The Twilight Saga

The Forgotten is Remembered-Final Chapter-The Wedding

I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. I forced myself to smile but all that came from my face was tears. The cold tears slid slowly down my face. I felt broken inside. Today was the day. Today was the day the love of my life was getting married. I slid slowly down to the floor. I closed my eyes letting the pain engulf me. I didnt scream. I took it in silence. Feeling it slicing through me. I knew i deserved this. I knew i deserved this for breaking him. I knew i deserved this for not being enough for him. I knew i deserved this for giving up on him. I laid there letting the pain take me. Reminding me i was losing the one person i lived for.


Late's Pov-

She just laid there not moving. She was so still but i still felt the pain. You couldnt physically see it but i knew it was there. I walked slowly to her. She didnt even notice me there. I bent down pulling her into my arms. She didnt open her eyes and look at me. But she held on me to tighter. She pulled herself as close as could be. I  breathed in her scent. My throat burning slightly but not from her blood but it was like i could not only feel her sadness but i could also smell it. "Look at me." I said turning her so she was face to face with me. She didnt open her eyes. "Ariana, open your eyes." I said in a strong voice. She still didnt. I touched her face lightly tracing her beautiful features. I knew i had broke this woman. I knew i should have just left her alone. I knew i shouldnt have pushed Leslie into using Ariana. But i couldnt help it. I wanted to see her. I wanted to see that maybe she did find happiness after all. But when i seen her and saw how broken she was i knew at that moment my life wasnt complete. I needed Ariana in it. I tried to convince myself that Leslie was enough. But i knew she wasnt. I knew she wasnt Ariana. The pain overtook me. I pulled Ariana close to me. "I'm sorry." I whispered before leaving. Knowing that it might be too late. To late to fix my love.


Ariana's Pov-

He was gone. I knew he

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