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I really want to know why people who never read the books or secne the movies, hate the twilight saga so much.

there are so many reasons why to like twilight.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

reason 1. it has romance, so does not like romance. you have the classic tale with a bad boy falling in love with a the sweet girl with its own twist to it.

reason 2. there is action is about all the books. they also try put the action in the movies for the guys factor.

reason 3. there are HOT people acting in the movies how do u hate that. lol

but serioulsy how can they judge this amazing book if you never read the books.

this book series got me back on to reading, i have a reading disorder and i never read and i hated too read, but my brother told me to read this and i did. i read the twilight in a day and a half, new moon 2 days, eciplse 2 days, and breaking dawn in a day and a half. now i cant stop reading, i read 24/7. i love to read romance novels. also i read alot of twilight fanfiction. (

so if any who has not read the books can not judge use or the books

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Comment by Moriah on December 10, 2009 at 11:23am
thank you :)
Comment by Madirah on December 10, 2009 at 6:48am
I agree...

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