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Okay i've completely found my new home in a world were everybody is obessed with the same thing as me..... :P i couldnt be more happy. Well i just learned about "The second life of Bree Turner" and the moment i saw the new book my heart started doing this funny little jive thing and at that moment i didn't even belong to this planet. My world is much cooler i'll tell you about it in another blog. Anyway i opened the link and read a quater of it before i copied the link and sent it to my friends (Twiharders like me) still waiting for them to read them but anyway i cant wait if you haven't read the link which i doubt my fellow twihards it said that "The second life of Bree Turner" will be here on June 5th i live for that day well and June 20th of course Eclipse. But yeah the first 1.5 million copies will be sold for $1 yeah your eyes arent fooling you i'll spell it out for you ONE DOLLAR...UNO :P i'm going to be the first trying to track it down i'm starting my new count down for the release date. oh and i almost forgot all copies of the book will be sold FREE on her website she's giving them away Stephine Meyers ROCKS OUT OF THIS WORLD. Well fellow Twihards write me back and tell me what YOU think of my new blog see you later Peace <3 and TWILIGHT :P

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