The Twilight Saga

Holly rushed me into an airport. It was as modern as it was busy and large. Holly grabbed my arm and led me to a check in counter. She spoke quickly and rushed through everything. She payed in cash and hurried the man behind the counter. She rushed me to security. Everyone stared at us; no suitcases, crappy bags, nothing you'd usually see. I looked down. How can I not realize what I was wearing?! A simple, cheap black dress that came up to my mid thigh. A bright light flashed and I was in a fancy bedroom with a four poster bed. I stared at the past me again. The serious guy with the brown hair and red eyes was there again. Other stared at the dress.

"Oh no! This stain with never come out!" Other pouted. The brown haired boy grabbed an edge of the dress and chuckled. He opened his and began to speak, but no sound came out. Everything became blurry and slowly faded. I blinked and was at the airport again.

"Venus! Stop! Let's go!" I looked at Holly questionably. "We look weird. Let's hurry up!" she hissed.


After 2 hours, we were finally on the plane.

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