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So well, Ive been reading twice as much lately and decided to write my own book. It's supernatural and allot of the inspiration came from twilight. I will try to update it every day but if I cant i'l…

So well, Ive been reading twice as much lately and decided to write my own book. It's supernatural and allot of the inspiration came from twilight. I will try to update it every day but if I cant i'll get it up a.s.a.p. So here we go

Chapter 1

An unexpected visit. 1  

    I walked to my front door and turned to wave goodbye to Jezzie but found she had already left in a hurry to get to Adams, her new boyfriend she was crazy about. I let out a sigh realising she never seems to have as much time for me now they're going out, but she's happy, that's the main thing. I faced my door for a second time and tried the handle, it didn't budge, meaning melody wasn't home yet. Terrific. I swung my bag down from my shoulder to my elbow then stuck my other hand in to find my keys, it took me around a minute to find them. They never were in the obvious places, thank god I would never need to get them out in a hurry in the near future. I manoeuvred  it into the lock and had to wiggle it around a bit before it would turn. This god damn door is never easy to open, we really ought to get some new locks, I thought as I walked through the large door frame. 
    I froze. 
    I looked around, all the windows were open, the air con was on, something wasn't right. I heard the floor boards creek a few feet behind me and took a deep breath. I should have known, he always did love the cold.Twisting slowly on my heels to face my visitor I said
    "What a lovely surprise. However I am at a loss, what are you doing here, brother?" my confusion must have been obvious on my face because a twisted smile appeared on his lips. Oh how I missed that smile, I would sit at night wondering if I would ever get to see that sick, twisted smile, that I couldn't help but love, again.
    Seth had left almost a year ago when we had fallen from grace, see my brother and I had been the second most powerful vampires, We were born one thousand , five hundred, and fifty seven years ago into a world only containing one vampire, our father. We had lived as his companions continuing on the race since, until about eleven months ago when there had been an incident. Seth had fallen in love with a girl, a human girl. There were very few of the vampiric rules that applied to us, because of our position, but this would always be forbidden for everyone. I think the only way my father would ever change that was if it was him who fell for a human, however as soon as he thought he was developing feelings for her he would probably have her killed, eliminating weaknesses as he called it. Seth had tried so hard to do the same, to stop his feelings for lily, but no matter what he did he just could shake his love of her.
    "What, you aren't happy to see me? " His smile changed into stupid grin, reaching from ear to ear. I ran for him at my supernatural speed but stopped when we were mere millimetres away from touching. I gently rested my tiny hand on his buff chest and began taping my fingers on him.
   "hhhhmmmmm, you've been working out." his reply wasn't exactly customary. The impossible happened, his grin grew larger and he pulled me in for his signature bear hug. We stood for what seemed like forever, just happy to be able to take each other in after all this time. 
    As my head lay against his shoulder I closed my eyes and breathed in his scent. He always wore the exact right amount of cologne mixed with his natural scent making him smell like a cross between the smell of freshly mown grass in the summer with a slight hint of dark chocolate. An unusual mixture, but together made a irresistible scent that would attract any of the girls I knew. 
    I opened my eyes and lifted my head to see him looking at me with his milk chocolate eyes that were ruined by the concern that lay in them. I pulled back, I loved that he cared so much but hated that deep down he thought I couldn't fully take care of myself.
    "Sorry" he said as the concern in his features melted away,  replaced with guilt " I just care, that's all. You have no idea how much I care. You're all I have and I haven't seen you In so long. Its been killing me." In his eyes I saw the sorrow that came from being separated from me had caused, I recognized it because I saw exactly the same in my eyes when I looked in the mirror every morning. 
    " I know the feeling" A tight, yet sympathetic smile played on my lips, I saw him reflect my smile and couldn't help but forgive him. I slithered my arm round his waist and pulled him towards my side, when he got close enough to touch me, he bashed my shoulder playfully and stepped in front of me, fists up.
    " Lets see how good you are after eleven months of training without me. "The corners of his lips twisted up into I sly smile letting me know to take this seriously. "You ready to lose? After all your just a girl." I smirked and said
    "On the contrary brother, are you?" This earned me a smile. Let the fight begin.
    I lowered my head and let the thirst that I had learned to control free,then lifted it again. Without seeing it for my self, I knew my face had changed. I knew my jade eyes had transformed Into what were now red and bloodshot. I knew the colour in my cheeks had drained away leaving my face the skin tone of a porcelain doll. I knew I was pure power.
    I set of at a dead sprint to my right, my speed was deadly but I knew Seth would be on my heels. I let down the walls of my mind, letting me no exactly what he was planning on using if he got on the offence. He expected me to lead him outside, anticipating me not wanting to mess up the house. He had been right, my desire for cleanliness was quite obsessive. In the same way I could know exactly what my enemy was planning he could sense their desires. Despite my obsession, I was willing to make an exception just to see the look of shock he would get when he realised I had been using my powers. All my thoughts had been processed in less than seconds. Judging by my position in the house, I was able to deduce that, behind Seth there was nothing other than a wall. YES! Just a wall. With no possessions or antiques to break, I turned and swung  with my right arm, back handing my brother straight through that same wall I now loved. snickering at my advantage, I lunged forward as fast as I could, landing directly on top of him with an unbreakable hold around his neck. I observed him for a few moments, trying to play out all the possibilities of the situation in my head.
     "Still sure you're not going to lose?" I hissed.
    He grabbed the hand I had surrounding his neck and twisted my arm back, releasing him. Damn! I'd loosened my grip, while I'd been talking to him. How could I have forgotten! The second rule of combat, do not lose concentration, it is weakness. 
    " I thought you knew better, its the second rule! "He shouted from across the house, his voice was angry but the playful chortles that followed got me fuming.  I did not like losing, I knew that and he was trying to aggravate me so he could win. Unfortunately for him, that wasn't going to happen. I opened up all my senses, I could feel his life force on the  side of the house, the kitchen I think, he was waiting for me to snap, to fill with the rage that would diminish my skill. I thought about the training I'd been doing with Mel and Jezzie. ' don't let your feelings fight for you, use the power from them to your advantage. ' I remembered one of them saying, I sure hoped they were right...
I centred my thoughts once more, that combined with reigning in my emotions I could focus all of my power on subduing Seth. At this moment of time, nothing else mattered. On that note I ran for him again. 
    At the arrival in the kitchen Seth showed me his sharpened teeth as a sign of power. To bad In less than a second I had him on the floor again wrestling me, we spat, I blocked most of his hits, with the advantage of my power, but not all. Seth and I had been training with each other for years, pretty much since we could throw a punch, this meant he knew all my moves, well other than the ones I had learned after he left. In all the times we had trained Seth had learned that to get a hit in on me he would have to do it as soon as the thought came into his head, or I would no and be able to block it, with my power advantage. He had gotten very good at that which in a weird way made ME more confident. If I was beating Seth, my brother who knew all of my tricks, no one else would have a chance. Even with all the advantages he had I was still winning. Nomatter what i did though, Seth stood his ground meaning the fight was being drawn out twice as long and it was kinda getting boring. I nutted him. Just hard enough to knock him out but leave me with a splitting headache, it'll be worth it, I told myself. Within the minute, I had my unconscious brother tied to a wooden chair, his hands bound behind his back, in a tiny wooden kitchen, Louisiana. Thoughts were swirling in my head with snarky comments to say to him; you're never going to live this down, betcha didn't expect this when you got up this morning, just a girl eh? I decided on a simple classic. I leaned in so I could  whisper in his ear.
"Told ya so..."  


Hope you liked it .......

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