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Haven't updated in ages!  -Family drama. 6 (Jezzies P.O.V)  I do not believe this. This week could not get any better, firstly Seth is back! Secondly I discover my ancestry practically first hand …

Haven't updated in ages!

 -Family drama. 6 (Jezzies P.O.V) 

I do not believe this. This week could not get any better, firstly Seth is back! Secondly I discover my ancestry practically first hand and now we know Lilies coming. I really don't understand why everyone was kicking up a fuss, the way I see it is that if we are all together then we have access to more power ergo protection is easier. Why anyone else didn't see it that way was utterly beyond me.
 I was walking back towards the den after waving Perry off to school, I'd decided to skip and she was only going because of her test, I entered the room but couldn't fine anyone. Where are they all? I wandered for a few more minutes still finding nothing that was until I heard Melody screaming from outside.
"Both of you stop! Your not accomplishing anything by fighting!" I leaned over across the coffee table to look out the window. Oh crap. I sprinted as fast as I could towards the back door and was stopped dead in my tracks when I absorbed the scene.
    Oswald stood in a defensive crouch on one side of the green lawn in Melody's flower bed, when this was all over there was gonna be hell to pay. Opposite him, on the new decking stood Seth, he was positioned right next to a hole I had a hunch was made by him moments ago, yes there really was going to be hell to pay, this is just great. Both men had vines that had spouted from the ground fixing them to the spot, they were snarling, It was perfectly clear I had just walked in on a family spat taken to a completely new level. In between Melody was saying soothing words to them and trying to get them to calm down, her head snapped my way as soon as she noticed my presence and a look of pure thankfulness captured her, it soon passed leaving extreme desperation.  
    Seth took the advantage of Melody losing her concentration to rip the green chains from the ground. He used his full speed and was across the garden in less than a second he was behind Oswald reaching for his neck. Oswald however was not going anywhere that easily, as quickly as Seth moved behind him, Oswald bent his knees and soared into the sky, his laughs being the only thing left behind. I was awestruck, since when can vampires fly. The three of us, the ones on the ground that is, impulsively searched the sky's for him. Turned out he had just jumped and landed on a large branch from an oak tree leaning over the yard. Seth made a movement to follow him and I was snapped out of my daydream. I knew this week was too good to be true. 
    How is this happening? Why are they even fighting in the first place? What if we can't stop it? Thousands of questions were reeling in my mind, but the most important, how should we  stop them?
    Melody has already tried to reign them in and calm them down, so if we can't talk them out of it we have to physically stop them. Leaving me with only the possibility of magic. I closed my eyes, depended my breathing and concentrated on the words I was about to speak, 
"* Ego dico super quantum Obeah,  opprimo is malum per succurro of vestri vox. Ego dico super quantum Obeah, opprimo is malum per succurro of vestri vox. Ego dico super quantum Obeah, opprimo is malum per succurro of vestri vox."
    I gained more power in the words each time I said them, I was channeling the power of Obeah, when he was alive he was a supreme being, and despised vampires more than anything else.
    Slowly but surely my spell took action. I heard them stumbling, screaming for the pain to stop. "Stop fighting! Only after you stop shall I."  I still had my eyes closed keeping perfect concentration, I had only recently began practicing channeling power and I knew I could lose the connection any second. 
"YES, anything you want." One of them shouted. "Just STOP!"  Continued the other. 
 "Swear to me." I wasn't going to be able to to keep this going, I need a promise, not just a whim because they were in pain.
"I swear."
"And I give you my word."
    With that I released the energy and opened my eyes.
    Oswald and Seth were both rolling on the floor holding their heads recovering from the piercing pain. I reached up to my gums, my mouth was full of blood, then to my nose which was also bleeding. 
    The last thing I saw was Melody sprinting towards me flanked by Seth and Oswald their faces all full of panic. 


    "What do you think you were doing? Since when do you two fight? What were you even fighting about?" I heard a distant voice say, I think it was Melody, the voice was soft and pleading and sounded extremely desperate. "Well are you going to answer me?" 
    "Since... Since.... I don't know." I suspected this was Seth especially after I heard his sigh of remorse, it had his name stamped across its forehead. "It was about Lily, we had a slight disagreement as too whether we should stop them coming but I guess...Sorry Mel. Sorry Ozzy, I guess I over reacted slightly." In the background I heard a throaty chuckle,
    "Slightly? I do understand Seth but I see this as Jezzie does. There is power and more importantly safety in numbers, I apologise but you can't do anything about it so I suggest you deal with it, kid."
    My eyes flickered open but I snapped them closed again, wow was that room bright. Reluctantly I lifted my eyelids again but this time I shielded them with my arm. In  a flash I was surrounded,
"Jezzie can you hear me."
"Are you Ok?" 
"Can I get you something?" They bombarded me with questions, I wasn't that badly hurt. Was I? As soon as the thought crossed my mind It dawned on me that I was completely wrong, my head was on fire.
    "Shut up, I'm fine!" I lied. "Why wouldn't I be?"
    "Jezzie you need to rest, your not invincible." Her tone was so maternal, it was hard to believe she was only seventeen and with no children.
    "Nonsense Melody, like I said, I. Am. Fine. Am I speaking a foreign language?" I steadied myself on the arms of the chair and stood up, though I could feel my knees buckling underneath me I forced myself to walk into the kitchen. I knew they'd follow me there.
    "Ok then, whatever you say Hun."  I heard Melody whisper from a few yards behind me. In the kitchen I made myself a coffee, black no sugar, sat on the stool and gazed into the whirlpool that had formed from me stirring it. 
    I hadn't realised how much time had passed until I heard the stool next to me creek and a gentle voice say;
    "Heard its been a long day for you huh? Wanna talk about anything?" I wiped my eyes with the sleeve of my sweater and rested my chin on my fists and looked Val right into those sad eyes of hers, she didn't deserve all of this, none of us did. How had all of this happened?
    "Your dad has ruined absolutely everything! What happened to all of us just sitting around, laughing. Not worrying about anything. Being happy." The last part, against my will came out as a whimper and I saw her face fall.
    "Cadence crossed the line that's what happened. We got sick of listening to his twisted rules, doing everything we were told. Jezzie, we were prisoners, yeah it might have been a five star prison but we were losing ourselves, everything was chosen for us, nothing was ours. We were just pawns in his chess game. Expendable." I couldn't find anything to say after that, no matter from which way I looked at it she would always be right, and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. 
    There was silence for a while after that and then she continued, 
    "I know this sucks but right now we have a more urgent problem, my dad can wait another few hours. We have to keep Mel from going back to the water and I think we both know she isn't going to like it."

There ya go xoxox

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