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So yeah, it's half eleven at night, all my friends are out getting drunk. I'm sat at home because I'm one of those girls who don't drink, smoke, and is christian. Not that I don't enjoy hanging out with them, just that I've had a few too many people leaning on me like I'm a chair. I won't pretend that I'm perfect, because of course I'm not, no one is. On paper it just looks like it.
At the moment I am decidedly confused, I'm in one of those situations that all us girls hate. I am dealing with;
-A guy who's going to break up with me by september
-This is the same guy who loves me and tells me constantly (and I don't love him) I'm just attached.
-A friend who likes me.
-And I'm still pining for the boy who broke my heart.

I hate complicated things.

And to top it all off I've got too many ideas to put down on paper for my stories....

So I'm listening to Chase Coy and trying to ignore it for the time being, my phone's in the bottom of my wardrobe (don't ask) and switched off.

Oh, and the weather in England is awful.


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