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don't ask me why i called this post 'rawr' because i do not know. :))

so it was my dad's birthday today and as you know, when it's you're birthday you get to do what you want... sometimes. anywho guess what my father dicided to do?? we went on a trip to tesco's. tesco's. why oh, why the hell did he choose that place.
but we went anyway, mush to my dissapointment. all i bought was st. trinnians 2 on dvd, but i've had 'up & away' (the song that's on during the party scene at the end, sung by the banned of st. trinnian's) in my head

ever since i watched it this morning. *up and away-ay-ay. let the girls play-ay-ay.* see there i go again!!

lately i've become obsessed with it's awesome. you can post peice of art that you've done and you can look at other people's. love it!! check it out.

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