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Every guy is different. Take Edward and Jacob for example, they are opposites. One is always hot (in more than one way) and one is always freezing. But what makes them that way is what I ask. Some are mature and sweet and will do anything for the girl he loves, others are immuture and would be able to get a girl friend if they tryed, then there're the boys who are heartbreakers. They're usually the most hansome or the most athletic. I'm not saying that all the hansome or athletic guys are jerks I'm saying that you must be careful. They will be the ones that make you believe that you are the only girl in his life but after that dinner and movie he's prbably rushin' off to meet another girl to lie to her also. If you find out don't be mad at the other girl 'cause she is an innocent victum (sorry for spelling errors) also. So again Be careful.

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Comment by Abigale Cullen on May 4, 2010 at 12:30pm
You do have some spelling errors. How many people are you referring to? How many were you thinking of when you wrote this? I can think of a few. That is deep and so true. Right now like every boy is a jerk and i am no0t kidding!

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