The Twilight Saga

Sometimes i find my self thinking of you more then i should
but i wont stop my self even if i could
thinking about how i wish i could feel your kiss
your warmth, your presence making me happy is this a sin
evertime i see you i want to show u how i feel
i want to hold you and show you what we could have is real
i remember the first time you said i like you
and i said i like you too
i will b there through the good and bad
i will b there if u were mad or sad
because u can always count on me to make u smile
when u act like there is nothing between us it's just u in denial
but the truth is no matter what, u still have such an impact on me
it just took me a while to see
that theres is a place for you in my heart
when ever we decide to began from a new start

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