mother! XD

32 he will think your the only girl in his world! awww

33 Edward is EXTREMELY handsome! :)

34 He promises to be nice to freeky fred

35 His hair OMG how cool do you ahve to be to pull that off :)

36 His eyes change color!!!!!

37 His smile :D

38 The way he drives

39 he will make you dizzy just by looking into his eyes

40 because he's my brand of heroin

41 because he makes contracting the Spanish influenza sound hot.

42 because he'll love you for your smell and not your looks

43 he writes songs! CUTE :)

44 . Because he makes sick masochism sexy

45 Because he's raised the expectations of teenage girls everywhere. aka ME!!!! :)

46 Because you have to remind yourself to breathe around him

47 Because even after being alive for well over 100 years, he still has a sense of humor

48 because sometimes it's nice to know someone who can lift a van off of you.

49 because he makes 108 years look good.

50 He's a mind reader.

51 because he keeps the werewolves away

52 because he protects your virtue

53 Because he calls you spider monkey

54 Because he's not afraid to get frisky in a secluded meadow.

55 Because he's rock hard.

56 Because he prefers brunettes

57 Because he started the trend of calling our kids Edward.

58 Because he brought sex-hair back in style.

59 Because he'll never criticize your cooking

60 Because he won't check out other girls.

61 because he has a crooked smile

62 He makes you want to punch a Werewolf in the face

63 because he loves your blood. and your body. it's a tie

64 because who wouldn't want to snuggle with a marble column?!

65 because his SELF CONTROL will turn you on

66 because he'll make you cold and HOT at the same time

67 Because he would dream about you if he could.

68 Because his middle name is sexy

69 Because he'll break jaws for you.

70 Because he's rich and doesn't give a damn.

71 Because his family is the best too.

72 Because he watches over you.

73 Because he'll buy you mushroom ravioli, and ignore the pretty waitress who brings it

74 Because he growls. In a good way. ;)

75 Because he actually READS good books

76 Because he'll always put you first

77 because his sister can conveniently predict lottery numbers

78 He is loyal

79 He will look after you

80 He will kill any werewolves that attempt to try it on with you

81 He is a sex-bomb!!!!

82 He's the most descent,beautiful,charming,loving,caring,protective,possessive,and kind,pure hearted,beautiful,selfless person ever in the history.........dont forget those smouldering eyes.....!!!!!!!

83 He protects you from enyone

84 He is so cute

85 His hair is sooo amazing!! :)

86 hi i am anna and am a twilight reader and admirer,i much wasn't into the twilight series when it first came out .......but when i read the plot summary of the first book that is twilight i was fascinated by the idea and the freshness of the was completely different from all the other fantasy,thrillers i have ever come surprised me that gradually i was into all the twilight books ....the story has a certain charm, charisma, innocence,emotions,reality and most of all the binding power which holds the reader to the book till the last page....i highly appreciate the writer,stephanie meyer for her infinite and graciously overpowering imagination.this book is one of its kind and in my view such a book or the series cant be written again by any means....i am an edward and alice lover....completely, there is something about Edward which is hard to find in any other person in the whole universe,his selfless,caring,loving,perfect,beautiful,charming.sweet,innocent quality.edward is the best character ever sketched by human mind.....and as for alice she is quite like me-fun loving,know it all,fasionista,pretty,cute,friendly.....shopaholic...hehehe i hope you all must have enjoyed reading my views on the twilight saga as much as i have enjoyed expressing them........... see ya -flickerwings

87 because he is Edward Cullen ......doesn't need further explanation....*sigh*

88 Because only a vampire can love you forever

89 because you can live with him forever if you choose him over Jacob :)

90 Because he sees every mistake on you, but still calls you beautiful.

91 He can't live in a world where you don't exist.

92 Because he carries you when you're sick or tired.

93 Because he can hear your heart beat.

94 Because when he kisses you, you forget to breathe.

95 Because he will never cheat on you.

96 Because he said that he waited for you 100 years.

97 Because every time he says that he loves you it sounds like a most beautiful song.

98 Because he would die for you without thinking about it.

99 Because he looks at you like a most valuable prize.

100 Because he proposed kneeling and saying your full name.

101 Because 24 hours with you isn't enough to him.

102 Because he is the most romantic man in the world.

103 Because he thinks you're just as pretty without makeup on.

104 Because he says you make his life worth living.

105 Because he is everything I'm searching for.

106 Omg i could not live without him

107 he understands u

108 if u were 2 die hed die with u

109 hed die for u

110 theres just nothing he wouldnt do to save u

111 hes flippin goergeous

112 i got his email


114 i dont thik i could live without without him or twilight!!

115 -D

116 Go team Edward

117 He's intelligent

118 Because "He's got your hooks in you... so... deep" pff. All these silly teenagers that are infatuated with a fictional character that is MARRIED

119 Because he's a vampire.<3

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