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my name is Rose Night i live in england and have enjoyed it, people say that where i live is like forks as it is always raining or is cold this doesn't bother me much i like the cold i like going out when it is freezing cold so that not many people are out i love it the peace the way my hair blows in the wind the way no one can judge me no one can stare at me they cant sense that im diffrent that im dangerous.

I can tell you a lie if you want me to but that is wrong so ill tell you the truth i am a werewolf and i have got used to myself changing regularly,but sometimes i cant control it i cant stop it it just happens this is why i like where i live not many people like the cold so when i go out no one can see me change into the monster i am.

Even i hate myself for what i am but i cant change that.

As i said before my name is Rose Night i live in rainy England and i like it, i also go to a local school where i learn RS (religous studies) and art i like i there i have met a boy the same age as me is name is Jacob Black he, i can sense it, has a secret of his own and i tend to find out about it but for now we are both shy and secretive, i have friends of my own ones with out secrets their the people any one who knows how to can read them like a book Chloe Taylor is easy to read she is a shy girl with a few scattered secrets and she doesnt completly trust anyone including me, Summer Bentley is a little harder but still a little too easy for my liking she has a few secrets but trusts us enough to share them with us if she wants to.

how ever the two hardest are Shannon Tucker and Stacey Smith they both seem to have secrets and they both seem shy yet they put on a mask to cover them selves with to make them appear invisable but it seems i have saw them and they have peeked over the edge of that mask to see who i really am.

I talked to Jacob today i went into my science class the only seat empty was the one at the side of him he had his books sprawled out over the desk as i looked towards him he smiled the most beautiful smile i had ever seen and moved his books to one side i stride over him very calmly very quietly as i sat down he said "hi my names jacob,its so nice to finally talk to you" i smiled and replyed "im rose and nice to meet you too" he turned his hesd to the front of the class and looked at the boeard his face looked soft and he smelt so nice like fresh fruit, at the end of the lesson he asked me if he could walk me down to my next lesson i replied with a soft yes aswe walked down the many corridor we got chating

"so what you got next" he said with a little sharpness yet it was still soft

"i have RS you" i replied in the same tone to see his reaction

"same" we both smiled and as we lined up out side the class room we talked evn more about our selves and our families he had two brothers and a sister i had the same, i thought to my self that me and him were made for each other we were perfect we just clicked.

As i sat down taking my seat which just so happened to be next to jacob (which i was pleased about) we sat helping each other and ignoreing every one around us at dinner he followed me to my usual spot and i introduced him to the others summer whispered into my ear "got a good one there" and winked at me i just smiled and let it blow over but within 10 minitues of standing and chating he asked me to follow him we walk a while and then he grab my hand and said very calmlt "i need to tel you something and when i tell you you must not scream and you must remain calm you understand" i nodded with a very surprised look on my face then he said in the same tone "im a were wolf" .......

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