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Eclipse is winding down and I will have to wait for DVD to come out but seriously does Summit really think that Eclipse was a favorite book with everyone? This was not my favorite book but as I reread and reread it is a love story about Edward and Bella. How gentle and fierce Edward is and his love for Bella is so romantic because his love is really about making Bella happy. Bella is accepting the fact that she needs to be with Edward and that Jacob was important to her also when Edward left her in New Moon. Eclipse fell a little short with this part of the story. I am really worried about waiting so long for Breaking Dawn to come out in November 2011. That is not so bad but a part 2 is planned for November 2012. Now that is something I am concerned about. How can you tie these fabulous actors to run a part 2 promotion tour? They will be finished with the filming in the spring of 2011 and they have great careers to start living and maybe the papz will leave these gems alone. I only hope the Summit rethinks this and gives the twilight fans what they want and release these hardworking actors. Robert, Kristing and Taylor are superstars in their own right and I want to follow them in their other projects. I want to see them finish twilight but withing a reasonable time frame. Breaking up this movie into two parts is taking a leap of faith that we will all be around to see the movies. You know we are not all 14 years old. I am most excited about Bel Ami and Water for Elephants.

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