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25 ways to annoy the crap out of edward cullen

25 ways to annoy Edward Cullen

1. Sing this is the song that gets on everyone’s nerves in your head when he is near you

2. Picture Bella and Mike Newton making out ( or any other boy)

3. Tell everyone in school that he is really a girl kick him in the nuts to prove it

4. Tell Jane Volturi that Edward wants to get married to her and move to Vegas to become gamblers

5. Tell everyone to hold a day in the sun day where everyone has classes outside

6. Get a group of students to question him when he does not come

7. Tell him he is insane because he can hear voices in his head

8. Sign him up for the school play

9. Sign him up for Students Against Drugs an tell everyone there he is addicted to heroin

10. When you see him in the hallway scream monster at the top of your lungs and run away

11. Tell ever girl at school that he broke up with Bella and wants to go out with them and hand out his phone number

12. Tell him that Bella had an affair with Mike

13. Tell Aro that Edward wants to join the Volturi

14. Buy him a black cloak for his birthday

15. Make him watch twilight over and over again

16. Tell him that Robert Patterson is hotter than him

17. Read all the twilight books to him and say that Edward guy is really annoying.

18. Send him a wedding gown and tell him that Aro sent it

19. Tell him that Bella joined the volturi

20. Set him up on a date with mike and say to him (and mike) that’s it is a date with Bella.

21. Tell all the staff of the restaurant that it is a newly wed couple and to throw flowers at them when they come in

22. Email all the girls at school using his email telling them that he wants to go out with them

23. Paint his car pink with glitter

24. Knock him out with drugs and tattoo Jacob Black Is Sexy to his forehead

25. Buy him a $50 gift card to Victoria’s Secret

Have fun annoying the crap out of Edward

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Comment by Erin Hoaglin on August 13, 2009 at 12:57pm
That's funny! You should make more '25 ways to annoy...!
Comment by alice (amanda) clearwater on July 31, 2009 at 10:52pm
hehe thats funny

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